ugh he's so adorkable

Sammy Winchester and I are much alike, which is why when I first got into the show up till’ now, he’s been my favorite character.  I am also the smallest sibling, I have a brother who I argue with a lot but we both know we would take a bullet for each other. (My brother is also an Aquarius, by the way.)  I love how Sam is pretty logical at times and intelligent, and we can’t forget about his sassy side.  He is the sweetest gentle giant and ugh, he’s so adorkable.  Yes, I meant adorkable.  He’s such a huge nerd like I am, too. This makes me love him even more.  I enjoy watching Supernatural so much because Sam and Dean remind me so much of me and my own sibling. 

Sam is just so incredibly strong, mentally and physically.  He’s amazing.  He’s been through hell, literally.  I mean, Dean has too don’t get me wrong, but I really admired how he has all these horrible experiences yet is still able to be himself and not change completely. 

Sam is braver than I’ll ever be, I strive to be as brave as he is.  When he decided to go to college, knowing that all of these monsters lurk, It made me admire him EVEN more.  He was able to tell his brother and father that he wanted to live his own separate life, follow his dream of going to law school.  Yet, he was also loyal enough to leave this dream to help his only family, to get back into the terrifying “Family Business”. 

Sam will always be my hero.

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