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Heart of Dixie is ruining itself.


  • We have to sit through Zoe’s perfectly BORING relationship with Joel.
  • Also, the cute but BORING relationship between Wade & Vivian.
  • Hardly any Wade/Zoe interaction, which was the BEST part of this show. Whether they were friends, lovers, or fighting, their scenes were the BEST. (Aren’t they supposed to be the bread & butter of the show?? What the hell happened to that?!) #teamZADE 
  • WHAT THEY HELL?! They broke up Lavon & AnnaBeth…. (The only good relationship this show had going for it anymore! I am extremely angry about this break up, don’t even get me started!!!! THEY WERE PERFECT!) 
  • Lemon is still gone…. (I’m not blaming the show for that one, but still… the show is missing something without her. Can’t wait til she’s back!)
  • The Wade & Lemon friendship they struck gold with last season has all but disappeared (which happened before she left so that still counts.)
  • We barely see George.
  • We NEVER see Lavon & Wade hanging out.. they used to be bros!
  • We rarely see Lavon & Zoe’s friendship anymore.
  • The Wade/Zoe/Lavon friendship moments we loved so much in the first 2 seasons NEVER happen anymore.
  • We never see Zoe actually being a doctor.
  • Where is Rose?
  • What happened to all the quirky town events they used to have that made the show so much fun to watch??

They have ruined literally every good thing about this show & are showing NO sign of fixing things anytime soon…. I am so frustrated & annoyed & angry & just…. UGH! 



addicted for 15 daysday 4: favorite parent/child relationship 

“jane lets out a noise close to a giggle. rose is smiling from ear to ear, a smile that i’ve pretty much never seen from her. 
“ugh, stop,” i say, shielding my eyes. “it’s creepy.”
i love my daughter,” she says adamantly.
jane does bring out something in rose, a lighter side of her that’s hard to spot sometimes. but she’s still the same, so i wait for it. “she may mutter inarticulately, vomit on me, and look clueless until a certain stage of her life, but she’s my unintelligible thing.”