ugh get ready for heartbreak


If you’d just done what I said without asking questions,
I would have told you the truth.
But I never thought you’d tell me that!


REINETTE: In saving me, you trapped yourself. Did you know that would happen?
THE DOCTOR: Mm. Pretty much.
REINETTE: Yet, still you came.
THE DOCTOR: Yeah, I did, didn’t I? (he smiles) Catch me doing that again.
REINETTE: There were many doors between my world and yours. Can you not use one of the others?
THE DOCTOR: When the mirror broke, the shock will have severed all the links with the ship. There’ll be a few more broken mirrors and torn tapestries around here, I’m afraid. Wherever there was a time window. I’ll– I’ll, er… pay for any damage.
(Reinette laughs)
THE DOCTOR: Um… oh, that’s a thought, I’m gonna need money. I was always a bit vague about money. Where do you get money?
REINETTE: So, here you are. My lonely angel. Stuck on the slow path, with me.
THE DOCTOR: Yep. The slow path. (He grins and holds up his glass) Here’s to the slow path.

Doctor Who 2.04 - The Girl in the Fireplace