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I would do anything in the world for Buck Compton. It was an absolute honor to portray him in Band of Brothers, and that’s an understatement. Buck never likes being called a hero, but that’s what he is to me. Not only did he serve his country well in the war, but he went on to do exemplary things in life. When you consider the scope of what he’s done—college sports star, paratrooper, detective, attorney, judge—if a person does just one of those things, you’d say it’s an accomplishment. Buck has done them all.
—  Neal McDonough

“I feel more than lucky to be playing strong women and to be, hopefully, inspiring some young women while they watch,” Emilia affirms. “And being asked to play Sarah Connor was one of those jobs where it was like ‘How could I EVER say no to that?’ “But there’s a stark difference between television drama, or movies, and reality,” she concedes.” - Emilia Clarke On Badass Roles, Inner Strength And Bumble Bees