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Falling in love starts with, “Who the fuck is this?” - Louis CK


I headcanon Bokuto to be the type of person who is a literal furnace and wears T-shirts all year round, whereas Akaashi has perpetually cold hands.


I really  really  really  really  really  really  really  really HATE blogs that have music on auto-play -.- It always scares the shit out of me or mixes with music/show I’m watching. Please please please please make it NOT on auto-play, but a small button to start it, if a person wants. UGH. It freaks me out, I’m too young to die from heart attack -.- 

Hera’s always been the best at making Ezra smile when his mind fills with memories of his parents of his life alone. 

She may not have experienced it. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t understand. 

- Foolish -

I got an idea and wrote a thing over the course of a few days that started out trying to take the Cross x Dream comic’s plot and make a Dreamswap version of it, minus the pairing.

Originally I was trying to prove what a hilarious disaster it would be if that same concept happened in Dreamswap (even without the pairing) but then it shifted into something else entirely and actually turned out KINDA GOOD??

Like. I’m pretty proud of this dumb thing.

Original character creators:
Dream and Nightmare -> @jokublog
Cross -> @jakei95
Error -> @loverofpiggies
Ink -> @comyet

Also, since I haven’t had a chance to mention it, DS!Nightmare’s staff is actually more of a weapon than original Dream’s. The crescent moons are sharp; on one end, it’s double-sided, and on the other, the outside is dull so he can dramatically stand there with his hands on it.

Cross: Nightmare, help me the frick out.

Nightmare: Ugh, what now?

Cross: Help me help Ink realize that he’s an idiot.

Nightmare: Well, brutal honesty and harsh criticism are what I do best.

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Hold Me Close [Spideypool Drabble]

Anonymous said: Can I prompt something? Cuddling. Oh man, I just want to read fics where people just cuddle and snuggle and just plain touch each other. Yeah, it’s rather wholesome, but oh well… Writer’s choice in regards to the pairing. :)

Ah man, some tender cuddles is just what I needed too. Here ya go!

College was kicking Peter’s figurative ass. Bad guys were kicking his literal ass. Jameson was kicking his financial ass. Whether he was wearing jeans or spandex, day or night, his ass was being kicked from all angles and it was unpleasant to say the least. Profs must get off on all assigning the biggest projects all at the same time and when you’re overloading on courses it’s even harder to balance. All of the villains were getting better at planning and evading him. It’s not like he was getting injured more often but the amount that he had to chase new ones around without a moment’s rest was driving him to his limits. And Jameson. That mother-hugger would throw half of Peter’s photos back at his face for not being ‘scandalous’ enough. As though Spider-Man ever did anything scandalous. To be completely fair… his photos lately were far from quality. He didn’t have the time to stage them right or set up his camera properly. 

To put it simply, Peter Parker was an exhausted mess and he was going to collapse during an inopportune moment if he didn’t get a break soon.

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