ugh he is so flawless

ok right. let’s just talk about michael for a sec. that dude is SO SO SO beautiful like. I have never ever seen somebody so absolutely alluring and enticing as he is. his smile is so bright and radiant and his eyes are such a gorgeous colour, they’re the most prettiest eyes I have ever seen. every single aspect of him is so stunning, his tummy, his legs, his tattoos, his lips, his nose, his eyebrow piercing, UGH man he is just so flawless. I cannot find one bad thing about him. don’t even get me started on his beauty on the inside; his personality is so excellent, he’s funny, caring, secretly full of wisdom but also an absolute dork. his laugh is so uplifting, and how he treats us (fans) is so wonderful. he truly cares about every single one of us and you can tell he is so grateful for where he is. he’s ambitious, inspiring, an idol to so many. AND HE IS S O TALENTED. not only is he an incredible guitar player but he’s also a brilliant vocalist, pianist and song writer. he’s grown in all of these attributes and improves every day, he’s become so much more confident within these things and I’m so so proud of him. not only is he all of these things- but also a great friend to his other bandmates. he truly cares about luke, ashton and calum so much. they always seem so happy when they’re all together, and michael is always cracking jokes to make the rest of them laugh. they know each other SO well because they see each other or at least talk to each other every day. as a band they all have such a special bond. also michael is such a respectful guy. he respects women and gay rights and isn’t afraid to speak up about issues going on around the world.
but this post has basically been a psa to alarm everyone how michael is truly an A* human being and deserves every ounce of success he’s getting.
love u michael forever-kaden