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The Bit where I tell you how much I adore you

So I’m going to admit, I was a little bit hesitant to make an Elsa blog. There were already so many, I had never RPed on Tumblr in the indie scene, and I had a bit of a slow start. But honestly, my time on this account has been more positive than I ever could have hoped. I’ve made some stellar friendships, written some incredible threads, and just had the greatest time on this blog. And now, here we are, six months later and with more followers than I ever thought I deserved and I’m honestly just so freaking happy.

All of you. Every. Single. One of you has made this experience so positive for me, and I won’t lie, making this list is causing me a bit of anxiety because I know I’m going to miss people. Whether we’re mutuals on not, whether we talk a lot of just sorta stare at each other from a distance, whether we write all the threads or just send each other memes, whether you’ve been here from the start or just joined me recently, I am so grateful for all of you.


Precious lovelies 

The people on this list are in no particular order. I wanted to keep this list sort of short, so I’m so very sorry if I didn’t include you - I tried to keep it to the people I interact with the most, as well as a couple people I admire, just to keep it short as possible, but it’s probs gonna get long no matter what. I REALLY hope I don’t miss anybody but I probably will. You guys rock. I love you. OK. Also assume that if you’;re on here on one account this applies to all of your accounts because I love you all.

sollucem | drakedomitor | outcastedalchemist | inxquitous | dxdger | drekihilmir | streetxcat | modifiied | freespiriited | thelxstsavior | dutycallsx | glitteriiing | reginkunnr | xghxuls | bxdbehavior | whatsthesiitchbupagentkent | motherofasgard | hxneylemon | xfredzilla | xtanako | queenlly | prideofberk | ofasgxrd | hamadork | halfaghxst | hamahero | forgedinfireandhonor | atlaxlinguist | necessaryxdelinquency | xtanako | parasiitic | princeofandalasia | conniiver | arendelian | vinterdrxnning | oculisaliis | boydetextive | boywithwebs | madeofwildfire | maytheswanbewithyou | gamemakxr | belgravianbitch | slytherrus | achromatic-colress | ask-mister-snow | xchristmascheer | xnoravalkyriex | sandsofchaos | spookycup | notimefordancin | despicablii | drxmeda | desolatedepths | easterelf | skysawake | applesforanna | rexspeculis | gelidis | alohaxe | tadashiing | edhelernil | constantquibbling | controlstheearth | infractxs | inflannel | possessedlefty | txxthiana | aikoiisms | thestormflier | ofhealings | honoriisms | starkiisms | cowbxy | astraanopsia | onxiric | ofgalliifrey | flirtiings | arendelleprincess | speiress | loverofwarmhugs | lvlalfoy | spareheiress | mabelkind | flynnisms | flammxble | speakshxrmind | coronianthief | gleamxglxw | kempybowe | prxditum | pippinxtook | bilbo-of-the-shire | otwilightprincess | gxthgirl | shxnobi | justtoliveoneday + A ton of other people I definitely forgot but still adore

Special shoutout to ladybugsquests – Buggy has been with me since pretty much the beginning, and even though she’s not RPing right now, she still sends me character development questions and is always an all around joy.

                   THANK YOU AGAIN!!!