ugh get him away from me





okay but what if scott forgets stiles but eventually remembers that he loves him? like, he doesn’t remember stiles specifically, but he remembers the love between them. and what if he uses that love (and a healthy dose of anger because wtf who would take that away from him and his friends) to help find stiles and stiles finally tells scott what he wanted to say? and there’s a sappy, teary reunion we’ll probably never get to see since we can’t have nice things. but just imagine it…

Imagine Calling Hotch “Daddy”

Title: Imagine Calling Hotch “Daddy”

Summary: Based on this request from @miss-insecurityx:

“Reader is a lot younger then him (oh, and she has a cat that she really loves hehe) calls him “daddy” at work one day when nobody is watching and he can’t control himself for the rest of the day so he calls her into his office and and is all sweet and romantic and cuddly. BUT THEN when they get home jack is out with his aunt and that where the fun begins 😉 (hair pulling, ass grabbing,) but he starts out really nice so she doesn’t get overwhelmed. Sorry it’s so long ugh oh and with everything he asks her she has to say ‘yes, daddy.’”

I didn’t follow it exactly. It kind of… got away from me, haha. I hope you enjoy it otherwise!

Warnings: Rough sex, sexual situations, daddy!kink

A/N: First time doing this. I hope it’s okay!

It was a slow day at the BAU. The team was working on all their reports that were piling up. You looked up from your cubicle and noticed that Hotch’s door was open. You grabbed the report you were finishing, which required his signature, and casually walked up to his door. You knocked and he motioned for you to come in. You laid the file on desk and leaned over it to make it appear as if you were discussing the case.

“The team asked me if I wanted to go out for drinks tonight. I told them I wasn’t sure yet.” You traced your finger over a line in the file and whispered just loud enough for him to hear. 

“Well, what would you like to do?” 

You turned the page in the file and leaned closer to him. “I’d like to be with you tonight unless you have other plans…” 

He moved his hand a little closer to yours, just enough that your fingers brushed. He chuckled slightly and finally signed the report. “They’re going to start getting suspicious if we both keep skipping out on team night out. Someone as beautiful and young as you should be out on the town.” 

You shrugged your shoulders and smiled. 

“Why don’t we get takeout and watch a movie at my place?” He offered. You pondered for a minute and leaned towards him whispering, 

“Yes, daddy. Anything you want.” 

He looked up at you, his chest rising and falling quicker now. It was like the wind was knocked out of him. You winked and walked out of his office.

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you went MIA for FE heroes lmao?


and cried when i realized that the max level conversations only apply to 5* characters please end me I’m so desperate to be sweet talked by him

sleep? what’s that? i’m 3k feathers away from 5* Alfonse sleep will only get in the way


Fast-forward a whole lot, and we come to this. Kitty’s snuck off from the fight to try and fight Magneto’s computers and all the information he has to blah blah not important. She DOES, is the thing, and using her phasing powers, she fucks them up and destroys all the data.


He comes at Kitty and she tries to get away by phasing through him. Only their powers kind of fuck up in a big way.

Before we move to what comes next, I’m going to steal a second to talk about Kitty, who is facing her very first big bad AND IS SCARED FUCKING SHITLESS. Teenage superheroes are not a new thing to comics, but I think this was the first times I ever saw one where the teenager was legitimately scared for her life. Being a superhero isn’t cool right now, it’s just terrifying and deadly.


*Requests are open. 

*Contains: Stiles, Isaac, Lydia, Scott

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EXO Reaction to You Straddling Them But Then Walking Away

Sorry this reaction was so short. I just couldn’t think about what else to add to it and I think sometimes shorter reactions are just as good as. Hope you enjoy this just as much <3

-Admin Kat


When you straddle them: He smiled at you, making an over-exaggerated face when you straddled him. “Well, looks like someone is a bit eager.” He teased as he pulled you closer against him.

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When you walk away: “Ugh, jagi, why do you have to tease me like this. You will get it later.” He warned as he watched you walking away.

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When you straddle them: He was shocked at how bold you were. His eyes grew wide, but it was really clear that he was enjoying it.

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When you walk away: His face fell and he gaze you an angry glare as you pulled away from him. When you looked back at him, he couldn’t keep the straight face and started laughing.

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When you straddle them: He placed his hand s on your hips, pulling you closer against him as he stared lovingly at you. You smiled down at him and swung your legs on either side of him so you were straddling him.

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When you walk away: You pulled away suddenly and walked away from him. He looked at you in confusion. “Ah, this girl is going to kill me.” He groaned as he straightened out his clothes to fix himself.

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When you straddle them: “Ugh, jagi, what are you doing?” He asked you in surprise as you came up to him and placed yourself on his lap. He tried his hardest to keep his eyes on your face, but they went down to your chest then back up.

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When you walk away: You remained on his lap for a few moments before getting up when you realized he was too nervous to do anything. He made an awkward smirking face. “Oh, okay. You didn’t have to get up…” He mumbled under his breath in disappointment.

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When you straddle them: He was in the middle of playing video games when you came up and grabbed the controller and straddled him. He started laughing, turning you around in his lap so you were facing the TV. “Okay jagi, you will have to play for me now.” He joked.

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When you walk away: You played for a few seconds before you killed him and got off his lap. “Jagiya, you can’t just leave like that during a game.” He whined as you walked away from him.

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When you straddle them: You got back to the dorm to find Yixing resting on the couch. You smiled and went over to him; straddling him and kissing his neck lightly. He looked up at you and gave a creepy sexy grin; hinting that he wanted to do something more.

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When you walk away: You smiled down at him, winking, before getting up and walking away towards the kitchen. He looked at you with a disgusted face. “Oh wow, thanks baobei for just walking away when I was enjoying it.”

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When you straddle them: He was taking a quick selca for Instagram when he saw you come into the room. You walked straight up to him. You took a seat on his lap and he gave you a cocky look. “Well, hey there shawty.”

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When you walk away: You rolled your eyes and pushed yourself off of him. He licked his lips and rolled his eyes as well. This wasn’t the first time you had done this to him, but he knew you would be back to him.

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When you straddle them: He burst into laughter and giggles as you straddled him. He didn’t know what to say to you, but he found it adorable when you did things like this and tried to be sexy.

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When you walk away: You let out a sigh and looked depressed as you started to push off of him. You hated that you didn’t seem sexy to him, but he grabbed your wrist and pulled you back. “How about I teach you how to be sexy?” He asked as he gestured towards the bedroom.

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When you straddle them: “Well, I could get used to this.” He licked his lips and smiled brightly at you. He placed his hands on the small of your back and pulled you close so he could place small kisses on your collarbones.

When you walk away: “Fine, fine, that’s fine jagi. Just walk way like that.” He said as he waved at you in an exaggerated manner. He gave you a sweet smile, but you could tell you would pay for walking away later.

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“Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”

Friendly reminder that Phil is smiling because Dan lost. Dan is smiling because of Phil.

Exo Reaction

Exo Reaction when their kid is stuck in a tree

I personally love this, Hope you enjoy!

Sehun: *still as bratty as ever*
“I swear if I find a scratch on my perfect skin to get you down from there, I’m blaming this on (y/n)”

Kai: *Hears his baby crying*
“Oml! The Baby!? I FORGOT! (y/n) is gonna kill me*

Tao: *called the least reliable person to help*
“You see her, she’s right there! I can do thus”
Sehun: *shakes him* “Then why’d you call me”

D.o: *third time this month*
“Ugh, i gotta go get the ladder again. I swear I have to keep Baekhyun away from my girl”

Chanyeol: *impressed that his boy even got up there*
“Boy! how’d you even? I knew I should have stop feeding him bananas”

Chen: *not very concerned*
“THat’s My boy! taking on his fathers way”

Baekhyun: *coming to save his baby like…*
“Daddy’s got thus!!”

*tbh he has no idea what he’s doing, probably will call the giant known as Chanyeol*

Lay: *fast asleep to even notice*

Suho: *is prepared*
“Don’t worry, daddy’s got this”
*secretly been waiting this for this moment to prove to his little girl that he is a man*

Kris: *at a breaking point*
“I can’t get up there, my arms are gonna be ruined and then I can’t create my masterpiece, but then again (y/n) might just break my arms”

 Luhan: “Oh baby, don’t cry, don’t make me get you. You can do this yourself….. I can’t come up there, cause then we both would be crying”

 Xiumin: *impressed*
“Wow! It took the neighbors kid 4 weeks to get up there”

the things i need from the clarphy friendship

“god dammit Clarke get that shit out of your hair”

“ugh come here you can’t braid for shit ima show you how i did emori’s hair im gon do you up real good” 


“jaha don’t come near Clarke with your drugs”

“Clarke you seeing this shit why are there so many candles” “i don’t know murphy maybe because there isn’t any electricity” “bUT HOW DO THEY CHANGE THEM CLARKE. HOW”

“for the love of god someone get him away from me” “bUt you said we WeRE FRIENDS CLARKE FRIENDS” 

“you called him your friend Clarke” “it was a moment of weakness octavia shut up” 

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The reason I can't digest 7Route is I gotta act super clingy to get him. Oh dear lord, why must I push myself onto someone who constantly pushes me away? You are dangerous, alright, but then why must you act so flirty with s/o you know you cannot return their affection to begin with? 7Route was too unhealthy for me. I've been suffering from depression for a while and his hot n cold attitude only made it worse. I eventually got emotionally numb beyond D7 and it took me a whole week to recover.

I know what you mean, for me characters and people like that are a huge turn off. I hate forcing myself to adjust my behavior on the whims of another, especially if I’m just going to be shoved away for all my efforts anyway. I find those people to be very toxic and emotionally draining; I don’t have much of any energy to deal with people to begin with, so I don’t choose to be around mercurial people like that. I remember hating the one-sided nature of pursuing Seven in his route; it felt like I was the only one making an effort to pursue the relationship seriously. One minute he decides it’s okay to want you, and then another he decides he has to avoid you “for your own good” without consulting you. Instead of making a decision, Seven just strings you along with the hope that it’ll work out in the end and you’ll just accept it for what it is and adjust. Though I acknowledge that Seven is unhealthy to begin with and that the MC is intended to help him through it to become healthy again, it didn’t feel that way in his route. I didn’t feel like he grew much at all, it felt more like I was just taken advantage of for the sake of his happiness. I didn’t enjoy feeling like that.

I’ve heard from many that this route was extremely emotionally draining for them, so I always advise caution to anyone who tells me they might begin his route. Many of my friends have indicated a need to recover from the events for a long while following their play-through so I’m always here for whatever any of you might like to discuss or address about it, or for those of you that need somebody to listen. 

Real Eyes and Realize

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Words: 1384

“Y/N! Watch out!” You hear someone yell. Before you could even register what was going on, you were being held by Pietro, your best friend, and was set down. It seems like you were still in the forest where the fight was taking place, but you were some distance away.

“Piet! What the hell! Get me back there, you guys need help.”

“No, you almost got shot.”

“Yeah! That’ll happen when we’re on missions!” You tried to walk past him, but he stopped.

“Y/N, please.” He was giving you that puppy dog look that you hated oh so much.

“Ugh. Fine!” You throw your hands up to surrender, “I’ll just wait here.” Pietro winks at you and then speeds away. Damn him. Damn yourself for loving him.

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I'm really upset right now my "friend" just told me that lesbians don't really exist and all the "lesbians" he's ever met like dick as well and would make exceptions for certain boys. My bi friend (who's a girl) also agrees with him. Why do people think this way? I'm so angry right now

ugh those r not friends bb theyre vile homophobes u rly need to get away from :(
im sorry

so i just got home from the dermatologist and they’re going to put me on accutane to help with my acne. i don’t start taking it right away cause i got to get an approval from my psychiatrist since i take a couple other medications from him. i really hope accutane will work out cause everything else i’ve tried never did ugh

@fandralxthexstabulous – continued from (x)

“You do have to get up pretty early in the morning to beat me,” he agreed cheerfully as he accepted the box. “I’ve known about Midgard’s Valentine’s Day tradition for a while now, but it seemed particularly apt to celebrate it with you.”

He drew Loki close and kissed him softly before opening his gift. His eyes lit up at the sight of the lovely quill as he picked it up. It fit perfectly in his hand, and it was quite gaudy enough to suit his somewhat extravagant tastes. “Loki, it’s gorgeous!” he exclaimed.

He hoped Loki would like the gift he’d found for him, an elegant little carving of white crystal that looked remarkably like his cat Fanny.

—- “I appreciate the thought, Fan,” Loki murmured. “I’d assumed you’d love the concept of this holiday. You’re always such a stickler for being as sappy and romantic as possible and from what I can tell, this is the one holiday that promotes just that.” He allowed himself to be pulled against the slightly taller warrior, returning the kiss before either of them opened their presents. That’s what this was really about anyway, wasn’t it? The love that they shared, not the baubles that they presented one another as a representation of that love.

A soft grin spread across his lips. “I’m glad you like it,” he chuckled. “We both have to do so much paperwork these days, seems only fitting to have a proper instrument for the job. If you’re just tired of writing, it’ll write for you. I have a similar quill in my study but it’s not quite as flashy as this one.” Out of the pair of them, Fandral was definitely more of the peacock type. Loki’s pride and love of gaudy things was a bit less obvious.

His attention, however, turned to the heart-shaped box and he carefully opened it, sure not to ruin the lovely packaging. Inside was a tiny white crystal sculpture that looked just like Fanny. The tiny trinket was heavy for its size as he plucked it from the cushioned box. “Where did you find something like this?” he asked. “This is beautiful and the craftsmanship is nothing to laugh about.” Small, yes, but whoever made the tiny cat put a lot of hard work and love into creating the piece. “I’m sure Fanny will be honored to have a statue of her likeness,” he added as he slipped his arms around Fandral’s neck, hugging him tightly while the tiny treasure remained firmly in one of his hands. “Thank you.”