ugh he is so handsome

The visual that got everyone so shook 😳💘

How are we gonna survive being an NCT stan when we have Taeyong serving killer looks since 1995? 😣😣

anonymous asked:

who is ikkei?

Uhm. Well.

Ikkei is Yamamoto Ikkei, he’s the actor who’s cast as Amari in the Joker Game stage play.

This guy:

He’s a very pretty boy. Well see?

And I think he’s already got the Amari role down pat, right on to the wink. ww

Though he likes cats, instead of dogs w

But hey, he’s very, very, very, very pretty. See?

I hope that answered your question lol


You know what makes me mad about Jack’s “all of my allies betrayed me I hate them”-shit? That there are a LOT of people who believe his words and forget about few guys…