ugh he is so gorgeous


I had a full on spazz moment when Fenris first walked down those stairs. He is so bloody gorgeous and ugh his voice just kills me. When I realized the Inquisitor gets to meet Hawke, I have to admit I got so mad that my M!Hawke didn’t bring Fenris along. No Hawke I do not accept your excuse of ‘he would’ve killed himself to protect me’.

Requested imagine •12 Zach

Can you maybe sometime do an imagine where Zach is dating a plus size girl and whenever they have sex she lays down to look thinner but Zach ask her to ride him one day and she’s scared her fat rolls will repulse him and he’s really sweet about it then they have really hot sex ( if you’re uncomfortable writing this then you don’t have to)

You and Zach were in the middle of a make out session on his bed, you knew in the next 10 minutes it would lead to sex, getting paranoid you worried that he’d want you to ride him, he’d mentioned it before but you always made an excuse and instead he went on top.

“Hmm y/n I really need you” he mumbled kissing your neck, you reached up and removed his shirt as he chuckled a little knowing you needed him just as much, he removed your top too and you instinctively started to pull the covers up “baby it’s hot can we do it without the covers?” He asked gazing at you and you nodded, he caressed your body and began kissing your breasts.

Soon enough you were both naked, you decided that because he’s so tall he probably couldn’t see all of the rolls of fat you possessed. “Ugh baby you’re so gorgeous, can you sit on me?” He asked groaning as you tickled his erection, you knew this was about to happen, you hesitated and he sat up “you okay?” He asked and you nodded “um I’m not so sure about going on top” you mumbled looking down, “but baby you’re so beautiful I just wanna see you all while we do it” he whined and you finally gave in “okay but not for long, I need to get used to it” you replied and he nodded “of course, if you wanna get off just say so” he soothed as you climbed onto him and eased yourself on top of his erection.

You felt amazing seeing the pleasure in his face as you slowly moved back and forth “um zach it’s not a good idea if I bounce, is it okay if I just go slow?” You asked and he smiled at you “baby you do whatever you feel comfortable with, you’re already making me feel so good just by sitting there letting me look at you” he winked making you giggle.

You began moving more and he was getting more and more worked up, as were you, he massaged your breasts. Soon enough he couldn’t control himself “baby you’re amazing, I need to fuck you” he groaned looking at you with lust in his eyes, you got off him and lay down, instantly feeling better as he lined himself up and slammed into you, he went hard and fast being more dominant than he’s ever been, although still managing to make you feel like a princess, he kissed every inch of you. You wrapped your legs around his waist and he groaned loudly as you let him in deeper, it was the most intense sex you and Zach had experienced, you were getting close to the end and you knew zach was too, you tensed your pelvic muscles making yourself tighter for him and no more than a second later he was at his high, you hit yours at the same time and you rode them out together.

Zach collapsed beside you panting as you wiped sweat off you “I fucking love you y/n”. I’d riding Zach made him that turned on maybe you’d consider doing it. Ore often.

Hope this was okay! I’m not really into writing detailed smut but I did my best!