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SHER: - Let’s Take a Selfie! - 
Markers, pens and pencils on mix media bond (new window for hi-res)

Stupidest Name I’ve ever coce up with because I dislike the word selfie but what else could I call it? Ugh. So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything new up here for obvious reasons, so I thought I’d indulge y'all with a little something I did during all my free time for the past 3 weeks :) Thought I would upload it today for justjohnlockstuff ’s valentine’s day challenge, only then realizing after I uploaded it and went to go get the submission rules that the pic had to be Valentine themed… UGGGGGHHH I need to learn to read. They’ve a pink phone and they’re of the cutest OTP ever, does that count? Feh. If it’s not eligible, that’s okay :) 

Anyway, so I doodled this up with no intention of doing more to this than just John and Sherlock, but then my computer crash happened, and then I decided what the hell, let’s go nuts on this so I dug around the google for pics from parks in and around London, and found a lovely pic of Regent’s Park, or at least I hope it is… at least all the researching I did said that there is a fountain at Regent’s Park, so please bear with me for I am an ignorant Canadian girl.

UGH, is all I can say about how long this actually took. I love it when I get ambitious and decide to do full detailed backgrounds… with pencils, no less… been a long time since I did pencil work. I’m actually REALLY proud of it except for the white gel pen in the fountain there… I’ll just leave you to what I keep seeing every time I look at this, lol. This is about… 15 hours’ work? Maybe? because I get really picky about colouring. LOL.

Really happy with this pic. You can take it however you want, just know that I’m a Johnlocker, so… wee. 

My sort-of-valentine’s day pic for this year? Yeah… I dislike v-day, it’s commercial bullcrap. I do, however, like drawing my current fave otps, this year being Johnlock.

So, not really a fanart friday pic, but it’s fanart, and it’s friday, so… soft restart of FF again, I guess. Happy Valentine’s / Single’s Awareness Day all. May you get to spend it with those you love, be it your best friends, family, or significant other, because that’s what it SHOULD be about :) <3

#5 Test Potions (pt.1)

It was a usual day at the burrow. Harry, Ginny, and Ron were playing quidditch, Hermione was hiding inside after her latest fight with her boyfriend, Fred and George were working on a new potion in their old room, and Molly and Arthur were out Christmas shopping.

Even though they had all been graduated for several years they all came back to the Weasley’s for Christmas.

“Knock knock.” Hermione said as she walked into the twins room carrying a tray with three steaming cups. “Who wants hot cocoa?”

“Yes please!” Fred and George exclaimed with childlike excitement.

“Hermione, you truly know the way into a mans heart.” George complimented her as he took a mug.

“Tell that to your brother.” Hermione laughed and sat down on the floor next to George. Despite her smile the boys could tell she was really upset. They both exchanged a concerned glance.

“Are you guys fighting again?” Fred asked her hesitantly.

“It’s really not a big deal.” Hermione told them, her voice solum. “We’ve gotten through worse, we’ll be fine.” Although her tone made it seem more like she was trying to convince herself more then them.

“Well if he can’t see how lucky he is to have a girl like you then he’s crazy.” Fred assured her with a small smile as George went back to work on finishing their potion.

Hermione studied Fred for a moment before returning his smile. “Thanks Fred.” She said, still sounding unconvinced.

“And you let us know if he starts acting like any more of git. We’ll make him pay.” Fred continued, trying to lighten the mood.

George finished mixing the think pink liquid, “That’s right ‘Mione. Turn his pillow back into a tarantula, we will.”

Hermione laughed with her friends.

“So what are you guys working on anyways?” She asked them.

The twins went completely ridged.

“Well…” George started.

“You see…” Fred tried.

“We know you don’t necessarily approve of them…”

“But the market, it’s really in high demand!”

“We have an obligation to our costumers you know.”

“Just tell me!” Hermione exclaimed still giggling.

“Love potions.” Fred finally said.

Hermione’s smile fell.

“Love potions!?” She nearly yelled. “I have told you two a million times the dangers and repercussions of messing with this kind of thing! But do you listen? No! No one ever listens! You do realize that I’m not called ‘the brightest witch of my age’ for nothing? Why don’t you ever listen? You have got to stop working on these kinds of potions immediately!!”

“Relax Hermione.” Fred told her holding his hands up in surrender. “We’re working on a safe love potion.”

Hermione rolled her eyes. “No such thing.”

“No really!” Fred assured her. “It’ll wear off quicker then others, the drinker will snap out of it if they’re in any real danger, we’re even trying to fix up an antidote just in case.” As Fred explained this George took a spoonful of the potion from the cauldron sitting between them. He inspected it quickly and mixed it into what remained of his hot cocoa and then turned to pack up the rest.

“Well I still don’t approve,” Hermione retorted, “but I guess that it’s better then it could be.” She reached down and picked up her mug and took a long drink.

George finished pouring the potion into containers and turned back to Fred and Hermione. After a split second his eyes widened in horror.

“HERMIONE NO!” He yelled nearly making her drop the mug.
“What the bloody hell George!?” Hermione shouted back at him, nearly choking on her cocoa.

“Hermione… That was my mug.” He said slowly. Fred’s expression shifted to a petrified stare.

“Well I’m sorry but you don’t have to freak out at me!” Hermione scolded him.

“No, Hermione…. I had just put some of the potion in there… For testing.” George explained cautiously.

Hermione’s expression mirrored Fred’s as she understood, “what?” She whispered.

“Well for testing purposes… Timing, strength, taste, all that. I was going to drink some.” George continued, “It’s…. Well it’s…” He glanced at his twin saying a silent apology. “This one’s got Fred’s hair in it so…”

This time Hermione did drop the mug letting it smash on the ground, spilling what little was left inside. Fred still couldn’t move. “You have an antidote don’t you?” Hermione asked desperately. “You said you were making antidotes!”

Fred finally cleared his throat and spoke, “I said we were going to be trying to make one. We haven’t yet.” His voice was quiet and strained.

“Oh god. Oh god, oh god, oh god.” Hermione muttered, “OH SHIT!” She yelled scaring both the boys, “What about Ron! He’ll never speak to me again if he sees me following you around under a love potion.“

“We’ll tell him we accidentally let you drink a prototype, no biggie.” Fred tried to sound confident for her.

“Are you kidding? He’ll kill us! Or at least try, and then we’ll kill him and then mum’ll kill us!” George argued.

“Well then we’ll figure something out!” Fred told them both urgently. “We can hide it, somehow.”

“Right, well you work on that I’m going to go lock myself in my room, or maybe I’ll try throwing this awful potion up.” Hermione quickly stood up and darted out of the room looking panicked.
“Blimey George, this is a disaster.” Fred told his twin, running his hands through his already messy hair. “The affects are going to start any second.”

“Hey, at least you like her right.” George chuckled with a sly smirk as he watched Fred pace. “You should be thanking me.”

Fred froze. “You… you did this on purpose?”

“It wasn’t exactly difficult to swap mugs. We perfected that art when we were 4.” George patted his twin on the back as he laughed. “Don’t say I never did anything for you.”


Omg I typed this whole thing out (part one and two), and then went to upload part one and they were both GONE! Ikr. I had to completely re-do it from memory ugh. I think it came out pretty well regardless but I guess I’ll have to wait to see what you guys think (all 59 of you! That’s crazy!!). As always, let me know what you liked and disliked about this, or any suggestions you have for future fics, I would love to hear your ideas and help bring them to life as best I can. Until next time, Kisses!



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