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Summary: Early Morning Conversation with Jay

Pairings: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: swear words down there in tagging because what the hell with it

a/n: took a small break from request.. BECAUSE I’M GONNA GO INSANEE.. or maybe i already am wtf wait- ANYWAYSS sorry to those who sent in request, because i’m trying not to do anything too anxiety inducing or thought provoking.


The sun was peeking out the dark sky. A calm and cool breeze hit Jason’s face, giving a sense of comfort and an actual moment to relax. It was only fitting for an early morning that was if you considered sunrise early. In the case of the Jason Todd, he was growing only more restless over the days of his duty as the Red Hood . It was good yet bad like all things. He fought through the whole night for justice making the lives of many so much better, but it hurt numerous times, may it be physical or emotional.

He sat on the edge of the building still feeling that strong wave of comfort. It was tiring, but changed the lives of many. A sudden voice which to be coming from below him broke his train of thought. His eyes were furrowed and looked down for the origin of the voice. He saw a young woman with (h/c) hair flowing in the wind on a balcony. She looked deep in thought as well.

“Today it going to be a horrible day…” You trailed off slightly laughing at the end. You sometimes life in Gotham, it was full of tribulations and revelations. Your day could go easily horrible by a sudden turn caused by many of the crime lords residing in the hate ridden city.

Jason being the awkward yet cocky individual took it upon himself to respond.

“Yeah? Expect it from a city whose best hope doesn’t even want to kill his greatest enemy.” He sighed for what seemed like the hundredth time. You raised an eyebrow at your newfound ‘acquaintance’.

“It truly is frightening to go against, Red Hood. I don’t understand how you do it.” You replied giggling a small bit. You hadn’t even looked up but that attitude and opinion was something you predicted from such a Hero. You averted your attention up to see him. Realizing his mysterious atmosphere was gone, he just jumped down to see you. You were both face to face or rather you looking up at him, because he was damn tall and he was still looking down at you.

He looked rather menacing, but you knew that you caught his in an oblivious state.

“It’s a hassle, but I promise to protect you from them.” He replied awkwardly. He rubbed the back.of his head, somewhat embarrassed from his demise. He sounded too cute and pure. You smiled at his innocent solution even though you knew his violence levels.

He was quite charming and proved to be a good-intentioned person. He reassured you of your safety so that was something, but you quickly brought back into your dark thoughts.

You can’t save everyone.” You whispered, your voice barely audible.

“You should go, save others who truly deserve it, including yourself. Don’t waste your time talking me. I know you’re going to do great things.” Your voice cracked, you nudged him gesturing at the city. He frowned looking back at you.

“This conversatio-”

“Isn’t over.”

He smiled and grappled off the next building. You watched him go off like the sunrise and it was the last you would see of him and the last he would see of you.

This girl is in serious need of more love. In and out of universe. Like she doesn’t even have her own group of friends like a lot of the other characters in the series. I find that so sad.

Do not edit/use/repost without my permission

The 2Ps and hugs
  • 2P!America: ugh no I don't do hugs *5 seconds later* ....aagh fINE,, get in here dammit *pouty face and weakly holds out arms*
  • 2P!China: very affectionate and very touchy, if you try to pull away from him before he's done hugging you then he'll just sQUeeze you tiGHTER
  • 2P!England: also very affectionate, but his hugs are usually short and sweet, often with a chaste kiss to your cheek
  • 2P!France: doesn't do hugs, might just carelessly ruffle your hair
  • 2P!Russia: doesn't do hugs either, will instead give you an awkward shoulder pat
  • 2P!Italy: refuses to hug guys, but will totally embrace girls, usually very long, lingering, and touchy-feely hugs, might comment on your perfume if he likes it
  • 2P!Japan: doesn't hug people, ever, but if you hug him, he might just stand there with an annoyed expression, but won't bother to push you away
  • 2P!Canada: sIGHS
  • 2P!Romano: dainty hugs, usually with soft kisses on both of your cheeks
  • 2P!Austria: *sings flippantly* embrace me! *patiently holds out arms*
  • 2P!Prussia: y-you want to hug me...? *blushblushblush*
Something More - Theo Raeken

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Summary: Theo and Y/n are fwb, the pack has no acknowledgement on their status. 

Warning: some smut,fluff and terrible writing 


“Hey Princess” Theo smirked making his way toward Malia and I “ugh get a life Theo” Malia groaned he stopped in front of me “can I catch you after school?” he looked at me expectantly “in your dreams” I fought back the small smile that wanted to make an appearance “your already there” he winked walking away to his locker near the end of the hallway. Damn that boy really knew how to make me melt.

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fuck your Oppression Olympics

if you want to base your personal identity as part of the LGBTQIA community on the oppression that you face, be my guest. however, do not for a second think that you get to base my or anyone else’s identity as part of the LGBTQIA community on the oppression that any of us face.

as if you even fucking know the oppression that i or anyone else face(s).

as if everything that i am or anyone else is in relation to the LGBTQIA community could even be boiled down to the oppression that any of us face.

seriously. fuck you.

as a black person who is also non-binary, queer and ace it is so incredibly mindfucking to me how some people on this site insist on trying to boil the connection that i or anyone else has with the LGBTQIA community down to oppression. fucking oppression. and not just oppression, presumed oppression.

how the fuck anyone even thinks that is okay is beyond me. it’s not fucking okay.

stay the hell away from me with your use of my oppression and the oppression of others as a tool to further your own personal opinion.

stay the hell away from me if you fail to even realize that that is exactly what you are doing when you host or take part in The Oppression Olympics™ to try and keep someone out of this community that is just as much mine as it is yours.

#2 Auston Matthews

Your writing is actually incredible! Could you write an Auston Matthews imagine where he gets badly injured (like a leg injury or something) and then his gf is like really cute and takes care of him because he’s in a lot of pain. Just like really cute and fluffy would be great! Thank you so much!!

aw I’m so glad you like the prompt!! I love it too! I feel like Auston would be so cute and like helpless if he got hurt and it would be so fun to take care of him and just like cuddle him all day while he sleeps because he’s in pain. Ugh he’s so soft

HERE YOU ARE! I love my soft son !!

Warnings: None

Word count:

Will i end up rewriting parts of it? WIll i not? Who knows really. Only time and my perfectionist demon can tell.

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“No,” You warned sternly as you returned to your shared bedroom to find your stubborn-as-hell boyfriend attempting to get out of bed, face contorted in pain as he struggled. He sighed defeatedly, flopping back into the pillows with a huff. “Don’t look at me like that, I made you breakfast.” you scolded, bending down to kiss his forehead.

“I want to help. You’re doing everything around here, I don’t want to be a-”

“If you say burden, I’ll kill you.” you threatened, good-naturedly.

“-hassle..” he finished with a sheepish grin in your direction. Every since Auston was injured, he’d been adamant on getting up and helping out around the house, especially in the mornings when his pain meds had just kicked in and he was feeling “fine”. He’d scared you half to death when he’d actually done his ankle and to hell if you were just going to let him waltz around the house during the day, given the pain was so intense that he could hardly sleep at night.

You shook your head in disbelief, setting the plate of food on the bedside table as you moved to help him sit up, propping the pillows up behind him and making sure he was comfy before handing over the plate. Although he wasn’t allowed back on the ice for a couple of weeks, he’d in no way lost his appetite; practically inhaling his breakfast in a matter of seconds. You giggled as he licked his lips in an attempt to check if there was any food that had missed his mouth, bringing your thumb up to wipe away the bit on his chin that he couldn’t reach.

“I have to say, your cooking really has improved.” he commented, causing you to smirk.

“compliment taken.” you replied. It wasn’t that you were a terrible cook, more that you only knew how to make like three things. Quality over quantity. But even you had to admit, it was getting a bit dull eating the same things over and over.  “Your mum’s being giving me some help in the kitchen.”

He shook his head with a laugh. “I swear you call her more than I do.” he was teasing but, being the momma’s boy he is, you knew he loved it. You grinned, planting a kiss to his cheek as you savoured you few hours of tranquility before Auston’s ankle would start to ache again. You’d spent the first few days he came home holding back tears as your boyfriend yelped and whimpered in pain. It physically hurt you to see him in agony and remain utterly helpless to aid him. It had been difficult, but you were finally settling into a routine and Auston was getting better at coping. So far he’d watched every season of Friends in existence, had seen Lets Be Cops three times over and was banned from watching hockey because it only made him moody and upset, as well as strengthening his will to get out of bed. Now he was just stuck to flicking through random cooking shows on the lifestyle channel.

Auston’s sleep had been suffering as well, he’d attempt to nap couple of times a day but continued to wake in the early hours of the morning in utter agony after he’d slept off his medication You’d let Auston take the bed for himself while you slept on the couch in the other room because you didn’t want to risk accidentally kicking his ankle as you slept.You did miss falling asleep with him as it was usually a rarity for the two of you, but you cared more about helping him get better.

Due to all of this, you didn’t much mind when you looked up from a great British bake off rerun to find him fast asleep beside you after you’d been absentmindedly tangling your hand through his hair. You smiled before kissing his forehead gently and snuggling against him, wrapping your arms round his torso as you rested you head on his chest.

It was only another hour after Auston woke up when the pain began to return. You could tell by his constant grimaces that he was trying to conceal how much pain he was actually in. You fished a couple of icepacks out of the freezer but they only seemed to provide a little relief. He was trying so hard no to make a noise that it looked like he might explode, his face redding as he squeezed his eyes tight shut.

“Auston, it’s okay.” you murmured, dabbing at his forehead with a wet tea-towel. He let out a whimper and your heart almost broke. You smoothed back his hair from his forehead as he rested the back of his head against your shoulder. “I’ve got you.” you assured quietly as he gripped your hand painfully tight. He let out another cry, his voice breaking as he threw his head back, close to tears. You kissed his forehead gently as you attempted to soothe his pain. “I’m going to get some more ice, okay?” you murmured as you slipped out from behind him, easing him back into the pillows. 

“No,” he moaned, another wave of pain washing over him, making him cry out again. “stay here.”

You forced yourself to extract your arm from his grip, returning with your emergency ice bucket. You helped him up till he was sitting on the edge of the bed. He let out a relieved sigh as soon as his ankle hit the water. You smiled, kissing him gently as you went to retrieve his next dose of medication. Which began to kick in a couple of minutes after he’d swallowed it. The boy hummed, pulling you into him and snuggling against you, gently nuzzling your shoulder with his nose. “You’re the bestest.” he mumbled, though the words were muffled slightly. 

You smiled, rolling over to face him. “Anything for you, huh?” you teased, kissing him softly.

“Something like that.” he chuckled, wincing when he went to roll over properly. You smiled a little, trying to hide both your amusement and pity. 

He hummed happily as you nussled his nose gently as he pulled you on top of himself. You giggled as he craned his neck up to chase a kiss from you as you carefully cupped his face in both your hands.

Imagine that when Hux finally went to retrieve Ren on Starkiller Base that Ren was starting to get really out of it and say accidentally inappropriate things, such as:

“Ugh, of course they sent you, the person with the angriest, poutiest face on the whole Finalizer.”

“Is that your hand on my ass??…Hey, I didn’t say take it off…”

“Shut up, or I’ll force choke you *lifts up a hand, which Hux bats away as Ren is as weak as a kitten* Come on, it’s not like you’re never wanted me to do that before…”

Story time. Mod Saeran x Jack in the Box guy

So I was a nervous wreck before I entered the place. I breathed in n out and was like fuck it. I checked my face and hair and ugh i just wished I had natural beauty LOL. anyways I was thinking what do I order so I was thinking of an Oreo cookie shake with French fries. I went in and I LEGIT saw his co worker go to the cashier And was like “ my name” hi what can I get for you and i SAW BAE LEGIT LEAVE THE DRIVE THRU WINDOW AND HE SMILED AT ME AND THEN HE SHAKED HIS HEAD. So I was like okay okay don’t get nervous. So I ordered my thing and then we gonna call his co worker Steve. So Steve was just smiling and looking at BAE and when BAE was down he told Steve to take care of drive thru.


So BAE was like “ wow no pajamas today? Cute how you got dressed up for me” and I was like “ no my friend didn’t want to go to drive thru because of the line” and he just smirked at me “ and was like sure cutie ” and he winked and went into the fridge and I died.


So Steve was taking drive thrus order and he was making my Oreo shake. BAE was getting my fries ready and then I notice Steve give me a bag and I grabbed it and I was shook. Like BAE was still getting my fries. And then he was like “ this is from me ” and I got the bag and it WAS A FUCKING CAKE. IM LIKE NO. then Steve left.


Then BAE put my fries in the bag and he looked at me and saw I had a bag so he grabbed my bag and looked and he legit stared at Steve. Steve just smirked and continue taking orders. BAE gave me my fries and he was like “ I remember since we were kids you never liked cherries” and he grabbed my cherry “ let me show you something I could do ” he double notes the FUCKING cherry stem and I FUCKING became the color of a cherry. “ you wouldn’t be needing this anymore” and he threw the cherry stem. I was shook. I was ready to leave and I grabbed my bags cause I was a nervous wreck and I got the drink and walked out. I heard the employee door open and he legit grabbed my wrist to turn me around and he got close and legit warned me “ next time you only accept chocolate overload cake from me. And only me. Have a goodnight and think about the cherry” YALLL YALLLL TALK TO ME TALK TO ME IM STULLL SHOOK - MOD SAERAN DYING

New Plan


M rating, pre-movie AU, based on this.

“Oh, I give up,” he hears Roxanne mutter to herself. She raises her voice. “Megamind, can you come here, please?”

Megamind, up to his elbows in the faulty mechanism of the Cumulous Accumulator, looks up at her in surprise. Roxanne, tied in her chair, looks back at him, an expression of annoyance on her face.

“—Miss Ritchi?” he asks.

“I need you to help me, please,” she says, and Megamind is on his feet in an instant.

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If only my male clothing conversions would come out as seamless as my female conversions. Converting male ME clothing is an actual NIGHTMARE. Like I spent 4 hours going in circles because of all the random problems that kept cropping up. Can’t even get nice smooth UV1s on male clothing ugh >.>

On the plus side, I did [eventually] get Jacob’s body suit converted more or less. I even fixed up his face. Still not quite there yet, but his face is getting really close (it’s mostly because of his eyes – might have to paint my own eye lids because his eyes don’t really match any of the presets >:/)

But, Jacob’s looking good overall :P


Sethie would be the best personal trainer! (or a huge pain in the rear to work with) I was so excited to write this one! Thanks anon!

Prompt #3: I’ve decided to start working out for my ‘New Year, New Me’ BS and you’re my personal trainer.
Wrestler: Seth Rollins

Still accepting requests

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Super short and I blame @thetourguidebarbie (and my sister) for this.

“There’s no way they don’t know!” Caroline said, burying her face in her hands as she groaned, imagining how everyone was already gossiping about Klaus and her. And, ugh, all the judgement she’d have to face… She was so not ready for it.

He just sighed, “How would they know, love? They didn’t know two weeks ago when we were all in New York, so how could they find out now when we’re not even in the same state?” he asked, the last part coming out a little bitter and she forced herself to look at him through the camera.

Damn, she really wished he were there to distract her and sooth her worries.

“I don’t know, Klaus, but we haven’t been subtle at all. We were hanging out together all the time and the way you look at me-“

Klaus smiled, “And how exactly do I look at you?”

Caroline fought down a blush as she said teasingly, “Like I’m everything you’ve ever dreamed for and more.”

“Someone thinks too highly of themselves.” He accused, “And if anyone has found out, sweetheart, it’s only because you couldn’t keep your hands off me during that party… Perhaps they noticed how we both disappeared for a while and the state of our clothes afterwards.” He smirked.

She froze for a moment before shaking her head, “See? They know! Why were we so obvious about it? What’s wrong with us?”

Klaus just laughed, “You should learn to relax, Caroline. If they knew, then don’t you think that my siblings would be blackmailing me by now? Or that your friends would be desperately trying to convince you how I’m terrible for you?”

Caroline considered his words, “Fine, you’re probably right. It’s just… Things have been so good this semester, I really don’t want anyone to ruin it.”

“I know, love, but we’ll have to tell them at some point – especially since your dear friend Stefan apparently has decided to be a little too friendly.” He complained, and she thought it was particularly adorable the way he got jealous, though she rolled her eyes at him anyway.

“Oh, yeah, because if he asks me out, then I’ll definitely say yes.”

“Well, at the lengths you’re willing to go to keep our relationship a secret…”

Caroline sighed, looking at him more softly, “We will tell them soon, I promise, Klaus… And you know this has nothing to do with you, right? I just… I just hate the idea that they would want to destroy this and I’m so happy in this pink, perfect bubble we’re living and-“

He frowned, “Pink, perfect bubble?”

She just waved impatiently, “Yes. We are living in freaking pink bubble and I don’t want to let anyone burst it. Not even you, buddy.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it, love.”

“Good… Anyway, so are you sure that Kol doesn’t know? Because he said something to me when we were saying goodbye. It seemed like it was nothing important at the time, but thinking about it now, maybe he does know and-“

Klaus just groaned.