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You're my Queen - (Eisuke x MC)

Dedicated to me Great Queen @smutmylifeup
Hope you enjoy it!

It was a rough day, with Erica and her two shadows yelling at you and complaining about your work. You were tired and just wanted to lay in your bed and sleep. But you couldn’t. You needed to attend to a important party with Eisuke. It was almost the time and you still needed to get ready or else Eisuke would be pissed, that was the last thing you needed at that moment. You took a quick and warm shower and started searching for the perfect dress. Eisuke really likes to you to shopping so dresses and experience jewelry were the last of your problems. You always were a simple girl and still couldn’t get used to all those expensive events and clothes, but you do it for him, because you knew he loves to spoil you. You took a deep breath and analyzed each dress. Pink, blue, red, black, green, gray, so many colors and styles that you couldn’t pick. Then you did what any child would do when the can’t choose. You closed your eyes and moved your hand toward the dresses until you wanted to stop. Your hands stopped in a cream colored dress. You were satisfied with your random choice. You put it on and it served perfectly in your body. You had 30 minutes and you needed to be quick. You wouldn’t have time to curl your hair so you made a high tight bun and started to do a light and natural makeup. And you were done just in time. Your phone beeped.

“Where are you? I’m waiting down stair. ~E”

Damn he can be very punctual. You put your high heels on and stopped in front of the mirror and released your hair and it felt with beautiful curls, you fix it and you were ready. You walked downstairs and all gazes on you, but Eisuke’s because he was talking on the phone.

“Koro looks so pretty today.” You blushed a little at Ota’s comment.

“The kid is… Fine.” But Mamoru’s face couldn’t trick you, he barely could close his mouth. Soryu smirked and nodded his head.

“Here, let me have the honor, Princess.” Baba walked toward you and offered his arm, you smiled at him and accepted. Eisuke finished his phone call and turned to see you. He looked… Surprised, maybe? You couldn’t tell, he was hard to read sometimes, specially in front of the other guys. “There you go, Princess. Take good care of her boss.” He winked and let go off you. Eisuke took Baba’s place.

“Queen, Baba. She’s not a princess.” You saw the thief raising his hand as if he had surrendered and you let out a shy giggle. “C'mon, (Y/N). We are late.”


As soon as his limousine stopped, the car was surrounded by loud woman. And it only got worse when he stepped out of the car.

“The King is here! Oh my gosh! He’s so perfect!”
“Eisuke choose me!”
“No! Me! I’m way better than her!”

You took a deep breath and Eisuke extended his hand to you. You accepted and once both of you were out of the car, paparazzi started taking photos of you. No matter how many times it happens, you can’t get used to paparazzi.

“Ugh Eisuke… You don’t have to have such a bad taste in women.”
“She’s so plain and boring.”
“Look at her, she will never deserve to be beside him.”

They looked at you disgusted, but you kept your head up with a smile. He tighten his grip on your hand and leaded you to the party, leaving the woman’s comments behind. The place was huge and as fancy as the other places you’ve been with Eisuke. The music was calm and relaxing. People were talking about business everywhere.

“I know these parties are boring, but I don’t want to stay here as long as we need to. Come, let’s talk to that man over there. He’ll help us to open a new hotel in Paris.” You nodded and followed him again.

After a long conversations do two glasses of the best champagne you’ve ever drank, you need to go to the toilet to fix your hair and check up on your makeup. You excused yourself and started searching for the toilet. Before you could push the door open, a well dressed woman appeared in front of you. She looked you up and down.

“So it’s you his girlfriend? They said you’re plain and ugly, but they were being really nice, because you’re way worst than I thought.” You took a deep breath and decided to don’t be like her.

“Excuse me.”

“Haha of course sweetheart. Make a favor for us and clean the toilet, little maid.” She hit her shoulder in yours and walked away.

You looked at yourself in the mirror and those words kept hitting your head. You really wanted to wash your face to prevent you from crying, but it would ruin your make up. But before you knew it tears was rolling down your cheeks. First Erica yelling at your at work, then she undid all your job and make you clean and organize everything again, and if it wasn’t good enough, those comments after you left the car and now that woman talking to you that way. Your heart was hurt and you knew you wasn’t enough for Eisuke. He’s used to expensive and fancy things while you were used to the small and simple things. He had all and you had to work hard to have something. Maybe these people are right that he’s too much for you to handle. You ripped off your tears and started searching for him. You needed to talk to him, set him free again.

You found him, but it looked like the woman from before was trying to set him free. She had her arms wrapped around his neck, her body was close. He didn’t looked so interested and tried to push her off. He noticed you and you walked toward him with your heart in your hands.

“Ugh you again. I really can’t see what he sees on you.” She rolled her eyes. He smirked at her and wrapped his arms around your waist.

“I see a lot of things on her that I can’t see on your or the others gold diggers out there. She has class, beauty and kindness. Somethings that you would never have.”

“Oh! How dare you! Can’t you see? She’s with you because you’re rich and she’s just a pleasant.” Your blood was boiling and you couldn’t take it anymore

“I’m afraid not wo-”

“You can say whatever you want to me, but don’t you ever dare to doubt my feelings for him.” You could see Eisuke smirking at your attitude.

“Now if you excuse us, (Y/N) and I have more important things to do than deal with you.” Both of you walked away from her, she cursed you, but you kept walking and looking forward. “Enough for today, we can go home. The limousine is waiting for us.”

Once you were in the car, you got lost in your thoughts. All he said before was true? Or it was just to prevent a scene? He never says that he loves you very often, but maybe his actions was his way to tell you that he loves you? It’s so confusing… So frustrating. You keep with these doubts every day, you knew that your worlds were completely different, but didn’t imagine that it was SO different.

“Hey, earth to (Y/N).” He nudged your shoulder.

“Sorry… I was just… Thinking.”



“Don’t think about them or their words. They’re useless. They will never reach your feet. You’re perfect just the way you are, I know you’re not used to my glamorous life, but soon you’ll get used to it. I love you, (Y/N). You’re all I need.” A fear felt your right eye. That was the best thing you’ve ever heard the Great Eisuke Ichinomiya say to you. You’re so happy. “Don’t let a tear drop from your beautiful eyes because of them. You’re my woman, my beautiful Queen.”

He gave you a passionate kiss and the rest of the trip you rested your head on his tone chest, hearing his heart beats. After all he said you would think twice before doubt his feelings. You had certain that he loved you. You hugged him.

“I love you, Eisuke.”

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Hey do you remember that time Rose busted up John's house and he got all pouty about it and rose kept trying to change the subject to talk about the game objectives and John was like "okay sure I'll do that but hey uh fix my bathroom" and then she goes to fix it and she just puts the bathtub and sink on top of the floor. She called it the perfect crime but John knows. He knows she half assed it because she didn't know what she was doing. I love them.

Idk what ur talking abt man this here is one perfect toilet. i can see nothing wrong with it. 

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I can’t even start.

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first of, that infamous chapter more like a bad fanfiction I can’t even believe it was made by the author. over that, Rukia was sidelined for years, I am not complaining that other characters get some action. I mean cool we get developments for other characters but what about characters that matter – well erhm like Ishida Uryuu? #happinessforUryuu2k16 It’s the freaking thousand blood war arc I was expecting some thing that could whelp have us gain some sympathy for the quincys like not all quincy is bad. or where the heck did they come from or I have just long been dejected of Bleach that I didn’t read about that that would have been a better focus on light novels

this is getting long so i better make a list

  1. my NOTP gets canon - still begs validity
  2. Rukia gets sidelined for years - she still popular
  3. volume 74 cover and title - poor content
  4. RR wedding - gorgeous Rukia in the cover
  5. what utter OOC by the author - basically shouts it was overall bad

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