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Tales of Openings - Zestiria

White Light
There’s no such thing as “right,” there’s no such thing as “wrong,” repaint the world the way it was meant to be. It’s time for evolution. I wanna be the white, white light.

I’m sick once again and my wrist is pretty sore, so I took a rest day ahh… It was so frustrating because I really… wanted to draw today, but being sick and in pain at the same time just was too much. If it was one or the other, then I could push through ehh… TT n TT But at least today wasn’t all that bad because I finally had time to play FFXV again ahaha

Don't You Dare

Pairing: Reader x Taehyung (x Yoongi)

Rating: I guess T? There’s suggestive smut but it doesn’t really delve into anything?

Genre: Mostly Angst, Comedy, Hurt and Betrayal and all that jazz

Note: Definitely going to have more chapters after this; it turned out longer than expected, although now that I’ve transferred it from my notes on my phone to Tumblr, it doesn’t look as long as I thought. It was originally only supposed to be a drabble


“Don’t you dare say it (Y/N).” Your best friend of four years tells you as you’re about to open your mouth. “Don’t you dare.” He holds up a hand as he backs away slowly, a sad expression twisting his features. You look down, a feeling of rejection passing through your stomach yet again. How many times was it now?

How many times had your best friend found himself another girlfriend in the past four years? You honestly couldn’t keep track anymore. The pain from him not loving you back had already subsided, already turned into a dull ache that no matter how hard you tried, wouldn’t go away.

Taehyung keeps taking steps away from you, a wary look now resting in his gorgeous dark eyes. You had been about to tell him, about to confess your innermost feelings to him, but he had stopped you. You presumed that Jungkook had told him about how you felt due to the way he was acting; the maknae being the only other one who knew.

“(Y/N) you have to understand.” Taehyung says, his voice a whisper as he finally stops moving away from you. By now he’s at least five feet away, the distance between you two seeming like it would never stop growing.

You swallow the lump in your throat, opening your mouth quickly before Taehyung had another chance to stop you. “You know it hurt when I realized that you weren’t in love with me. But nothing, nothing at all, could compare to the pain I felt when I watched you fall in love with her.” You manage to say, sobs threatening to overcome you in any second. You just wanted Taehyung out, wanted him out so that you could collapse in a pile on the floor. You wanted to eat cartons of ice cream and binge watch sad romance movies on Netflix… not have to deal with the expression of hurt and confusion on your best friend’s face.

“(Y/N)…” Taehyung says softly, this time taking a step towards you, trying to comfort you. You shake your head however and back away from him; you didn’t know if your broken heart could take it if he touched you, if he caressed your face and stroked your hair, the usual when you were upset. “Taehyung I want you to leave.” You murmur, not meeting his eyes but already knowing what kind of expression was there. “No I need you to leave.” You chance a glance up and wish you hadn’t. Your best friend looks shocked and hurt, and you hated to be the cause of that. Why couldn’t your heart have just picked out someone else?

“(Y/N)-” Taehyung starts before you cut him off, your voice raising an octave higher than it normally did. “Taehyung please just leave.” You say, the shrillness throwing you off. You sounded so weak, so sad, so helpless, so in pain. Your best friend tries to take a step towards you, in the exact opposite direction you wanted him to go, and that’s when you lose it.

“Taehyung just leave!” You practically shout, your chest heaving as you break down into a sobbing mess. You couldn’t contain it any longer and it killed you, having him see you reduced to this. “Just go.” This time the demand is a whimper, you clutching your knees to your stomach so that he was unable to see your face, a curtain of hair blocking his view. Taehyung looks like he’s fighting an internal battle, an array of emotions and expressions flicking across his face before he leaves, this time not knowing how to comfort you, when your problem was him.

You await an appropriate amount of time from when you hear your door close to start wailing, the realization hitting you full force now.

Taehyung was happy.

Happy with someone who wasn’t you. Happy with a girl who made him smile and laugh and be himself. You wanted to be the only girl in his life that was able to do that.

You keep on crying, letting out years of pent up emotions, and you get up and start to throw things around your small flat. Heartbreak was truly the worst feeling in the world, you think as you throw a set of hardcover books on the wooden floor.

When you’re finally done with your almost tantrum like state, you collapse, yet again, but this time in a heap on your bed. Your phone only had one notification from Taehyung, the only words being “I’m sorry.” Your response to that message is to chuck your phone across the room, hoping it cracked and became broken, just like your heart.


Four days.

Four days is the number of days you had ever gone without contact from Taehyung. It had been two years ago, when you had gone to visit your family in the states, you having forgotten your charger of all things at home. That had been the only incident in which you and your best friend hadn’t had contact daily.

Today, Friday, November 16th, the last time you had seen Taehyung, was two weeks ago. And it wasn’t by his choice. You had chosen to ignore his calls, texts, and home visits, you when hearing his spare key fit into the lock of your apartment, diving into a closet or under your bed to hide. He would search the house calling your name, but when his search would yield nothing, he would just leave and send you a message asking where you were. You knew you were being selfish; Taehyung was your best friend as much as you were his and maybe you not having been there was really affecting him. You two went to each other for the smallest of problems.

But, he had his girlfriend to keep him company. Surely you weren’t needed as much as you had been in the past, you couldn’t help but think of those bitter thoughts. After a more recent incident where Taehyung had come to your house, you decide it was finally time to go out and maybe have some fun.

It had been two weeks since your heart had been broken and now it was time to go see if you could patch it back up, if only temporary, with a hookup. You dig a short, red dress out from the back of your closet, the tiny thing having been a 20th birthday present from your friend back in the states. You had never planned on wearing it due to the whole provocation of the ensemble. In other words, it wasn’t usually your style.

Pairing the outfit with a set of heels you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, you dust your face with some light makeup, deem yourself presentable, and head out the door to a local club that you had visited maybe once or twice. The bass is thumping when you make your way into the area, strobe lights flashing, highlighting the skimpily clad girls grinding against toned guys. Clubs weren’t really your thing, but going into a bar alone was just depressing so you had decided that this place was the better option of the two.

You head to the bar immediately, needing alcohol in you as soon as possible if you were going to survive the night. Placing your hands on the counter to get the attention of the bar tender you take a glance around you, trying to set your sights on an attractive, young male that seemed around your age. Your eyes flick over the guy sitting next to you, his black hair and pale skin already standing out to you. You couldn’t see his face, as he was turned in the other direction, but he looked familiar, going by his build alone. When you place your order is when the guy finally turns around, his eyes going wide when you sees you there.

Min Yoongi. The name comes to your mind as soon as you meet eyes. He was one of Taehyung’s roommates. You didn’t really know all of them; only Jimin, Jungkook, and Hoseok. And among those three, you were only really friends with Jungkook. So you wondered what he could possibly be doing here. In the short amount of time that the two of you had shared together, you had put forth a hypothesis that he didn’t seem like the one to go out and party at a place like this. He didn’t seem like the type to go clubbing period.

“(Y/N)?” Yoongi asks, a smile gracing his gorgeous face as he looks at you. “Fancy seeing you here.” Your cheeks flush a little when he says your name, and you mentally scold yourself. You were not going home with your best friend’s roommate. Not even when his roommate was one of the most attractive guys in this club right now.

“Hey Yoongi.” You say, taking a seat next to him as you wait for your drink. Crossing your legs at the ankles, you turn to face him. “What are you doing here? To be honest I didn’t have you pegged as a clubbing sort of guy.”

He laughs and the sound is music to your ears. How could someone have such an attractive laugh? “You’re right. I normally don’t come to places like this, but the maknae and Jimin dragged me out. There was no way to say no.” He gestures to the dance floor where you can make out Jungkook and Jimin dancing with a couple of girls. All of Taehyung’s roommates were hot, if you remembered correctly, these three certainly being no exception.

“Ah okay.” You say simply, sliding a twenty dollar bill over to the bar tender as he hands you your drink. “What about you? I didn’t really have you pegged as a clubbing type of girl.” He repeats the question you had just asked, a grin on his handsome features.

You smile and take a sip of the orange cassis in your hand before facing Min Yoongi, yet again. “You’re right. I don’t usually come here, but it’s been a rough couple of weeks.” You say with a sigh.

“Trouble with Tae?” Yoongi asks, his dark eyes searching yours as he awaits a response. You almost flinch at the mention of your best friend but manage to keep it contained. “A little bit. We had a fight.” You doubted Taehyung had told his roommates about the situation the two of you were currently in, so you assumed that Yoongi had no idea.

“Yeah that’s what Tae said. He mentioned that’s why the two of you weren’t hanging out as much. You’re usually joined at the hip so for the longest time I thought you two were dating.” Yoongi says simply, looking out at the dance floor as he says it.

This time you do flinch and you’re grateful that he wasn’t looking at you when he had stated his thoughts. “No not dating.” You say, your voice kind of tight. There’s a silence for a small period of time before you abruptly stand up, Yoongi’s eyes traveling to look at you once again.

You muster up your courage before giving him a small smile. “Want to go dance?” You ask, knowing the chance was small, but still hoping that he would say yes despite the overwhelming odds.

To your surprise he stands up, holding out an arm for you to grasp. “Of course. How could I say no to such a beautiful lady?” You loop your arm through his as he leads you to the dance floor, a small blush dusting your cheeks at his calling you beautiful. A sexy kind of song is playing, the people around you grinding against each other to the beat of the music. With the alcohol now coursing through your veins, you had to admit that you were a little more touchy-feely and a little more confident. You slide up right next to Yoongi, caressing his arms as you move them to your waist. He looks down at you, his eyes dark as he moves along to the beat with you.

You’ve been on the dance floor for what seems like hours now, and the sexual tension between the two of you has been rising for quite some time now. You take an opportunity to turn away from Yoongi and grind yourself against him, earning a slight groan from the boy. He abruptly turns you around to face him, and then his lips are on yours.

Yoongi’s lips are soft and warm when they meet yours, his hands coming up to thread themselves in your hair.

Within a few minutes, you’re being pushed into a taxi, and it’s a miracle that your clothes manage to stay on by the time you reach his apartment, let alone his room. You don’t even stop to think about how Yoongi had six roommates, one being a boy whom you hadn’t talked to or seen in two weeks.

But soon enough, your clothes are in a heap on the floor, and the sounds of skin against skin, breathy moans, and the squeaking of the bed springs are the only things heard in the small room. Yoongi’s lips kiss your body all over, his tongue swiping the places that his lips couldn’t reach. You’re slowly reaching your high as his thrusts get more erratic and then you’re both simultaneously coming undone, him collapsing against you so that you’re a sweaty entanglement of limbs.

As he pulls you into him, his arms going to wrap themselves around your torso, you’re hit with a feeling that this isn’t something that you regretted. Usually with one night stands, they were something that people tended to be ashamed of, but after your night with Yoongi you couldn’t say that you were.

You fall asleep pretty easily after that, the relaxing rhythm of his heartbeat against your back being very soothing.


It’s too soon when the morning light shines through the curtains in Yoongi’s room and you check your watch in a slight fright. You didn’t want to be late to work.

You weren’t late, but if you didn’t get home right now to change and take a shower, you definitely were going to be. Disentangling yourself from Yoongi’s warm embrace you go to slip on your undergarments, bending down to pick up your discarded dress with a little distaste. You did not want to put that back on.

“You can take one of my shirts (Y/N) and a pair of sweatpants. They’re in the bottom drawer of the dresser.” You hear a slight murmur behind you and you’re met with Yoongi, his eyes half open as he watches you. “Thanks Yoongs.” You whisper going to the drawer and selecting a black
t-shirt along with a pair of grey sweatpants. You throw your dress over your arm and pick up the pair of heels you had shed near the door last night. “You still have my number right?” Yoongi asks, sitting up in the bed, making sure the blanket was still covering him around the waist. You nod as you open his door to head outside, “Yeah. I’ll text you tonight. Maybe we could go out for dinner or something later.” Yoongi nods, a light coming to his eyes when he hears you say that.

Maybe he was thinking that this had been just as great as you were thinking it had been. You give him a small wave before walking backward and shutting his door. You do a quick double check down the hallways to make sure no one was making their way towards you before silently making your way down the staircase.

You make it to the kitchen without a sound and you see the front door right ahead of you. You were going to make it out of here without anyone seeing!

As you’re just about to open the door, a voice stops you. “(Y/N)?”


You knew that voice.

It belonged to a certain someone whom you had avoided and ignored for the past two weeks. “You were the girl Yoongi hyung was with last night?”

You freeze, your hand halfway to the doorknob. You consider just booking it, but you knew Taehyung would follow you, tackle you even if he had to. You slowly turn to face him, hitching the short dress further up your arm. “Why does it matter?” You ask quickly, meeting Taehyung’s eyes once before dropping yours.

“It matters because you’ve been ignoring me for the past two weeks!And then come this morning I find out you just shacked up with one of my best friends when you were supposed to have feelings for me. What the hell (Y/N)?” Your best friend shouts, his doe brown eyes wide with emphasis.

“Okay Tae. Lets back this conversation up a bit. You’re saying I don’t have a right to sleep with one of your friends because I’m supposed to have feelings for you? I mean have you not forgotten what happened two weeks ago? You bluntly rejecting me? For the girl you’re in love with? Do you want me to keep pining after you when I know I can never have you?!” You practically shout, tears threatening to make their way down your cheeks. You had finally started to get over Taehyung but now, seeing him standing there in the flesh, his dark brown hair messy and askew with sleep, you could feel those feelings rushing back.

No, you liked Yoongi. You were going to give you and Yoongi a chance. Taehyung had missed his shot a long time ago. You had given him plenty of chances, plenty of openings and besides did you really want to lose your best friend?

Taehyung starts to make his way towards you but you quickly back away, your hand reaching for the door knob. You figured if you could manage to sprint down to the street and hail a taxi immediately, you would escape Taehyung and whatever hurtful thing he would have to say to you without meaning to. You had just twisted the door knob when he opens his mouth and speaks a mile a minute.

“(Y/N) wait! Please wait.” His voice has a twinge of desperation that makes you stop, makes you turn to face him. “What Tae?” You ask, almost exasperatedly.

“(Y/N) I broke up with her. You can have me, you don’t have to keep pining over me because I’m right here. You can have me.” He whispers taking a final step towards you so that you’re inches apart.

And that is how in a matter of a night and two minutes, your whole life got flipped and screwed around.

What the hell were you going to do now?

I want to be a better person to you, who’s cursed me with happiness


Seth and Kate as Lana Del Rey Songs: Salvatore

“ The summer’s hot and I’ve been waiting for you all this time. I adore you, can’t you see, you’re meant for me? Summer’s hot but I’ve been cold without you. I was so wrong not to tell, I’m in regine, tangerine dreams.”

Keeping Promises {Calum Hood Smut}

REQUESTED: Yes! It took fucking forever, I’m so sorry :(

I’ve had major writer’s block since August, ugh :/ but I finally finished this, and I sort of love it, yet sort of despise it so…anyways, let me know what you think!


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I finally finished the thing!! How many hours did this take? Too many tbh.

But it’s cute. So all’s okay.

The long and the short of it- I became Hidden Block Trash™️ because of the Hidden route in Asagao Academy, and wanted to draw a thing for it.

There were gonna be more toys and whatnot added to this? I had Mr Bunny added into the sketch and a bunch of other things I was gonna add scattered around, but ArtRage crashed on me and I ended up like an hour+ of sketching. I couldn’t be asked to add it all back in again, so I just threw in a ton of Nokeballs? Hana still has a Clefairy Clepixie plushie though. It’s just a headcanon I have that Hidden Block!Hana gets given a Clefairy plushie by one of the boys.

I gave Ian an antler. I don’t know why. The colours are a bit off I think, but it’s almost one am rn and I’m too tired to fix it.

Caddy please stop yelling, Hana has the sads. And you are the only one who hasn’t noticed, for whatever reason.

Anyway… hope y’all like this?


This took me a long time to finish, but I am happy with the result! Also this is 11″x17″ size so maybe it’ll be a future print. Hope you like it! (Reference )

College AU [3/?]


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I don’t know if I want to do this alone. I don’t even know if I can.