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kanekkis  asked:

you are so ridiculously talented, like i can't even??? with my new hearing aids i've been listening to all your covers and i just sdkfmsiufdoijm GURL. i love that you love darren criss and i love how nice you are. please never stop making beautiful art and beautiful music, you beautiful human bean!! #yoipositivitymovement

oH MY GOD you too are a beautiful human bean what even ;-; thank you so much i’m so glad you think so because i love putting effort into those <3 YOU’RE ALSO SUPER NICE AND KIND (and i’ll totally tell you when i’m tipsy blogging again so we can do it together) and ahhh just u made me blush

i’m coming at you with my positivity just you wait <3

My Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 2 initial thoughts and reactions

Bran Stuff:

-Wow, you’re growing up dude. You’re so tall now!

-Aw Lil Hodor!!! He talked!! Old Nan! Lyanna! Ned! AWWWWW BABIES!!!

-Did Child say Bran is gonna leave that cave eventually? Excuse me? Really?!?! YES PLEASE.

The Wall:

- Woo! Go Wildlings!

- AH. FUCK. Giant did a Hulk Smash. Gross. 

Kings Landing:

- Oh drunk dude. You need to shut fuck up.

- Oh hey thanks HBO for showing some dick… I guess? Did it have to be peeing? I mean yes #freethepenis and all… but ::sigh:: this show will never not show a dick for the sake of laughs. I mean would it kill you to show a sexy dick- OH GOD THE MOUNTAIN JUST. OMG. OMG.


- Jamie, I wish you would. Just gut that dude. ::sigh:: Why are you even at King’s Landing. What the fuck are you doing? 

- Oh shit… Cersei got Tommen back. Interesting.


- LOL Tyrion. “I drink and I know things.”  That’s a nice change from the “You know nothing” catchphrase from this show.

-Tyrion nooooooo… don’t do it. Quentin did this in the book and it didn’t turn out well for him. Pls no.



-OMG They like him? The Dragons like him?!?!

-I’m so relieved!!!

-Oh Dragon hugssss! Awwww! Big kitties.

- I guess I gotta make some How to Train Your Dragon fanart with Tyrion soon.

- I wonder if this means Tyrion might get to be the 3rd Rider. Hmmmm.


- You do you gurl.


- Oh Ramsey kills his dad? Not surprised. Okay. Roose needed to die anyway. Wish a Stark would have done it though.

- Ohhhh I really don’t wanna watch Walda and the Baby die.

- I really really don’t.

- I know Ramsey is a monster. Can we not please? 

- Ugh.

The Adventures of Sansa and Brienne:

- Oh yay they are talking about Arya! My Stark girls omg. <3

- Ok Theon. Sansa may forgive your shit. But I don’t. Boy, Bye. Get the fuck out.

Iron Isles:

-… I thought this guy was dead. Didn’t he die back in like season two? Fell off a bridge during a hurricane? No?

- Oh I guess it was just the books then cause you’re obviously doing that now.

- I seriously have ZERO interest in the Iron Born. Give no shits.

The Wall part 2:  

- Davos… you’re the one asking her to do it?! OKAY. FINE.

- Gurl….

- This isn’t going to work. They aren’t just gonna let this work. It will probably not work and then he’ll come back when they burn him.

- This totally isn’t going to work.

- Gurl no… I almost feel bad for you.

- Ugh show… stop dragging this out it’s not going to work. You never give me what I want so you’re not going to trick me now.

- See. Didn’t work. Wait—is Ghost just sleeping there? Wait.

- Wait.

- Fuck- this going to work isn’t it?

- Oh shit. Oh shit…. Oh shit….


- omg omg omg YESSSSSSS.

- (Wait, why are you playing the scary zombie music at the end. This should be happy awesome music. FACK.)

THIS EPISODE CERTAINLY FELT LIKE ALL THE STARKS ARE ABOUT TO START SOME SHIT YES? YES? I need some time to collect my thoughts better about all this stuff. Hmm. Yes. 

Really looking forward to Jon walking around Castle Black like: