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Animated movies that don't get enough love
  • Megamind: Strong female character, funny jokes, anti-bullying, great animation with touching scenes, and strong moral messages
  • Wreck it Ralph: Again strong female characters, plus overcoming mental hardships, proving that being different is okay, amazing moral messages, beautiful animation and a hella rad plot
  • Brave: Strong female characters, different views, wonderful animation, proved that you don't need a man to save you, cutting your own destiny, awesome characters, magic broken by actual love, and strong mother-daughter relationship
  • Peabody and Sherman: Is packed with witty dialogue, good morals about unconventional families, fatherhood, and childhood struggle, it respects the intelligence of its younger audience, does actually manage to teach some history to its watchers, and has well animated characters (plus mr. peabody is a boss ass bitch)
  • Atlantis: whats this i smell? Its...its more STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS, roots for the underdog, over coming physical and mental hardships, shows religious differences, beautiful animation, witty character dialogue, sassy one-liner dialogue and humor, and a detailed plot and story line
  • How to train your dragon 2: Beautiful animation, MORE STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS, plus characters who aren't physically strong being portrayed as strong, showed that war isn't always the answer, major feels trip, shows friendship and compassion, mother-son relationship rekindled, DRAGONS, ADORABLE PRECIOUS DRAGONS, CANT BELIEVE THIS MOVIE GOT OVERSHADOWED BY FROZEN

lately when girls flirt with me i get little flutters inside but i’m not willing to let myself explore these feelings because i live in the middle of the bible belt (((:

Jaal x Ryder(f).. and pie

A/N: i finished the game today and i have all these small ideas in my head… had to write this down but im half dying as it’s 3 am X’D  but Jaal and Ryder is my life right now. 

To: Jaal

From: Sahuna

Jaal please seek me out as fast as you can. I am currently on Aya, bring Ryder with you. There is something I have to show you.

Your true mother Sahuna

“ Mother what is wrong?! Are you hurt ?! Is someone hurt!? We came as fast as we could!” Jaal blurred out, his voice dripping of worry as he and Ryder stormed into the building they had been directed to.

From the urgency in the message he expected dire news but when they entered the atmosphere was bright and homely. There was no trace of sadness or anger so he stopped in his tracks confused.

“ Jaal, Ryder, what a pleasure to have you over for lunch.” Sahuna greeted them with a voice warm as a sunlight. She embraced her son and then Ryder with open arms and a sweet smile.

“Mother? What is it that you had to show us so urgently?” Jaal asked even more confused.

“ I’m sorry for storming in like that. It seems we have been misinformed. We were expecting ….. bad news….” Ryder tried to explain as she hugged the motherly woman back tightly.

“ Clearly someone must have used your name to …. No Sam would have noticed it.” Jaal speculated as he looked around. His eyes fell upon a set table and something with an unusual shape.

“What is that ?” He asked as his curiosity took over when he sensed no danger.

Shauna smiled and put her hands on her hips.

“ I managed to bake a fruit pie. The humans that test tasted it all said it was good. Apparently it almost taste like something called aaaapple. ” She answered with a proud voice and gave them a triumphing look.

Jaal felt annoyance and small hints of anger starting to emerge inside but it quickly vanished as he saw how Ryder’s eyes started to shine. He watched as his mother quickly gestured to Ryder to sit down on the couch. Sahuna cut a piece of the pie and handed it to Ryder who looked like she was going to burst from joy and excitement.
He almost melted on the spot when she expressed something close to pure bliss as she took her first bite.
He loved to see her happy, even the stars seemed to lose their lights compared to her smile.
Jaal decided that there was no need in expressing the anger and annoyance that almost had emerged. Flying here in haste was worth it to see Ryder this happy.
He wished he could preserve every expression she made and keep them all to himself forever.
Some of the expressions and sounds she made while eating were dangerous close to the expressions and sounds she made when they made love. It warmed him to the core and he felt an urge to embrace her right there on the spot. It was with great willpower he managed to stop himself from reaching out.
He cleared his throat as he noticed Sahuna giving him a knowing look mixed with smugness.

“ I’m glad you two enjoy the pie so much. I should bake pie more often, right Jaal?” Sahuna said as she handed Jaal a piece.

Jaal quickly took a bite to have an excuse to not answer. It had a fresh taste, sweetness and sourness mixed together in a strange yet not unfamiliarly way. The inside was warm and soft while the outside was crusty, it had a surprisingly pleasant taste.

“ If you make more pie like this I might end up never leaving, like ever. ” Ryder joked with a big smile on her lips.

Sahuna chuckled and Jaal made a mental note to ask his mother to teach him how to make it.

Another small jaalxryder i wrote

AAAANNnnnd another one …


Klaus perceiving Caroline’s sublimated feelings

straight cis female fans: omg we love the gays so much, true allies right here. love all that smut and hot guys kissing.

actual lgbt+ fan: hey can you maybe then not use this trope, it can be really harm….

straight cis female fans: ugh sweety slash fandom is not for you, in fact it is a safe space for us straight girls to be able to explore our own sexuality safely from the dangers of the patriarchy so maybe you should stop kinksahamming us and form your own safe spaces.  

actual lgbt+ fan: but…

straight cis female fans: ….either way we love the gays more than the gays love themselves can’t wait to have a gay son to ship him with his friends (yeah these were actual posts).


fics promoting friendships as just as important as romantic relationships especially female friendships


fics promoting the idea that ‘real’ and ‘passionate’ love means having that other person become the only thing in your life and every other woman is evil competition


2/ favorite female tv characters

Abbie Mills [Sleepy Hollow]