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Summer Heat (M)

Im Jaebum | JB (Got7) x Reader 

Word Count: 2,390

Genre: Smut [Thigh Kink/Thigh Appreciation]

The two of you watched the movie mostly in silence with an odd comment from time to time. It was nearing the end of the movie that you had realized that Jaebum shorts had ridden up a fair amount. And right in front of your face was the bare skin of his thighs, one of your favorite parts on his amazing body. They were tantalizing. He had thighs from heaven. They were firm and muscular, but soft enough to give under your fingertips. As you sat there entranced by your boyfriend’s thighs, you decided that you would give his thighs the love they deserve.

The summer heat had turned your apartment into a sauna. It was completely unbearable unless you were wearing minimal clothing or, better yet, naked. Jaebum and you just finished eating naengmyeon, cold noodles, that he had graciously prepared for the both of you. While you got the privilege of sitting in front of the oscillating fan, getting some relief from the heat since the air conditioning had broke and you did not have the chance to get someone to come fix it yet.

After dinner, Jaebum and you returned to the living room and placed yourselves right back in front of the fan. Soaking in the cool breeze that the blades gave off. The cold air felt heavenly against your heated skin. Once settled in Jaebum suggested that watching a movie might help keep the sweltering room off your mind. You highly doubted it, but decided to give it a try. It was better than nothing.

“What movie do you want to watch?” Jaebum asked while scrolling through the endless list of movies on the TV.

“I don’t care,” you said, “You pick.”

A few seconds passed before Jaebum settled on a movie to watch. A film that the both of you had seen a hundred times. While the movie played on the screen you decide to get more comfortable, so you laid down on the couch and placed your head on Jaebum’s lap.

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The Shooting Star

A/N: Oh boy, here we go. This is my first entry one-shot for @doodledrawsthings human bill AU (which they helped edit and illustrate). For those not familiar, it’s an AU based on the Flat Dreams lore by @pengychan, basically a “what-if” scenario of Bill coming back during the Pines Twins second summer in Gravity Falls. If you’re unfamiliar with it, CHECK OUT THEIR PAGE. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE. Hope you enjoy this one.

part 2

part 3

“And this is the time DipDop and I were voted Best Dynamic Duo! Man, I can’t imagine not having my bro to count on!”

“Can we do something else.”


The occupant of the kitchen chair groaned loudly, burying his face in his arms. “Tell me, Shooting Star, is TORTURING ME with POINTLESS HUMAN SENTIMENTS glued onto pieces of colorful paper some kinda elaborate revenge scheme you’re executing?”

“First, they’re not pointless. I’ll have you know I worked very hard on each of them! And second-” Mabel jumped up from her chair and smacked Bill lightly across the face. The demon recoiled with an half-annoyed half-startled snarl. “You’re being a jerk! So you get a frowny-face sticker.”

Bill slowly pried said sticker off his cheek, slowly ripped it in half with a disturbing satisfaction, and tossed the remaining pieces on the floor, his eyes never leaving Mabel’s. The demon silently got up, fixing the girl with a sneer before turning to leave. Well, that could have gone better.

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A Cat, a Fox, and a Bee walk into a Bakery 23

“I’m going to do it this time,” Marinette said, squaring her shoulders.

“Uh-huh,” Alya hummed, not even bothering to look up from her phone.

“I mean it, Alya!  I’m going to tell Adrien how I feel about him!”

Alya glanced up briefly, a tiny smirk tugging at the corner of her mouth.  “Sure.  Just like the past hundred times you’ve said that.”

“It has not been a hundred times!” Marinette huffed.

“You’re right.” Alya tapped a few things on her phone.  “It’s been a hundred and seventeen.  Well, eighteen now.  My mistake.”

“… I am shaming you for the fact that you have been keeping track.”

Alya gave a full-blown smirk.  “And I’m shaming you for the fact that you’re all talk and no action.”

Marinette’s jaw dropped, and she squawked indignantly.  “Alya!”

“Just calling it like I see it, girl.  Face it, you’re too chicken to actually confess.”

“Too… too…” Marinette threw her hands up in the air and huffed.  “I’ll show you, I’ll tell him!”

“Uh-huh.” Alya was already looking back at her phone, and so completely missed as Marinette stomped off. It took a moment for the prodding from her hair to break through and prompt her to look up.

Alya blinked at seeing that her girlfriend was gone.  “… Marinette?”


“-And the woman has no taste!  None! Her wedding colors are green and orange for crying out loud!” Chloe huffed as she paused in filing her nails to check her work, then went back to it.

Adrien blinked, then hummed thoughtfully.  “I don’t know, with the right shades it could probably work.”

Without saying a word, Chloe pulled out her phone, flicked through a few photos, then handed it to Adrien. “Those are her colors.”

Adrien immediately recoiled. “Ugh, I see what you mean.  Is she colorblind?”

Nino blinked as he looked over Adrien’s shoulder.  “I don’t see what’s so bad about them.”

Adrien and Chloe stared at Nino for a moment, then Adrien sighed and slung an arm around Nino’s shoulders.  “It’s okay, Nino.  We’ll make sure you aren’t a fashion disaster.  Anyways, both of these colors are too bright and bold, that makes them clash with each other.  Especially for a wedding, you’re going to want at least one of them to be a softer color, or darker.  And definitely not colors that make people think of vomit.” Adrien grimaced as he handed Chloe’s phone back to her.

“And the less said about her dress, the better.” Chloe winced.  “For once, I agree with the wedding planner.  It makes her look like a walking pumpkin.”  She snorted.  “If she wants a fall theme then she should say it and go ahead with it, with the right colors and decorations it could be nice. But definitely not the way she’s doing things.”

Nino looked up as he heard footsteps, and lightly nudged Adrien with his elbow as he spotted Marinette walking up and stopping nearby.  She looked more nervous than usual, standing there and fiddling with the small purse she always carried.

“Marinette?  Is everything okay?” Adrien tilted his head a little in confusion, ignoring Chloe’s soft mutter of ‘stupid cats too adorable for their own good.’

“I… um… can I talk to you for a moment?  Alone?”

Adrien blinked, then shrugged.  “Yeah, sure. Be right back, guys,” He said as he got up to follow Marinette.

Nino was just wondering what that was about when Alya hurried up, looking worried.  “Guys, we may have a problem.”


“So, what did you want to talk about?” Adrien asked as he leaned against a wall.  While Marinette being nervous was adorable, it did have him a little worried.

“I just… I wanted to tell you…” Marinette fiddled with her purse, looking at the floor.  She slid a few fingers into the purse, and a moment later relaxed and took a deep breath.  Seeming to have found some form of courage, she lifted her head and met his eyes.  “I wanted to tell you that I like you.  A lot. And have for a while.”

Adrien froze, his brain blaring ABORT!  ABORT! in large red letters.  While he was certainly happy to hear that his girlfriend liked him, none of them had planned for what to do if Marinette actually acted on the crush she was harboring.

And outside of fights, he didn’t act well under pressure.

Which was probably he could be (mildly) forgiven for what came out of his mouth next.

“I’m sorry, I’m already dating someone…”

Marinette flinched, then plastered on a clearly fake smile.  After spending so much time with her as Chat, he could easily tell the difference.  “It’s… that’s okay.  I just wanted to let you know.”  She took a deep breath, smile wavering slightly before she steadied it.  “I need to go.  I’ll see you… around.”

Adrien knew he had fucked up, but had no idea how to fix it as Marinette turned and, for lack of a better word, fled.  Belatedly, he reached after her, but she was well gone and turning the corner by then.  A short moment later, and three heads poked around the door to the classroom as Nino, Alya, and Chloe all fixed him with unimpressed looks.

“Nice going, genius.”


Afternoon classes were torture, especially knowing that Marinette was sitting behind him and hearing the occasional small sniffle.  And then once class let out, Adrien had to endure being driven home, then wait until he was left alone in his room before being able to call on Plagg and transform.

If he hadn’t broken his fastest time in heading to Marinette’s, he certainly came close.  As he landed on her balcony, his ears perked up at the sound of a soft sob, and Chat found he couldn’t get the hatch open fast enough.

Inside, Marinette was curled up on her chaise, and Vixen and Queen Bee were cuddled around her.  Nino was sitting at the head of the chaise, gently stroking Marinette’s hair from where her head was pillowed in his lap.

Chat dimly registered Vixen and Queenie shooting him glares as he tumbled in through the hatch and nearly fell off the loft in his hurry to get to Marinette. He slowed as he approached, carefully climbing onto the chaise and butting his head up underneath her chin with a loud purr of comfort.

“I’m so sorry, Princess.  So sorry.” His whispered voice vibrated with the force of his purr, even as he pressed his forehead to Marinette’s.

Marinette sobbed softly and hugged Chat close, burying her face against his shoulder.  Chat felt another harsh stab of guilt.  He had done this to her, him and that stupid need to keep his identity secret.

At this point, he’d take whatever lecture Ladybug could dish out if it meant stopping Marinette’s tears.

“I’m an idiot,” Chat murmured, closing his eyes and ducking his head to softly kiss Marinette.

And then he let his transformation drop.

A night on the town, part 3

Pairing:  Leonard McCoy x Reader

Word count: 1572

Warning: Angst

A/N: I hope everyone is enjoying the series as much as I am enjoying writing it.  Thank you for all the wonderful comments and support.  

Part 1 Part 2

You stood looking at the group of Enterprise crewmembers as they were saying their goodbyes to York Town. The “orders” Jim has spoken of was the rescue mission of a vessel close to the Klingon border.  Their shore leave had been dramatically shortened and would not be rescheduled to come back anytime soon.  Leonard finished speaking with Commander Spock before coming back to hold you just a few more minutes.

“I am going to try everything in my power to get back here long before they say.  I swear it.”  He leaned his forehead against yours.

“I know you will, but you know how stubborn Starfleet is.  Especially with one of their shining star doctors about the most important ship in the fleet.  I will be waiting for you either way.  This is too important, Leonard.”  He kissed you lightly then pulled you tight against his chest.

“We will message every day. I will be thinking of you constantly, darlin’.  Don’t forget that.”  You nodded against his chest as you tried to keep the tears from falling.  The two of you hadn’t had the chance to spend any more time together since your first and only date the night before.  But that only made this all the more bittersweet. You knew you were falling for the handsome doctor and there was not a thing you could do to keep him here.

You pulled back looking up at him.  “Stay safe, please.  I need you coming back in one piece.”  He smiled back at you.

“I’m the sane one on that ship, remember.  I will come back for you. Always.”  Jim made a noise from behind Leonard hating to break up the two of you.

“I hate to say it, Bones, we have to go.  There is a time table on this mission.”  Leonard nodded kissing you one last time.  He stooped to pick up his pack and moved towards his friend.  Jim smiled at you.

“I’ll keep him in line. But I may have Chapel sedate him if he gets to talking about you too much.”  He winked at you as Leonard scowled at him.  Jim pulled him along by the arm towards the docking area.


The days following his departure, were torturous for you.  You missed him so much but he messaged you every day as he promised. There were some days you were able to talk in real time.  Others you both played tag sometimes missing each other by mere minutes before or after shifts.  The old Earth adage “distance makes the heart grow fonder” was certainly true.  The feelings for Leonard grew with each passing day.  Everyone you had contact with could tell you were a different person since meeting him. Your grandfather, whom had raised you since a child, was adamant that he would meet “the lad” next time he returned to see you.

A week after he left you received word from him that the mission had been successful and the Enterprise and its crew were safe.  From there on it would just be mission after mission.  No time to come back to this side of the quadrant.  Unless Star Fleet needed them. You and Leonard started improvising dates over through the telecoms. Sometimes you would talk long into the night.  He wanted to introduce you to his mother sometime and make sure you got to try some of her peach cobbler.  Plans were being made to take a private trip to the mountains in Maine so he could see where you were born and grew up before medical school and Star Fleet. Leonard even mentioned that he had spoken of you to Joanna.  She wanted to meet you some time as well.  It was all wonderful and you were happy.  Leonard made you happy and though you missed him and ached for a night alone with the man, you would not trade a moment of your long distance love for any time of not knowing him.  

Of course, you had not told Leonard that you loved him, nor had he said it to you.  You felt like it should be something you said face to face. Not through the damn screen.  Over the course of the months, it became more frustrating.  As much as you spoke it felt like it was obvious that you loved him and you were fairly certain he felt the same.  However, neither of you said it.  After your shift at the medstation, you took a walk through the same park where you and Leonard had kissed that night.  It was the last place that felt real to you and the whole relationship.  

You stopped just short of the bench where he had confessed his past.  All the pain and hurt in his life, he told you.  He told you that first night, trusted you enough that he opened his heart and shared it all.  “Ugh I am so selfish and stupid.”  You called out to the night sky.  The man gave you his heart already and here you were feeling sorry that you could not see him every day.  It was then you rushed back to your apartment and messaged him, telling him how much you missed him and that you had something important to tell him when you spoke with him next.  Off the message went, and you waited for a response.  It did not matter what time the response would have come you waited.

A response did not come that night, or the next day.  In fact, days went by with no word.  You sent several messages in the span of that time with nothing in return.  The worry was starting to creep from the back of your mind.  Leonard said he would always message you if they were able to.  What if they weren’t able to?  What if he wants hurt or worse?  You heart pounded again in your chest as you walked into Doctor Baush’s office on the fifth day of no response.

“[Y/N], something I can do for you?”  He had looked up from his desk.  You nodded, as you bit your lip.  Concern crossing his features, he motioned for you to take a seat.  “What’s the matter, my dear?  You look as though the galaxy is ending.”  A short nervous laugh escaped you lips.  He grew more concerned.

“I need a favor.  I… have not heard word from Leonard, Doctor McCoy, in days.  I’m afraid something is wrong.  Can you please…?”  Doctor Baush held a hand up to stop you.

“You want me to use my connections to check into the status of the Enterprise.  Ensure they are safe.”  The color had drained from your face as you nodded.  He smiled standing from the desk, walking around to sit in front of you. “For you, I will do it.  I will speak with one of the admirals that owes me a favor. I will report back to you when I find something out.  Take the day off and go home.  You need the rest.”  He ushered you out of the medstation and sent you home.

You did not hear from him for another day and that was only to tell you Star Fleet had no contact with the Enterprise since you had.  Command was already working on why that was.  Doctor Baush said they would let him know as soon as they found something and in turn, he would tell you.  Thanking him with a hug was the least you could do.  You promised you would work hard to not let your emotions get in the way of work.  But that was easier said than done.  The days turned into weeks and the weeks into a month.  

By the end of the month, you were a shell of who you were.  The whispers of the disappearance of the Enterprise turned into full talk and there was no shortage of theories.  You cried every night when you went home.  Maggie had tried many times to reassure you and be there for you, but after a while, she realized it was not going to work.  You needed word, whether he was alive or dead.  Not this void that you were living every day.

You were sitting in your office going over the last of the day’s notes when Doctor Baush entered.  A look of exhaustion and sadness etched on his features.  “[Y/N], they would not tell me why, but I have been told to have you report to Admiral Kaelen.  I think it’s about the Enterprise.  He has been my contact this whole time.  I tried to get him to tell me, but he just said it’s classified.”  Your heart dropped into your stomach as you stood from your chair, you could feel the blood leave your face.   “Do you want me to go with you?”  Shaking your head, you pulled off your lab coat.

“No, I need to hear the words on my own.”  He understood, letting you leave on your own, though it hurt him to do so.  You made your way to Star Fleet Command.  A nervous looking ensign had been waiting for you.  She escorted you back to Admiral Kaelen’s office as soon as you entered the building. ‘That can’t be a good sign’ you thought to yourself.  The Admiral motioned for you to take a seat before he spoke.

“Doctor [Y/L/N], we have something we need to discuss.  It’s about the Enterprise.”

Part 4


Stay or Go

Request: Can you write an imagine about a 5'6 curvy but toned (hourglass shape) dark-skinned African-American woman that works with Tony (not an Avengers) and is good friends with Bucky or Steve. She also has feelings for either one but think he only sees her as a friend but actually he’s in love with her but doesn’t think she’ll date him because he’s white.

Tony danced around the lab like an idiot, while you continued with the schematics for a new weapon to put on Tony’s suit. Any other day you might have joined in. His music taste wasn’t all bad, every now and again he’d surprise you with very old music that you liked, usually from your parents playing it around the house. However, today you were gripped by this unexplainable need to finish the schematic you’d been working on for a new defense mechanism for Tony’s suit. You could call it a stroke of genius inspiration, and you had to get it done before the inspiration left. Tony may have been a bit flamboyant today but he did not get in the way of your work.

“Tony, what the hell?!” A new voice yelled, you jumped a bit and looked up to see who was yelling. It was Steve, you looked over at Tony suspiciously wondering what he had done to piss of Captain America. Tony shrugged as the two of you made eye contact.

“What did I do this time?” Tony asked nonchalantly. You found it amazing how calm he could be when a very annoyed super soldier was stalking into the office.

“If you thought the fire crackers in a pot gag was funny, think again,” he growled. You gave Tony a look of pure incredulity. Why would he do that?

“It was as good a wake up call as any,” Tony said, his voice skipping up a few octaves as he became defensive. He was more or less pleading his case to you.

“I’m so sorry about him, Stevie. I should have known that if he wasn’t bothering me he would bother you. Are you guys alright? How’s Bucky?” you asked, setting your pen down and accepting that you were going to have to take a break. Steve stopped glaring at Tony long enough to look at you and answer.

“He’s fine now, but if Tony had even a bit of sense-”

“It seemed like something familiar for him to wake up to,” Tony interrupted. He was being an asshole and you fully intended to give him a piece of your mind once Steve left.

“We both know sometimes Tony is lacking in the sense department. I’ll handle Tony, you get back to Bucky. I’ll visit this evening.”

“Thanks, Y/N,” Steve sighed, then shot one more glare at Tony for good measure. You watched Steve leave then you turned your glare to Tony. He was reclining in a desk chair, throwing popcorn in the air and catching it in his mouth.

“You are such an asshole, you know that?” you tried to keep from yelling at him, but he could just be so annoying and selfish.

“I am aware of that, yes,” he responded.

“I get that you don’t like Bucky, and that’s fine, but do you have to antagonize him?”

“Well given that he-”

“Oh stop it! We both know the story. You know he was brainwashed to do those things. Bucky shouldn’t be HYDRA’s scapegoat!” you argued.

“If it wasn’t for him, my parents would still be alive. If you ask me I’d say I’m going easy on him.”

“Tony, I am your friend but I have to call you out on your bull shit. What you’re doing is wrong. I know you’ve got your own problems that you’re trying to work through but vengeance is a double edged sword, and it’ll cut you too.”

“Ugh, I hated when you talk in riddles,” he threw his head back, as if  exhausted.

“Well if karma doesn’t kick your ass, Steve will. First you won’t allow Bucky to go home with his best friend because you want to ‘keep an eye on him’ then while he’s here you torture the poor man. Steve has started fights for less Tony, and with all due love and respect, without your suit you ain’t got shit on Captain America. And if Cap fights then Sam and Bucky fight, and do you want another civil war?”

“I think you’re just mad because I’m toying with your crush,” Tony grinned.

Without thinking you threw the nearest object at him. It was a little piece titanium that hit him right in the arm.

“Ow, dammit,” he complained rubbing his arm, “Fine I’ll go easy on your boyfriend.”

“You’ll let him go live with Steve.”

“Well if I do that then you’ll never see him,” Tony pointed out. You looked around for something else to throw at him but the things at your desk were either needed materials or simply too big to just chuck at Tony.

“That doesn’t matter, Tony. It’s not like he likes me anyway, so how about you let him and Cap go on their merry way,” you said dejectedly.

“So you can just keep being the supportive friend?”

“You don’t even like Bucky why are you suddenly trying to be a matchmaker?”

“Because I like you, and you are too damned cute to look that sad about some guy. Especially Bucky. He’s like 90, he’d be a damned idiot not to want you. You could do sooo much better though.”  

“Duly noted, but I still would like it if you didn’t hold Bucky hostage here. He’s obviously not happy.”

“If that’s what you really want,” Tony sighed getting up from his chair, “I’ll deliver the news now.”

“Thank you.”

“Yeah yeah,” he grumbled.

Steve sat on the sofa in Bucky’s room, recalling the events of his talk with Tony, “I think Y/N is giving him what for. She has away of twisting his arm and getting her way.”

“Yeah, she’s something else,”Bucky said fondly. Steve looked over at him with his lips pursed. Only a fool would miss how crazy Bucky was about Y/N. Just the mention of your name could bring a smile to his face. You and Steve became friends shortly after the battle of New York. You worked in tech, fixing his equipment, and the rest of the teams after the battle. He had come to like you instantaneously. Anybody who could make Tony Stark shut up was someone he could be friends with. That being said, if his best friend was going to try and date anyone he didn’t mind that it was you.

“She’s really great Buck, and super nice,” Steve began, obviously talking you up in hopes of actually making Bucky do more than befriend you. You and Bucky became easy friends through Steve, you had a good sense of humor and it made Bucky laugh when he didn’t even feel like smiling.

“Steve, I know what you’re doing. And you don’t have to sell her good qualities to me, I already know she’s great. She isn’t the problem.”

“Then what is? If you know that she’s great then you know that she’s not going to be available forever. Her career might take her away, somebody  might come along, see how great she is and make a move.”

“Then that someone should, they’d probably be better for her… and more her type.”

“What does that mean, Buck?” Steve asked in an exasperated tone.

“Well she’s…”

“African American? Buck, you never had a problem with African American’s not even in the forties, so what the hell are you talking about?”

“I don’t have a problem with her being African American, her skin is beautiful it’s like all the things good in this world put into the richest color.”

“Well alright Hemingway, if it’s not her race then what’s holding you back?”

She might have a problem with me being white. I mean historically speaking, she would have a little bit of a right to it,”he said with a forlorn sigh.

“I highly doubt that Bucky. She’s our friend, it would be a little counterintuitive for her to be so close to us and harbor ill feelings towards us.”

“Being friends and being romantically involved are two very different things.”

“You’ll never know if you don’t ask,” Steve countered, “Worst case scenario she say no and we all continue to be friends.”

“It’s not that simple.”

“Sure it is-” A knock on the door interrupted Steve’s sentence. Steve looked towards the door confused as to who it could be. He opened the door and immediately frowned as he saw Tony standing there.

“What do you want?” Steve asked.

“I’d like to talk to you in private for a while. Without the murder-sicle listening in.”

Steve rolled his eyes but stepped out and closed the door. Tony walked away from the door and down the hall.

“Listen,” Tony began in hushed voice, “Y/N has convinced me to let you and your friend skip off into the sunset.”

“Really?” Steve asked skeptically.

“She’s got a good heart and she’s good at persuading me, but there’s a small problem.”

“And what’s that?” Steve figured there was catch it seemed too easy for him to just let them be.

“It’s Y/N, I know you guys are all friends or whatever, but she’s crazy about Bucky. I’m pretty sure sometimes I catch her writing his name with hearts around it on her data. It’s sickening, and kind of sad really,” Tony said more to himself, “If you guys go then she won’t see Bucky anymore and she’ll probably start listening to Unbreak My Heart and crying and I can’t see her like that.”

“…I’ll just let Bucky decide what he wants to do,” Steve said after a moment.

“I know Bucky is into her. I don’t care how scrambled your brains are you’d have to be blind and dumb not to like her. So tell him to stop being a coward and just ask her on a date,” Tony’s tone was exasperated.

“Great, thanks Tony,” Steve’s tone was largely just annoyed now, but Tony did have a point and there was really only one thing to do. Tony went back the way he came, hands shoved in his pockets. Steve went back inside to deliver the news. Bucky looked at him expectantly, wondering what layer of torture Tony was adding now.

“What is it?” Bucky asked when Steve didn’t start talking immediately.

“Tony’s letting you go, says you can come live with me if you want to.”

Bucky’s eyebrows shot up in surprise he had not been expecting that, “What? Really?”

“Yeah… if you want to we can go off to DC… but you probably won’t see Y/N again.”

“Well, like you said she’ll find somebody,” he tried to shrug and be nonchalant.

“Well… you could ask her now…before you leave. And if she says no, which I highly doubt she will, then you’re leaving anyway.”

“What if she says yes?”

“Well… I’ve been looking at places in Brooklyn,” Steve shrugged.

“Fine. What’s the worst that could happen.”

You sat tinkering with program you were looking at. It was the final piece for today’s inspiration. Tony was sitting in his chair again, tossing a ball in the air. He was being tolerable again, and for that you were grateful. You sighed, trying not to think about the fact that Bucky would surely leave and that would be it. Just as the thought began to pull at your heart strings there was a knock on the glass doors of the lab. Both you and Tony looked at the door, startled by the noise. It was Bucky, he looked as beautiful as always. He pointed at you and then curled his finger as if to say, “come here.” You got up and as you walked past Tony he hit you in the butt with a stack of papers.

“Hey, don’t chicken out. Tell him.”

“What? No,” you stopped looking back at him.

“Look at you. Look at yourself, you are gorgeous. Make your ego bigger than your ass.”

“Ha ha,” you rolled your eyes and continued out, “What’s up?” you asked being sure the door closed behind her.

“…Tony has finally decided to let me go off with Steve.”

“Yeah, you must be excited,” you said trying to muster up some kind of mirth to be in your tone. You knew you should be happy; this was going to make HIM happy. However, he didn’t look happy. He looked down at his hands then at you, his eyes tracing up the curves of your body, lingering where your waist pulled in, before they skipped up to meet your eyes.

“I just… I am…”


“But, if I leave, we’ll never hangout-”

“I’m sure I can find my way up to D.C. don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine, I want you to be happy.”

“Well that’s the thing. If I leave we’ll never hangout…and I’ll never know what would have come of us.”

“What do you mean?” you had a good feeling about what he meant but you didn’t want to get your hopes up. It would be foolish.

“I mean, that I have to know if…if we could go on a date. I think you’re everything I’ve ever looked for in a friend and a partner and I just… Would you want to go on a date with me?”

You were frozen, you had a feeling you knew what he meant to begin with but some part of you still didn’t expect him to ask, “Bucky, if I say yes what does it matter? If I say yes, you’ll go to D.C. so…”

“If you say yes…I’ll stick around.”

“And be miserable because Tony’s being an ass I don’t think so you’ll be happy in D.C. you should go.”

“I won’t be happy, knowing you would have said yes and I chose to go.”

“I assure you there are plenty of girls in D.C. you’ll be fine,” you grumbled.

“But none of those girls are you… besides I don’t have to stay here here. I can just stay in New York.” he looked at you, trying to predict your answer from reading your emotions as they flicker across your face.

“…Yes, Bucky. I would love to go on a date with you,” you said finally, trying to stifle the smile that’s coming to your lips.


“Yes! I like you alright? I want to go on a date with you.”

He grinned and pulled you into a tight hug, you can feel the excitement radiate off of him. It’s infectious and you can’t help smiling and laughing too.

“Jesus finally!” Tony groaned.

“Shut up Tony!” you yelled.

anonymous asked:

What sorts of powers do you think each court has? What things do you think each court wears?

I love this ask and I’ve been thinking so much about it because I’ve fallen in love with each court and I have so many things in mind and I know they wont show up in ACOWAR, but these are my thoughts. 


Night Court: I think the High Fae each have a small slither of some of Rhys’s powers, except his damaenti powers. I think his mind-controlling/reading is something special only meant for a High Lord and his Heirs. But I think the others can control darkness (to an extent) and maybe some of them can winnow (but only to a small degree) and maybe even some of them can mist small objects. But obviously Rhys is all-powerful. 

Spring Court: Either we don’t know much about Tamlin’s powers or I’ve somehow forgotten literally all of them but winnowing and shifting, but I think the Spring Court can control plants. I think some of them can make plants grow (or die) on command. They use them as weapons. The Spring Court doesnt have the best High Lord and we don’t know a lot about them but I think they’re a pretty cool court. 

Summer Court: I think the Summer Court has powers over water. Tarquin, having the High Lord’s power (however that works), he can creat tsunamis and rainstorms and thunderstorms and even lightning, and god I hope this is true because Tarquin is gonna DESTROY THE WORLD in ACOWAR (hopefully. I’d trust Tarquin to save my life, honestly). Some of the High Fae can control waves, some can summon water, some can summon lightning or thunder, some can create a storm, but only Tarquin can do it all. The Almighty Tarquin. 

Day Court: Helion, my mans (Tarquin is my first mans), he controls sun light. Straight up will burn your flesh off, can block out the sun/sun light. The sun is his …. well you get what I mean. The High Fae can control wind and sunlight, obviously not as well as Helion can. There’s a lot of sand, so at least someone can create a sand storm and I’m waiting for that day to come even if I have to write it MYSELF. 

Dawn Court: Unlike the other courts, their magic has nothing to do with their environment. I feel like they have healing magic, and the High Lord of the Dawn Court can either bring someone back from the brink of death, and push them over. I think his power is very tricky. I also feel like magical healing blood makes sense for them as well.

Autumn Court: Fire. Fire. And more fire. I feel like Lucien can control hellfire/hell itself. It’s obviously just a head canon and I have no proof to back it up, but its a pretty cool concept. Well I think it would be cool. But basically fire magic coming from their hands, their ears (lol, idk), their mouths (shout out to Dragos), anywhere, really. Did I mention fire? Someone in that Court is a human fire-ball. I know it. 

Winter Court: Ice. Ice. Elsa called, she’s at the Winter Court. Kallias, my little button, snowflake son, can freeze someone from the inside out. I think it’s an amazing torture technique. He can slow down the heart rate, freeze your blood, turn you into a snowman, the usual. I think (just like the Day Court) someone can create a ice storm. Someone can also create one of the worst blizzards that it could destroy Prythian, quote me on that, if will happen even if I have to WRITE IT MYSELF (the sequel from the Day Court)


Night Court: Ugh. God. I love their clothes, the Fae in the Court of Nightmares always dress up, because they like to feel important. The females always wear low cut dresses, which long thigh gaps, and probably chokers and jewelry (the amount depending on what works with the outfit) and its a lot of blues, purples, reds, and of course black. The males wear nice crisp button up or tie-up shirts, the same colors, and expensive trousers and they’re all incredibly good looking. Where as the Fae in Velaris, I picture them in simple short sleeves shirts and loose trousers, most likely creams, whites, beiges, greys, and some color here and there if they want it. 

Spring Court: I’m not that into Spring Court clothes because it just isn’t my style. But I think the females wear light colored blouses, most, if not all of them, are sheer. (Light pinks and blues and yellows and oranges). They also wear shorts and thin trousers. Or they wear lacy, frilly dresses, most of them short, some of them long and thin. Most of them short-sleeves or no sleeves. The males wear simple white tie-up shirts and trousers, maybe some light blues and greens here and there. 

Summer Court: MY PEOPLES. MY MANS AND WOMANS. I love their attire (that I made up). I think the females wear a lot of sundresses. In my mind everyone in the Summer Court is super tall, so long dresses look so good on the females. Most of the dresses are white, with beige belts around the mid section (some of the dresses are two-pieces). The dress style is basic thin straps, with maybe different wrap-arounds to cover their shoulders from the sun. Also different shades of blue (maybe some gold) for their dresses and white/beige sandals. The males wear open-chested white/blue/gold tunics and simple trousers. Open-chested meaning they have ties but they leave them open. They also wear sandals. Some body jewelry. 

Day Court: Since I head canon the Day Court is like 95% sand, they wear headpieces. Male and female alike wear skin-made head wraps to block out the sun and the sand. The females (in the Day Court palace, or whatever) wear golden and bronze dresses that leave their midriff open. And body paint using silver and gold. Earrings, lots of body jewelry, and everything like that. Where as the males in the Day Court palace-type-thing just wear trousers. Day Court is the hottest Court so the Fae probably dress in the least amount of fabric as possible. White and gold trousers, possibly silver. Also lots of body paint and body jewelry. Where as the males and females who live out in the sand wear a lot more clothes. They cover all their skin to prevent sun or sand burn, but you can’t avoid sand forever. It gets to them at some point. They also have body paint and body jewelry, but less of it. 

Dawn Court: I get the Indian-vibe from them and this is canon until SJM writes that its not. No. Scratch that. To me, this will always be canon. So they were Indian inspired clothes. Lots of soft pinks and oranges and golds (other colors such as red, blue, orange, purple, etc. as well, just not as common). Nose rings and earrings. The High Fae obviously have more expensive clothes and garments, but everyone is pretty well dressed. It’s a very happy court I don’t care what you say it’s a very happy, peaceful court.

Autumn Court: Leather. Leather. Leather. So. Much. Leather. Mostly browns and black, but some times they dye their leather blood-red or orange. Leather corsets, leather pants, leather jackets, leather shirts, leather jackets, leather dresses. Lots and lots of leather. Also leather boots too, they somehow make it work. These males and females are leather freaks. But they look really good. And the High Fae have fur overcoats that hang off their shoulders. Some have fur capes. Did I mention cool finger-less leather gloves? Because they have those too. 

Winter Court: The Autumn Court is obsessed with leather, these guys are obsessed with fur. Fur dresses, fur courts, fur skirts, fur shirts, fur pants, fur jackets, fur over coats, fur gloves and mittens, fur hats. The High Fae in the Winter Palace tend to wear less layers, because it isn’t as cold or they’re just pretentious idiots who need to look good. The females wear simple, flowing, white dresses. Probably some sheer blue or grey top-layer to add a sparkly effect so it looks like the ice. The males wear white as well, tunic and trousers, same as always. But they wear fur sometimes to be extra. Ice head pieces as well. 

I hope that anyone who read this was entertained and maybe it motivated you to write more about the courts. 

Good morning, gorgeous!

Towel in one hand, water bottle in the other, Shawn leaves the gym of his L.A. mansion and steps into the hallway after his early morning workout.

A delicious smell lingers in the air, coming from the kitchen and he leaves his towel and his sweaty Adidas shirt in the laundry basket in one of the bathrooms. Stepping into the huge kitchen, he lays eyes on his girlfriend, standing at the stove, making pancakes, wearing hot pants and an oversized grey Metallica t-shirt on that hot July morning in the kitchen of their L.A. mansion they have rented out for the summer. He still feels amazed and overwhelmed by his luck. 

He could never have imagined to feel so deeply for someone as he feels for Kate. His love for her was all-consuming and so strong that he couldn’t put it into words. It was inexplicable. His world revolved around her, he would plan his schedules around hers, wanting to spend as much time with her as possible. He couldn’t understand his friends that were breaking up with their girlfriends just because they “got bored” or have been “dating for too long”. 

Losing Kate was actually one of his biggest fears. He sometimes dreamed about her breaking up with him and he would wake up, heart racing in his chest, sweat on his forehead, slowly calming down after seeing her lying next to him, peacefully asleep. 

She hasn’t noticed him yet, as she is humming a random song, while closing the refrigerator and looking for something in the cupboard, standing on her tippy-toes. He glances at her from a distance. Wavy blonde hair, lean, long legs and svelte frame. Her body was so incredibly hot that he still couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact that she was his. But even more than her body he loved her personality. He loved how classy she was and that she was so kind and honest and the most genuine and humble person he knew, taking his breath away whenever she looked at him with her big blue eyes. 

He loved that they could talk about everything. He loved their hour-long deep conversations and small talk. He loved to make her laugh and her sense of humor. He loved that he knew everything about her and she about him. He knew her favorite dish (French fries and Brazilian picanha), her favorite color (blue), her favorite restaurants in L.A., London and New York (Gracias Madre, Sketch and Cipriani Downtown), her pet peeves (hypocrites) and biggest turn-ons (neck kisses!)
Being in a relationship with her was actually a dream coming true and he has to smile, as she is humming the chorus of Justin Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me”

“Good morning, baby,” he murmurs into Kate’s ear, while wrapping his arms around her waist.
Shawn finds it very sexy how she is looking focused at the pan in her hand, biting her full under lip as she flips the pancake around. But then he finds her sexy doing whatever she does, so that was nothing new.
“Good morning, darling,” she replies with a smile, “are you hungry?”
“I’m always hungry,” he replies, pulling her closer, taking in her scent and kissing her shoulder. “These pancakes smell amazing”
She glances at him. He is shirtless, wearing his Adidas shorts and trainers, looking very attractive with his reddish cheeks and lips, perfect pearly-white teeth and tousled hair.
“Have you been working out?”
“Yup,” he replies. “Early morning workouts are the best”
“You should have woken me up! I would have worked out with you!” she exclaims, pouting at him.
“I didn’t want to wake you up. You were so fast asleep and I thought you should get some rest after that night,” he grins at her and she bites her lip, shaking her head. „I really loved your special treatment last night. Amazing way to congratulate me on my award,“ he goes on, playing with her long blonde hair.
„Yeah, you did let me know that you enjoyed it,“ she smiles at him, caressing his cheek. “I am still so proud of you, baby. Where’s your Grammy, actually?” Kate asks.

“In the living room where I left it last night. It still feels so unreal”
“Yeah, last night was truly magical”
She lets the pancakes fall on a plate, handing them to him: “Voilá!”
“Thanks, wifey,” he winks at her.
She scrunches her nose: “Ugh, don’t call me that”
“But you are wifey material, though, I swear!”
He kisses her gently, pulling her close to him, hands on her hips, putting the plate on the kitchen counter.
“We should eat those before they get cold,” Kate remarks.
“Yeah, just one more kiss,” he whispers and presses his lips on hers.
“As if we haven’t been kissing the whole night,” Kate replies, smiling at him, inbetween soft kisses.
“I just can’t get enough,” he replies, sliding his hands under her grey shirt, making her shudder. He pins her against the kitchen counter, pressing himself against her. He loves how she feels against him and the way she looks up at him, her blue eyes gazing at his brown ones adoringly.

“Shawn,” she pants, as his hands wander down her waist to her hips down to her butt.
“You shouldn’t wear these hot pants around me, baby,” he whispers into her ear, gently kissing her neck. “It drives me crazy”
“And you should put a shirt on”
He raises his eyebrows at her: “Am I bothering you?”
“No! I mean yes um… I mean…,” she rambles, her cheeks turning red. Even though they have been dating for about half a year now, she would still get a little bit nervous around him. Especially when he was shirtless, showing off his broad chest and ripped abs, gym shorts hanging low on his hips, exposing his defined v line. She could feel her body react to him as her nipples harden instantly.

He bites his lip as soon as he notices them under the thin fabric of her shirt as she isn’t wearing a bra underneath.
“Fuck, Kate, you’re too hot,” he pants, grabbing her butt, pressing her against him. „See, that’s what you do to me,“ she can feel his erection against her abdomen and she’s starting to feel hot.
“We really should eat our breakfast, you’ll have to leave for the studio soon,” she gasps.
He sighs: “I know… what are your plans for today?” he asks, as he reluctantly pulls back.
“It’s my day off, I’ll probably just chill by the pool, answering some E Mails,” she replies, as their arousal is slowly fading away.
“Then you’re working anyway! You really should relax, sweetie, you’re always working so hard”
“I wouldn’t call it working when I have a bikini on, laying on a sun bed, though”
“Hmm I like that bikini concept,” he smirks at her.
“I might wear the black one, your favorite, or…,” she bats her eyelashes at him, gently tracing his abs with her fingertips, „no bikini at all“
“Good lord, Kate, you do realize that this is torture, right?” he says under his breath, looking down on her, his hazel eyes turning into a darker shade of brown.
“Then don’t leave! Camila can record her album alone,” Kate says, taking the plate and putting it on the table next to the avocado toasts and the can of orange juice.

„But I promised her! And we’ll have to work a lot on that new album. We’ve just started and we have so many ideas! I’m not going to let her down like that, you know me,“ he replies.
„Okay then, I’ll just chill by the pool all by myself in my tiny black bikini…,“ she shrugs innocently, pouring coffee into her mug.
He shakes his head, grinning at her: „Stop teasing me like that. I’m going to make up for it later,“ he says, licking his lip.
„Uh, someone’s feeling confident, huh?“ Kate replies and takes a bite from her pancake.
He chuckles: „Oh come on, I bet you can’t wait for me to come home to you“
„Hey, you’re not the only thing that’s on my mind, Mr. Cocky“ Okay, that was a lie. He actually was the only thing on her mind but he didn’t have to know that, right?
„There are some casting agents I’ll have to get back to“
He rolls her eyes at her: „Okay, whatever, Miss Victoria’s Secret“
He takes a huge bite of his pancake, making Kate grin at him: „Whoa, slow down. That pancake isn’t going anywhere“
„These are so good!“ he mumbles, sinking his teeth into the soft dough.
„We should order pizza later, what do you think?“
She laughs: „Only you could think about dinner during breakfast! But yeah, I’m down“
„Cool,“ he grins at her, taking a sip of orange juice.
„Pancakes in the morning, pizza in the evening… thank God, I don’t have a photoshoot in my underwear coming up!“ she remarks.
Shawn chuckles and takes another huge bite, finishing his pancake. „Okay, I gotta go take a shower and leave. I’m going to stay late at the studio but I can’t wait to see you tonight, baby,“ he leans over and takes her hand, pressing it against his lips.
„Can’t wait, either,“ she replies smiling.

He gets up, taking one last sip from his orange juice and goes upstairs.

A Little Bit of Jealousy

Hi guys! This is completely random and short. Hope you enjoy! 

Plot: Hardly anything upsets Y/N as much as when her Harry is being hit on.

Warnings: None, it’s pure fluff. 

The picture of this stunning man smiling wasn’t taken by me.

“Ugh I can’t believe she did that!” 

My fingers shook in anger and the blood flowing through my veins felt as if it was on fire. The skin of my arms was covered in a shiver and I itched to slap someone. Hard. Preferably her, so that stupid grin she had flashed me would fall right off and to her feet. 
I should have known she would make a move. She’d been eyeing him from the moment he’d set foot into the club, her orbs trailing over his body as if he were a piece of meat and I could have sworn she had even licked her lips.
Of course I knew Harry was hot. It was a fact impossible to ignore, but so was me holding his hand tightly and him kissing my cheek every ten minutes.
We were a team. 
I let my keys fall into the small bowl we kept by the door, the small objects making a loud clinking noise, before I continued on stomping into our living room where I kicked off my shoes. Harry followed me through the door and shut it behind himself quietly, his concerned gaze never leaving my frame. 

He couldn’t remember a time where he’d seen me quite as mad as I was right now and though the reason for my displeasure upset him just the same, he couldn’t help but smile a little. Firstly he was relieved my anger wasn’t addressed to him as he hated it when we fought about something, and secondly Harry found himself incapable to ignore the small crease between my brows. He’d admit to me later that said crease would always make him want to make up again, as it was difficult for him to refrain from kissing it.

“I mean,” I began, my voice filled with venom and still not facing him, “she knew I was there, by your side! She has even said “Hi” to me only an hour earlier and then she goes off and does that!” 

My foot knocked away the shoes I had discarded angrily and I groaned in frustration.

“Love, calm down,” Harry spoke gently, stepping closer and sighing when I flinched away from the hand he tried to touch me with. 

My trembling fingers pulled at the sleeves of my coat and I released an angry cry when I couldn’t get the fabric off of me. Harry’s wide eyes looked at me with soft worry, waiting for my consent before he hesitantly reached out to aid me. Once the coat was off, my jewelry followed. I threw the earrings onto our coffee table along with my necklace and the rings decorating my fingers, all except for one. 

“She did this on purpose, Harry,” I accused, looking at him for confirmation, “I told you she had no respect for our relationship and there you go! She wanted to provoke me!”

His pink lips were set into a thin line and he stayed silent, knowing that I would probably jump his throat if he spoke any word for her defense. Harry instead bit his lower lip and eyed me with a gentle gaze. Though I loved his patient nature any other time, right now I wanted for him to jump up and join me in my rage. I wanted him to show a sign, any sign, that he cared, too. His soft curls fell over his forehead and he clenched his hands, resisting the urge to laugh and pull me into his body. 

There was something about me being angry he found endearing. He liked how my cheeks flushed because then, they glowed. He enjoyed to see how wide and sparkly my eyes got, ‘cause only then could he see all the different colors in them. He even liked to hear my voice grow louder, though he had learned during our first months of dating that telling me I was cute when I was angry, only prolonged the argument. Still, he didn’t want me to get too worked up.

“Baby,” Harry hummed soothingly, “it’s alright.” 

“Nothing is alright! She tried to kiss you, good damn it!” 

I stared at him in disbelief. My throat was tight and my eyes shone with fury. How could he stay so calm? I could have burst in anger and it only worsened as Harry appeared to not understand why it was that I had got so mad. In fact, that cheeky bastard was grinning.
His green orbs were shining with wit and cheekiness and a smile stretched over his lips so wide both dimples appeared. Was he actually enjoying this?
My eyes narrowed. 

“Are you seriously okay with this?” 

Harry rolled his eyes. “Of course not.”

“Well it sure sounds like you are!” 

I stared at him and Harry visibly shrunk back a little, realizing only now how truly upset I seemed to be. Yet, he didn’t quite know how to deal with me, how to calm me down. Because in his eyes, nothing happened. 
He had pushed her back when she’d tried to lean in. Though firm, but still gentle, Harry had loosened the grip she’d taken on the collar of his jacket and had taken a step back, telling her that he didn’t desire her touch. 
He hadn’t done anything wrong and hadn’t let anything happen, I’d seen it.
Still, I couldn’t get the image of her close to him out of my head. It tortured me and hurt my head, as it was basically the manifestation of all I feared since the moment I had fallen in love with him. And that he was okay with it, hurt me too.

“S’not true and you know it,” Harry argued. 

“Whatever, Harry.”

My shoulder knocked into his arm when I walked passed him and to the stairs. It was when I reached the door to our bedroom that I heard him follow me and I made a point at leaving the door open upon entering, to let him know that I didn’t want him to sleep on the couch, regardless of tonight’s events. 
Without saying anything, Harry stepped closer to where I stood and began to pull at the zipper of my dress. I shivered when it fell to the floor and pooled around my feet. I mumbled a thanks and went to hang the dress into our wardrobe, but was stopped by two arms wrapping around my waist tightly. 
I sighed. 
Harry’s chin pressed against my jaw before lowering to my shoulder. His lips kissed my skin, coaxing a small sigh from me and he smiled. 

“You know I don’t want her,” Harry whispered, “Couldn’t want anyone, only you. Always.” 

Another kiss followed his gentle words and I could already feel the anger drain from my veins. 

“I know,” I admitted reluctantly. 

He hummed and squeezed me. My own hands found his wrists and I grasped them in need to hold on to something.
He’d stepped back and out of her reach, I reminded myself. Harry had come straight to me and kissed me, making sure she could see. 

“Snogged you to make a point,” he continued into my ear with a laugh, “let you mark my neck for anyone to see. Her included.”

I gasped when he turned his head and into my neck and began to suckle on the skin of my neck, similar to how I had done to him. 
My fingers dug into his wrists. 

“You’re so pretty,” Harry complimented, a kiss to my cheek followed, “the prettiest, actually.” 

“Prettier than her?” I asked quietly, surprised by the insecurity in my tone. 

Harry could hear it too and chuckled, not in a mocking way though. “Of course, darling. Lovelier in any way possible.”

“I hate when someone makes a move on you,” I complained, “especially since she was well aware that you and I are engaged.” 

“Yeah, well. A face like mine can be a blessing as well as a curse.” 

“Oh shut up.” I rolled my eyes, but struggled to keep the smile from forming. 

Sensing the change in my mood, Harry squeezed me once more and let go. Reluctantly I turned around to face him, becoming aware of my lack of clothing when I noticed his eyes dart down for a moment. He quickly locked eyes with me again and smiled warmly. 

“I love you,” he spoke. 

“I love you too, Harry,” I replied without hesitation, “but-”

I was silenced with a kiss and my eyes fell shut instantly at the sensation of his warm mouth on mine. He groaned and kissed me deeper and I whined when his arms circled my waist, bringing my body into his. 

“She doesn’t matter,” Harry breathed against my lips, “No one does. S’only you, Y/N. I promise you needn’t worry. Ever.”

Hope you liked this little blurb. It came completely spontaneously and hasn’t been looked over, so I apologize for any mistakes. 

Rest of what I wrote can be found here:

Darkness is your friend now ( part Seven )

I am incredibly sorry for delay in this chapter of Darkness is your friend now. 

I’ll be real with you guys, I just lost interest with this up until this point of my life which is 5/17/16 at 5:19 am and I got the biggest inspiration to continue this.

 I hope you guys find this story still enjoyable. Enjoy!! 

Song(s) I am listening to while writing this: Henrietta, Creeping Up The Backstairs by The Fratellis and Limelight By Boy in a band Feat. Cryaotic

(Y/N)= Your Name

(E/C)= Eye Color

(H/C)= Hair Color

(S/J)= Side Job ( Like an artist, voice actor, music composer ect. )

(J)= Job


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hunger - chapter 18

Hunger master post. 

Six years ago

Everything burns. Peter Hale has no idea how he got out of the house. He was running on panic and instinct, and it pushed him far enough to make it to the creek that winds through the Preserve a little way from the house. The water is ice cold, but Peter still burns.

He lies there and waits to die.

It is night, and then day, and then night again.

Rescue doesn’t come. Neither does death.

He lies there, clothes and hair and skin burned from him. The cold water laps around him, and still he burns.

Maybe that’s why he doesn’t feel it at first: the alpha spark. It burns too, in a different way. It burns like a flame deep inside his core.

Laura, he thinks, because he saw Talia die, and the spark should have gone to Laura then. And now? Is there anyone left at all if it’s come to Peter? He can’t feel his pack, but how much of that is because he is in agony, unable to reach beyond his own pain?

He’s burning.

It’s the hunters who find him. The Argents. When Kate raises her gun to shoot him, Peter can’t even flinch.

His eyes flash red.


A mistake.

“Wait,” Gerard says, and puts his hand out to push Kate’s firearm down. His mouth twists into a grotesque smile. “An alpha.”

Peter very much wishes he died in that creek.


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Dauntless: Jealous Much?

Eric x OC

Warnings: Language, Violence, Smut

A/N: I couldn’t help myself, I had to write a chapter about Eric being jealous over Camille. This has nothing to do with the main fic I’ve actually been finished with it for a while, which is why I couldn’t fit this chapter in anywhere without changing like ten different updates to accommodate. So, this has nothing to do with the main storyline, this is just a side chapter to make me (and a anon) get our jealous fix in. I really like writing about this series, so I couldn’t help but add another chapter, I feel like it ended too early for me and my writer flow. Enjoy!

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Sith Society

Society and Culture Headcanons~

I’m sure most of us know the gist of Sith society and culture thanks to Wookieepedia. Brutal, war mongering, xenophobic people with a strict caste system… all that good stuff lol.

But here are just some of my headcanons on the past (pre exiles landing on Korriban) and present day Sith. (and by “present day” I mean SWTOR time).

Putting it under a ‘read more’ cause it got long lol. Read the Bio one here!

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保護者, 紅雀, 獣  (Protector, Red Sparrow, Beast)

Here is Koujaku’s quilt!  I’m really happy with how his quilt turned out, and I had a ton of fun picking fabric for it!  I designed Koujaku’s quilt with three blocks using the Snail Trail block pattern (it was supposed to represent his peony tattoo but oh well): one to represent his route within the game, and one each for his good and bad endings.  I intentionally picked fabrics so that each block would get progressively darker, because each end of the quilt is such an extreme.  All of the fabrics in this quilt are Asian-themed fabrics by Robert Kauffman, Red Rooster, Kona, and Timeless Treasures, except for the scissor-print in the back (it’s a Moda, which I’ll get to!).  I tried to stick with more traditional-looking fabrics, without going too modern because a. Koujaku is very traditional and b. he’s an old man! (sorry Koujaku, I say that with love! ^_^) The name of this quilt is written in Japanese Kanji on the front lower right corner of each block.  Before I really start rambling, I’ll start with the center block, as it’s really the focal point of the quilt. 

This block represents Koujaku’s main route in the game.  The Japanese Kanji written on this block is Koujaku’s name, which means “red sparrow”.  I used a mixture of light and darkish fabrics, because of Koujaku’s happiness at seeing Aoba again, but throughout his route having to face his tortured past and those responsible. I’m especially proud of the gold-print fabric and the bird-print fabric I found.  The gold print fabric is supposed to mirror the belt that Koujaku wears around his waist, and upon seeing the bird fabric I immediately thought “BENI!”. Also, you’ll notice that within this block, there are two fabrics used that are also used in the “good end” block, the prints are exactly the same, just the colors are different :D Now, depending on the choices you make for Aoba in Koujaku’s route, you end up with either: 

Koujaku’s good ending: I chose the name “protector” for this block because of how much Aoba means to Koujaku.  After Aoba saves Koujaku from the tattoos completely controlling him, Koujaku finally opens up to Aoba and he can begin to move forward.  As they build their life together, Koujaku will be fiercely protective of Aoba, and Aoba will be there every time Koujaku begins to doubt his worth as a human being because of his past, no longer having to suffer alone.  I wanted no darkness in this block, only bright and colorful fabrics, because Koujaku finally, for the first time in several years, has a real chance to find happiness and peace.  

Unless of course you’re like me and find BeastJaku incredibly sexy so you prefer: 

Koujaku’s bad ending: I immediately knew I wanted this block to be devoid of any brightness or happiness, because unfortunately both Aoba and Koujaku lose themselves in this ending, and both suffer (though Shiroba might believe otherwise).  However, when I saw the cherry-blossom print, I thought it fit oddly well with the rest of this block’s fabrics, even though it shines because of the gold.  In a way, this can kind of be interpreted as being fabric for Shiroba, because he loves this version of Koujaku.  The black and grey fabric is a Kona and the print is called “Good Fortune”, which I thought was a delightfully cruel twist for this block, as Koujaku’s bad ending is anything but good fortune.  To finish it off, I splattered red paint all over the block, as it tends to get a bit bloody in BeastJaku’s cell.  I gave serious thought to taking my scissors and actually carving a little bit into the block to make it look as if BeastJaku himself sliced into it , but I didn’t want to weaken the integrity of the stitches.

Finally, when I saw the Moda scissor-print, I immediately knew this was going to be the back fabric for this quilt!  Koujaku works as a hairdresser, so I thought this would complete the quilt nicely.  I know the scissors printed on the back are craft scissors and not hairdresser’s shears, but I still think it works, hehe!

This quilt has simple quilting lines, with one line going through each of the black strips surrounding the three blocks, again symbolizing the choice the player has to make throughout the game.  

I bought a ton of fabric to make this quilt, so I’m offering this one for sale! :D It measures 52.25 inches long by 18.25 inches wide (or 132.7 cm x 46.4 cm) If you would like to purchase this quilt, please send me a message.  

I would like to give a huge thanks to @lintmaster1989 for letting me pester her with progress pics of this quilt, in addition to helping me name it!  Also a huge thank you to @impulsive-temper, I used this beautiful fan art of yours to help with the color palette for each of the blocks.  Finally, I want to thank everybody in the DMMD fandom for liking and reblogging all my progress pictures of this quilt!  I really appreciate it!!!  

One more thing:  This is a super interesting post about Koujaku’s peony tattoo and it’s real-life application to Japanese yakuza.  Thank you @ayuuria for this awesome read!  It really helped me when designing this quilt!  

Unfinished Business Part 21


Genre: action, fluff, angst, strong language, +18 content, gang material,

Read to find out who the reader will end up with. There will be several chapters of this so I hope you’re ready to die and anticipate many things. <3 love youuuu (don’t hate me)

Word count:1330



Little do you know. How I’m breaking when you fall asleep. Little do you know. I’m still haunted by the memories. Little do you know. I’m trying to pick myself up piece by piece…



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Rules | Answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you’d like to get to know better!

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Name: I don’t want to put my actual name, but Jinnu works

Nicknames: Hmmm, there are a few, but Jinnu is the one my family and close friends use

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Height: 5′3″;;

Orientation: Straight

Nationality: American

Favourite fruit: Starfruit

Favourite season: FALL bc it’s the best obviously

Favourite book: Ugh no, there are so many… Definitely Harry Potter but I have so many other series that I adore, like The Infernal Devices

Favourite flower: Hmmm, I really like bluebells, but I also love lavender

Favourite scent: Lots, but the smell of cooking sugar or baking chocolate chip cookies are two of my favorites

Favourite color: Black

Favourite animal: Egyptian Mau’s are gorgeous

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: TEA

Average sleep hours: Around 5 to 6 unless I decide to torture myself and be sleep-deprived by getting less than that

Cat or dog person: Both

Favourite fictional character: Agh, again, there are too many, but I’ll say Sugawara Koushi<3

Number of blankets you sleep with: A couple in the winter but only one in the summer

Dream trip: New York City or Japan

Blog created: *le gasp* It’s been 4 years?? April 2013

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He loves “me”, He loves me not...right?

Summary: With new confidence in herself, Marinette promises to put more effort into her performance. However, she recalls last night’s rendezvous with a certain cat. But one moment that she was “semi-awake” for leaves her confused about her feelings as that cat returns briefly with a gift for her.

Word Count: 2,957

Shippings: ChatMari, LadyNoir

Major Characters: Chat Noir, Marinette

Minor Characters: All of their classmates who I don’t want to list because I’m lazy

Perspective: Marinette

Info: Craptastic summary right not to mention its not as long as the other fanfic? So this in NOT the prologue of the crossover chapter with Young Justice. However it used to be part of that piece until I felt the need to separate them as it just did not click. So this is Marinette’s  point of view of Adrien/ Chat Noir’s two chapters. Pretty much it’s a recap. But I added a little extra in there with Chat leaving Marinette gifts. However, this fanfic leads straight into my crossover so stay tuned for that!

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It’s a Love/Hate Thing

Jungkook Scenario/Imagine

Genre: School Fluff

Blurb: Jungkook continuously annoys you during school with his non stop flirting, jerky actions and incessant teasing. You don’t reciprocate any of it and always blow him off. Does he do this because he he truly doesn’t like you? Or is it because of something more…?

Word Count: 1,787

Reader x Jungkook

Part 1  Part 2

A/N: This was inspired by the drama called Sassy Go Go. It’s a good drama man.


“Ugh!” you exclaim out loud in aggravation as you look at the mess in front of you. “Aish, he’s so annoying!”

You kick the ball in front of you hard to where it bounces off the opposite wall. You smooth back your hair and take in a deep breathe in order to try and calm down.

You were currently in gym class right now. You were in charge of putting all of the equipment away due to the fact that you lost the rock paper scissors game that determined who was going to clean up. While you had finally gathered all of the balls and placed them in a basket, that arrogant jerk named Jungkook was walking back to the locker room but stopped in order to shove the basket out of your hands which caused the current mess in front of you.

“He’s not even worth it Y/N. Don’t get mad,” you whispered quietly as you began to clean up once more.

Jungkook was someone that never failed to get on your nerves. You had met him last year in your Sophomore year and ever since, he has made your life more complicated than it should be. Whether it be snarky comments, his incessant flirting, how he always seems to be right, or things like this that just happened, he was always there to make your good days turn bad.

Jungkook was also extremely arrogant and was not discreet about his flirting that you never took seriously. On the other hand, you acknowledged how good looking he was. He had a reason to be so confident, but you hated how that turned into arrogance. With his midnight raven colored hair, dark eyes and charming grin, it’s no wonder there were girls pining after him. He never pursued any of them though.

Not that you cared.

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Unfinished Business Part 15


Genre: action, fluff, angst, strong language, +18 content, gang material,

Read to find out who the reader will end up with. There will be several chapters of this so I hope you’re ready to die and anticipate many things.

Word count:2458


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I feel a rant coming on.

A rant about superhero pairings.

I just hate when the sassy girl doesn’t notice that this really amazing guy friend is into her because she’s too absorbed in this mysterious hero in a mask who kinda stalks her. Like. That’s the traditional interpretation of lois and Clark but bleeeh. And it makes me sad to see westallen doing the same thing. DC ships are NEVER the right one. Uuuugh.

I don’t care about comicbook canon. I care about compatiblity and chemistry.

The girl must know and love the boy behind the hero before she knows about the mask.

That’s what I love about Lana Lang. She loved Clark for his flannel puppyish self. And they both have this intensly passionate personality which compliments each other. They see darkness and light and go through times of both and ultimately choose light. They’re each emotionally vulnerable and so protective.

Clark and lois met under strange circumstances to say the least. After that, Lois just presented herself as comic relief at best. She was pushy and rude and hailed as a strong woman after dealing with a third of what Lana dealt with IN HIGHSCHOOL. Neither she nor Clark ever seemed to really like each other. If anything bro/sis rivalry with a touch of disgust and contempt. In later seasons she only became slightly interested in Clark when no one else was around and when the BLUR showed up she was so obsessed and ugh. I hate that hero worship thing. Like, if you loved Clark for his heart why did you only realize after you found out about his powers?

What I dislike about westallen is that iris is kinda bland and. I mean she’s okay, but I don’t see any chemistry. Idk. And then this thing with the flash is all sorts of creepy. If my practically-a-brother friend liked me but I likes a stranger in a mask ans then later found out my friend was lying to me while also flirting with me underneath a mask, I would be mad. And if I were in Barry’s place, I would feel just as bad knowing that she doesn’t just like normal-Barry.

What I love about Barricity is how in sync they are. They enjoy the same things, speak the same language, think the same way. They have a quirky but lovable personality, full of color and sunshine. But they also have a sad backstory which hasn’t changed their optimistic outlook.

What I don’t like about romantic-olicity is that he’s so serious and she’s so fluffy. It doesn’t mix well. I guess I don’t strictly find brains and brawn a sweet combo. They don’t really have any similiar personalies. I get that she is a source of light for him. And if they had anything in common, I would be cool with it. But I feel like Felicity likes him because he’s a tortured soul with great abs.

Oliver in general lost a lot of respect with any girls cause he treats them all like they’re special so they’re not really. But for Laurel’s sake, I like that she knew him before and after the island. I like that they both have a serious attitude and they both know what it’s like to lose a piece of yourself. I like that Laurel’s interaction with the Arrow never really became about romance. I like that they still know and care about each other. I like that they are learning to work together.