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I needed a background for my phone, to go with the one of Phoenix on my iPod. This is Rose, my tech-persona for my phone (my phone is a rose gold iPhone, so her name is really unimaginative XD Still could be worse; my old iPod was just called Red XD)

I took loads of 4k screens of her, so I might do the same thing I did with Phoenix and do a proper edit of one.

Also, this is actually a human version of Mist, so if anyone ever wondered what she’d looked like if she wasn’t a plant-person…

So Cassie has said that on the cover of queen of air and darkness will be a girl and Mark will be on the spine. We all think it’ll be Cristina on the cover but wouldn’t it be a final kick in the balls if Livvy is on the cover?


“we’ve known each other since preschool.” 

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prompt (inspired by a certain orange): yaoyorozu bickering with bakugou over the nickname 'exhibitionist' and todoroki watching unamused &/ yaoyorozu frantically justifying her attire with todoroki

Note: Thanks! Inspired by the talented @blamedorange‘s art on todobakumomo (esp this one). Yaoyorozu’s outfit is from this art. Have fun reading!

In which Todoroki comes back to UA as a guest teacher

Gripping two plates tightly above his head, Todoroki planted his white boots firmly onto the carpet. He heard the elevator doors open. He knew what was coming next.

A short audible gasp from around the corner almost instantaneous evolved into a deafening cheer as a swarm of students emerged from behind the glass door. The unsuspecting janitor jumped back as the door slid open, pushing her back against the slanted wall.

Todoroki held his ground as some of the incoming students of U.A. Academy ran past him for the food stations. Most, however, whispered amongst each other, fingers directing at the hero.

“Isn’t that the current No.1 hero in America? What’s he doing on our class trip?!”

“Ahh! Let’s get his autograph!”

Those were common remarks throughout his career, which grew exponentially since he moved over to the States for the past few years. The students’ collective jittery annoyed him slightly as they demonstrated their astonishment without hesitation. A few faces he recognized from the current Class A slowed down to keep their cool, but the excitement in their eyes betrayed their youthfulness. As professional as they were marketed to be, they were no match for the allure of a pro-hero.

The cruise ship, rocking side to side from the undulating current, rumbled like a living beast, reverberating throughout the dining hall. Todoroki felt the ship move again, but a glance through the window told him otherwise. He turned his head back to survey the students, wondering if any of them could even put up a good fight.

He started his walk through the aisles again, scanning left and right for an unoccupied table. The ship rocking against the dock made this much more difficult, and he wondered again why he was here. What a stupid bet he made with Principal Nedzu – stupid because he had lost.

It’ll be a quick demonstration.” He had said. “Show them what being a hero is like!”

Todoroki remembered unpleasantly protesting that this would be pointless since everyone’s quirks were different, but to no avail.  And fair enough, he had lost the bet. He then remembered something else that Principal Nedzu said. Something about ex-classmates joining him. Having made limited contact with a minority of the class (the word ‘minority’ may be an overstatement) since he worked overseas, he had not a clue to who was here to join him. Not even an inch of recognizable shadow of his ‘past’ friends revealed themselves on this ship. He hoped it wasn’t Bakugou Katsuki. They never worked well together.

Sitting down at an empty table, Todoroki reached into his bag and took out the on-board itinerary, the bolded title, “Hero Class Summer Camp”, jumping at him. He found his presentation on the last page and saw the name underneath his own. He froze momentarily. Along with the noise that the boisterous students had occasioned, he felt as though the remaining air in his lungs were sucked out into oblivion. He wouldn’t ever disclose this, but he missed having Yaoyorozu around.

“I can’t believe it,” a deep voice rang along with the tumult of the crowd, “the rat sent you here?!

What an ironic turnabout.

Todoroki looked up in disbelief, completely oblivious to the second group of students now making their way into the crowded chamber, and saw Bakugou slamming a cup of what smelled like a mixture of cardamom and rose onto the table. Todoroki didn’t know that tea could have such an odd odour.

“Long time no see,” Todoroki raised a hand in greeting and the blond man took a sip of the herbal concoction, face contorted as his tongue assimilated to the taste, “As much as I’d enjoy this, I’m not sure if you and I would work well presenting together.”

“Yeah well, too bad so sad,” Bakugou grumbled, “I’m the homeroom teacher for Class B so what’re you gonna do about it?” He opened his mouth, about to add a curse or two, but decided against it as his students walked past the table, and the man across from him rose an eyebrow. Bakugou was a lot tamer than before. Time sure healed everything.

“I had no idea. In fact, you being a teacher…” Todoroki took a thoughtful sip of his coffee, voice contracting, “is unexpected. I can’t imagine how you handle your students. Do you like, beat them up all the time? Swear during parent-teacher conferences?”

The accused appeared awfully offended, “I AM THE BEST TEACHER UA HAS TO OFFER,” Bakugou spewed, tea spitting like a machine gun out of his mouth as his fist banged the poor table, and Todoroki gave a lopsided grin. He was still as easy to provoke as before.

“Well if you’re the Class B homeroom teacher, then who’s Class A’s?” Todoroki asked.

“You don’t know?” Bakugou sat back down from his rampage earlier, “It’s Yao-, Roryo, ugh, her name is such a mouthful, dammit, its pony-tail girl!”

Ah, so that’s why she was on the itinerary.

“I haven’t talked to her for awhile,” Todoroki straightened himself, “how is she?”

“Like before, except bossier,” Bakugou mused, hearing the curiosity that caught Todoroki’s tongue, “It wouldn’t hurt you to ask her yourself though, would it?”


Up the corridor and left to the staircase that corkscrewed to the theatre. And there stood Yaoyorozu Momo upholding her duty as one of the finest instructors, creating scaffolds and miscellaneous items to fortify the practice arena. Todoroki found himself smoothing a bit of his hair before showing himself behind the explosion hero.

“BAKUGOU,” Yaoyorozu called as she made yet another metal pole, “What took you so –“

She faced the entrance, hearing the extra set of footsteps, leaving a gap in wake of her task.

“Todoroki,” She was the first to greet him, and the two walked towards each other like old friends in an empty street. Has it been that long?

“Hey,” The fire and ice hero started, “Guess I’ve been chosen to make an appearance for your classes.”

Todoroki, she noticed, now had his hair slicked back. It was a good look for him. She, on the other hand, was wearing a new outfit. Still red, but with detached sleeves, cargo shorts and a triangular padded top that accentuated her chest (probably had given a few males brain implosion). Her pony tail was missing as well, replaced by a goggle wrapped around her flowing hair. 

“New outfit?” He felt wrong having concentrated on every inch of her attire just seconds ago.

“Yeah, sorta. I use it sometimes. Just for a change, you know?” She grinned. “Actually, I told Principal Nedzu that it would be inconvenient for you to fly over, but I’m glad you came.” The man in front of him waved a hand to disagree.

“I’m back in Japan for a break anyway,” he answered and pointed at Bakugou, “Having fun teaching with this guy?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?!” Bakugou retaliated, jabbing his hand at Yaoyorozu, “She’s the one that’s hard to deal with!”

Yaoyorozu placed her hands on her waist, “Whatever you say won’t deny the fact that you were supposed to be here half an hour ago, now get moving!”

Todoroki watched as Bakugou mumbled to himself and dragged his feet over to the other side while Yaoyorozu gave him directions from afar.

Pausing, the creation heroine tilted her head from her kneeling position, “Todoroki, make sure you wear the metal inhibitors later.” He gave a nod in response and she continued, “But you don’t have to hold off too much. This arena’s designed to take your powers without much repercussion. Plus, I’ve been looking forward to this.”

The man didn’t quite catch the nuance in the last sentence and didn’t make an effort to find out. So UA has that much money now to build something just for one demonstration. Actually, their annual sports festival should cost somewhere between 6-7 digits anyway, this was probably chump change.


The arena benches housed enthusiastic and bored students alike. Class A sat on the right and B on the left. Bakugou looked especially displeased whenever a student outwardly expressed their admiration for Todoroki. What was so cool about him anyway?

“Please welcome our special guest, pro-hero, SHOUTO!” Yaoyorozu shouted into the microphone. The response was wild. He wasn’t sure if the females in the front row actually fainted or if they were faking it.

“For the purpose of the demonstration, Shouto will play the hero and…” Yaoyorozu gave the crowd a scan, “I will be the villain!”

Currents of murmurs overflowed the arena, some flabbergasted. With the current outfit, she looked too gorgeous to play the part, not that villains should be judged by face value. Bakugou snickered. For once, he wasn’t the bad guy.

“As you can see, a vile of biological weapon is behind Shouto, and I, as the villain, will fight to get it while he defends it.” The students quiet down after the explanation.

Facing each other, meters apart, Todoroki was gestured by Yaoyorozu to take their positions. The purpose of the demonstration was simple: give the students a close-up of a real pro-hero fight. Truth be told, she wanted to know how much they’ve grown to feed her own curiosity.

Once the timer hung on top of their heads hit zero, the two would be allowed to start. Whoever made the first move should have the advantage.


“Sorry Todoroki,” she mumbled, “I’m not going to lose in front of my class today.”

With a swing of her arms a katana and a bunch of small grenades popped out of her skin. A contraption that resembled greatly of Hatsume Mei’s melded with her back, ripping her top in the midst of it. Todoroki and Bakugou’s eyes sized up.

However, a new top fabricated as fast as the old one was lost. Her class was getting quite a show today.

Todoroki was startled, but not enough to stop him from releasing a wave of fire across. It scorched the ends of her hair as the machine on her back carried her up into the air. The audience cheered (for whom though was a mystery) and watched in awe of their teacher’s excellent execution. Careful not to knock down the vile on the podium behind him, Todoroki moved backwards, preparing to strike as his opponent charged at him in mid-air. Sliding the goggles down, she lurched forward, sending grenades all around. The flash of the grenades surprised him and he tried to block the light with his arms. The ground rumbled like a monster beneath their feet. Suddenly, Icebergs emerged from the ground, clearly a defense mechanism to counter her explosions. Bakugou should be proud of what I learnt from him, Yaoyorozu thought. Mistake. There is never time to let her mind wander when dealing with Todoroki.

His hand grasped her calf. She knew she should’ve paid more attention, and whipped her katana at his arm in attempt to free herself. Todoroki froze in agony when he felt the blade drawing blood from his elbow. She had become an unstoppable force.

There was no time to be guilt-ridden. Yaoyorozu moved closer to his position and within a blur of a second, his hand found its way to her collar bone and she paused. One wrong move and he’ll freeze her whole.

But she smirked.

“Todoroki, where are you looking?”

A blade, sharp and newly forged, protruded. From her chest it came, pointing a millimetre away from the pulsing vein on his neck. He knew it was a draw.

The both of them panted and locked their gaze, impressed. Realizing that they had a strange attraction towards challenging each other, which neither wanted to explain nor defend, Bakugou stalked over to conclude the fight.

He did a chopping motion, inspired by a certain Iida Tenya, and groaned into the mic, “It’s a draw between shitty two-face and Exhibitionist over here.”

Thunderous applause followed in spite of Bakugou’s negativity and the two presenters turned to do a small bow.

Yaoyorozu was still out of breath, “Students,” she turned to look at Todoroki, “In this case, we ended with a draw, but if you were to defend the vile yourselves against him, what strategies could you come up with?”

She saw the students in the front confide with the person beside them, “We will take a 10 minute break, afterwards, some of you will be chosen to go up and face Shouto as a group. Don’t worry, he will be wearing power inhibitors.”

Yaoyorozu sighed and snapped the microphone back onto the stand. Eyeing as some of her students left their seats, she heard Bakugou trudging towards her.

“Please don’t swear in front of the students,” she palmed her cheek, “And also don’t call me an exhibitionist!”


He yelled so aggressively that explosions erupted from his hands. Todoroki, standing a few steps away from the girl, proceeded to fasten the cuffs and eyed them. Maybe he should give them to Bakugou instead.

Yaoyorozu’s face reddened. Not that she hadn’t lost her clothes before. In fact, she lost at least one piece of garment in each fight.

“UNLESS YOUR STRATEGY WAS TO SEDUCE THE BASTARD,” Bakugou sounded like that was the most original come back, and added while spitting, “MY BRATS DON’T NEED TO LEARN THOSE KINDS OF DISGUSTING TACTICS.”

Todoroki crossed his arms, the muscles on his face relaxed. Looking quite unperturbed, he saw Yaoyorozu turn to him as if he grew an extra head.

“Todoroki don’t listen to him,” the words came out strung together, loud enough to cover Bakugou’s screaming in the back, “My outfit is DESIGNED perfectly for the use of my quirk! How else do you think my creations would come out? Of course my clothes had to be ripped apart one way or another. Saying such vulgar –“

“Yaoyorozu, no need to explain.”

Oh no, does Todoroki think she liked walking around naked?

 “I believe you. Bakugou’s just being himself.”

Yaoyorozu sighed with relief, satisfied with Todoroki’s comment. The latter was fixated on Bakugou’s tantrum with a hint of mischief, and found herself studying him. The slight stubble on his chin, his toned muscles, the way his eyes would crease from his smile. Certainly, Todoroki’s masculine features had honed along with his power.

More smoke and explosions came to plague her thoughts. Her colleague was acting like a child again. Yaoyorozu began to laugh as she steadied herself from the rocking of the ship. The trio’s reunion was a great touch to their class retreat.


In which Tuomas is a little piece of shit (x)