ugh he is magnificent

I'm pretty excited about the red velvet rope outside my room

Me: are you going to a wine and cheese tasting?

Auntmurble: I am!

Me: yeah Facebook just told me you were interested in an event in my area and I was like, she better not be going into my room!

Auntmurble: *laughs* OH NO the tasting is in your room!

(She’s been marathoning The Borgias for what seems like forever and I catch bits of it when I walk through.)

Me: I look at the tv *gasp* HE HAS A MINOTAUR STATUE IN HIS BEDROOM??? I need one of those for my wine tasting. God he has a unicorn mask AND a Minotaur statue.

Auntmurble: he does! Wow. You are really paying attention.

Me: UGH all the characters are right he is magnificent. (Mostly what I know of the show is characters saying how magnificent Cesare Borgia is and gdi they are right)

Auntmurble: what if the Minotaur was made of cheese?

Me: YES! But also what if it was rotating slow roasted meat that we shaved off a bit at a time? (Trademarked)

Auntmurble: YES! Oh man if I ever have a bunch of money I am getting one of those!

Me: we need to take this to kickstarter immediately.

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Arrrrgh that was such a terrible cast it still hurts me. Colin Farrell on the other hand did such a good job at the entire “indulgently concerned but also immensely creepy” he gave me chills. When he touched Credence I was quite literally winding myself in my seat because ugh NONONO bad touch.

Colin Farrell was MAGNIFICENT. He did an absolutely fantastic job in his role. Whenever any of his scenes with Credence popped up I was just like EEEP NO.

But Johnny Depp why.

Also that line to Newt at the end…”Will we die? Just a little?” What did he mean by that?