ugh feeeels

this gives me so many feels about Alanna and Jon

specifically them being friends but also liege and champion

and I just want like five more books about Alanna being Jon’s Champion and them going on adventures for political reasons

but also I want to see them fighting sea monsters and bonding as king and knight

and I want to see Alanna learning to not just be The Lioness but also Jon’s Lioness and Jon learning to not just be The King but also Alanna’s King

and things still being awkward as they shift from friends and former lovers to being a team and dealing with the expectations for them and their roles at courts and now they have their own spouses and that takes some getting used to and they tease each other all the time but still being such good friends and ugh ohmigod the feeeeeels

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I’ve been listening to this song on repeat and crying because its so perfect to me right now.