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i really hope there is more to the story. the “he told you” gives me hope that maybe they didn’t go through with it. it’s a big step for malec and after baiting us like that just leaving us hanging meanwhile jace got scenes with random chicks not cool man so not cool.

OK but that look that Sherlock gave molly as he walked away and into the hospital…does anyone have that gif handy??


Nothing is more important.


Laura Roslin: (…) I’m going to be slipping away from this life very soon. And I’ve gotten kind of curious as to what that’s going to be like, and so I did some research. And there are some people who say that when people are getting closer to their death, they just don’t care as much about rules and laws and conventional morality.
Gaius Baltar: Are you threatening me?
Laura Roslin: No, I’m just saying have a quiet life, and I’ll die a quiet little death, and everyone will be happy. It’s just that I’m not in the mood any longer to indulge you. And that’s… all.

Lovers in the most unlikely places


Request:  Ooh! Could you write a Scarlett Johansson x female reader imagine where the reader and Scarlett realize that they’re soulmates? Please? :)

Warnings: none 

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   "Come on,“ Your friend whined beside you, stomping their feet as you stood just beside one of the autograph lines at the comic con you were at. 

     "No, she’s literally my favorite and I don’t think I have the heart to face her,” you whisper timidly, eyeing Scarlett Johansson’s line. “Plus, it’s a really long line-” you attempt to use logic in this argument but one look at your friend and you knew that you weren’t going to win this.

     "Ugh,“ you groan, eyeing her at the front of the line, smiling and happily chatting away with some fans. "It’s gonna take like, 3 hours," 

     "Well,” your friend smiles, clasping you on the back as they drag you to the back of the long line. “Guess it’s a good thing we brought money for food,”

     It actually was a good thing you brought a little more extra money than anticipated given that you waited in line for nearly 3 hours, waiting to meet your all time favorite actress. Your friend went and bought pizza, chips, pretzels, and an abundance of other food for the two of you as you waited nervously, gnawing on your nails as the like moved a a snails pace.

     You were a little afraid that she was going to leave soon, after all see been here signing autographs for hours, why would she want to stay any longer than necessary? Even though in the beginning you had been rather reluctant to meet her you were simply dying for this line to speed up so that perhaps you’d have the slight chance of catching a glimpse of her.   

    The line dragged on and it was nearing four hours when her body guard pushed everyone back, saying she was done with autographs for the day. You couldn’t help the bubble of disappointment within you, after all, you were so, so, so close to meeting her, only 10 or so people ahead of you. 

     "Wait,“ Scarlett placed a gentle hand on her bodyguards arm, smiling at him softly. "I can do a few more, It’s fine,” despite the fact that she had indeed been signing autographs for nearly 4 hours the bodyguard nodded, stepping out of the way so you guys could inch closer.   

    You swore these ten people were going by slower than any line you’d ever been in. It felt like an eternity before you were finally stepping up to the table, smiling nervously at the actual goddess before you. 

      “Hi,” she smiled warmly as she grabbed some picture the person beside her was giving out, a standardized photo of her face. “What’s your name sweetheart?” Oh god. Oh fucking hell. Damn you to the core of hell and back again because those were the exact words printed on your arm, hidden from the view of all people.

     Everyone had a soulmate, someone in this universe made just for them and a mark, a string of words, would present themself to a person on their 16 birthday. From then on they’d have to wait until the universe pushed the soulmates together, finally allowing the two people to become whole. 

    The marks were there to guide people through their lives, to make sure they didn’t fall in love only to have their heartbroken, to make sure that for once they found the right partner and here you were, your favorite celebrity before you, having just spoken those exact words upon your arm to you. You checked your sleeves which were pulled down over your hands so there was no way in hell she’d seen the words, no way she was giving you a false sense of hope. 

      “Um…it’s (Y/N), (Y/N) (Y/L/N),” Suddenly her hand stills in it’s writing, having just gotten the first word of your first name written down. Slowly, she looks up to you, her eyes shining with some emotion you’d couldn’t quite figure out. 

     "You’re my- I’m you’re-“ She trails off, staring at you with these wide, imploring eyes.

     "I think so…yeah,” Within a flash she’s hopped up on her chair, jumping off the table and immediately engulfing you in her arms. Her face nuzzles into the crook of your neck as her arms wrap around your waist snugly. 

    “Soulmate,” she whispers against you. “You’re my soulmate,”

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Jumin Han Fic Chapter 2

Hey guys, thanks to constant requests and me having some down time I was able to get Chapter 2 done. Love is always appreciated my sweet peas, muah!
Chapter 1 Here
hapter 3 Here

           “Gen Ed classes fucking SUCK,” MC thought to herself while she was speed walking to her literature class. “As if I’m not busy, stressed out and sleep deprived enough.”

           She approached the classroom and all the girls were standing outside of the classroom and she rolled her eyes. “Ugh, not again,” she thought to herself “Don’t these basic bitches have anything better to do than cake their faces and stuff their bras for some spoiled ass rich kid.”

           Sure enough, the herd of girls were all flocked around Mr. Jumin Han. He was apparently some sort of foreign exchange kid, heir to the C&R Empire.  He looked absolutely unfazed, bored even, at the crowd of women surrounding him, trying to seduce him; probably because he was used to being fawned over.

           One of the girls in her class pretended to slip and fall into Jumin’s lap, “Oh my!” she cried out as she innocently looked up at him while batting her lashes rapidly at him.

           Jumin smiled at her and she smiled back. “Lord, please just smite me if I ever become that pathetic,” MC mumbled to herself. Her ears perked up when she heard Jumin say something to the girl, who was for some reason sprawled across him. “You poor thing, how did you get here? Did someone leave your cage open?” he said with his cold hard steely gray eyes.

           MC had to stifle a laugh, “Rich boy has got style,” she thought to herself as she walked into the lecture hall and took her seat.

           Class dragged on for what felt like forever, the professor split them up into a group to discuss the reading for today. The rich kid was in her group and naturally, all the girls in her group gravitated towards him. She took her seat at the opposite side, she didn’t want to associate herself with stuck up rich people that have had everything handed to them. They began discussing the story and who they would die for and of course she had blurted out the first thing that came to her mind, which was her cat, toothless.

           MC found herself the last place she ever wanted to be, at the center of everyone’s attention. One of the bimbo’s egged the laughter on by calling her pathetic, wanting to die for her cat, when she felt the hairs on her neck stand up. Someone was staring at her, she turned her head to the source and found herself looking into a gray abyss. Jumin was staring at her when he realized he flashed her a million dollar smile. “He probably thinks my panties are soaking right now, doesn’t he, that entitled piece of-“ she thought to herself as she briefly squinted in annoyance and then rolled her eyes. She probably should not have done that, she thought to herself, he could hire a hit man or have her expelled for hurting his fragile ego, but she was done caring for the week.

           Her classmate poked her arm and began teasing her, calling her a lonely cat lady and laughing. She felt herself smile because it was true, she had no time for some guy to come in and make her life a mess and then just leave, all she needed was toothless. She pouted and said to her classmate, “I love her so much, of course, I can’t leave her! Plus, people always let you down, in the end, my cat would never betray me.”

           It might seem sad and very somber, but she lived by that motto, trust no one, always depend on yourself and always keep in mind that eventually everyone will end up breaking your heart, that way you aren’t blindsided when it actually happens. Her heart throbbed slightly but she ignored it, she was much stronger and as long as she was able, she wouldn’t need anyone else.

           She snapped out of her thoughts, abruptly, thanks to the bell ringing. She grabbed her things and started to leave. She pulled out her phone to text her sister when what felt like a brick wall knocked her down. She looked up and into the flawless handsome face that belonged to Jumin Han. He looked down at her, just staring.

           “You just going to stand there?” she asked in annoyance, “or are you going to help me up.” He smirked and offered his hand, she refused it and stood up on her own, brushing herself off.

           Jumin bent down to pick something up and was staring at her phone. MC yanked it out of his hands, “Hey nosy, that’s, mine!”

           Jumin looked at her and spoke in his smooth husky voice, “I apologize, I was admiring the picture of your cat that you have on there.” MC felt bad and felt her soften a bit at the mention of toothless. “Maybe I shouldn’t have been so mean. “ she, thought, “Maybe I should apologize for being a bit-..” her thought was interrupted by Jumin speaking again.

           “However, I will accept an apology from you, not only did you walk into me but you were also very rude.” He said matter-of-a-factly.

           She gritted her teeth, “I spoke too soon.” She chided herself silently.  “I am so very sorry I bumped into you, your highness. Maybe if you didn’t stand there like an entitled brat then I wouldn’t have bumped you.” her words dripping in annoyance.

           Jumin Han narrowed his eyes at her, and MC decided that this was the perfect time to roller her eyes and walk out. Perhaps she would regret it later when he ruins her life, but she was not about to start taking shit from an entitled spoiled brat who probably has not even had to worry about a single thing. She knew she was going overboard and she was being mean, she couldn’t help but be a bit jealous of his lifestyle, about being so carefree. 

          “Hoping that things would change won’t change anything, though,” she thought to herself. “I need to take my destiny into my own hands and shape it.” She texted her little sister that she was on her way and made her way out of school, and onto the cold campus that sent chills down to her bones.

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