ugh everyone should watch this


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for a show that began in 2003 cold case was hella liberal like ???
the main character was a female homicide detective
hello strong woman in a male-dominated field
and it was dealt with in a variety of ways
it wasn’t always “wow!! your life must’ve been so hard!!! how’s being a female detective feel because clearly your struggles are indicative of every female detective’s struggles wow look at us we’re so great we have a female detective did you know wow women wow”
but it also wasn’t always “wow!! you are so terrible being in this job because you’re a woman why would you do this go raise a child go clean a house”
i remember the latter coming up a few times but always always it was shot down

she came from a broken home too
and while she still felt like she owed something to her drunken neglectful mother in the end
there were still a few times i remember where she and other characters expressed that she didn’t owe a damn thing
and that was treated as legitimate

half of the main cast were poc
one was a single mom trying to juggle the hassles of her job with raising her daughter
hello strong woman in a male-dominated field and black woman in a white-dominated field
and never not once was she ever told that she should focus on her child
her ambition for her career (she basically fought her way into the homicide unit) and her love for her daughter were never put against each other and never questioned
there were people who were racist and sexist towards her but always they were shot down and very rarely (if at all) did a man or a white person come in to “save” her and always her anger and backlash were treated as legitimate
basically kat miller is so incredibly important and she is fantastic and it’s a shame that it took until season 3 to get her in

there were so so many episodes dealing with lgbt+ violence
while there were still a lot of problems especially in the (two) episodes dealing with trans people which i can’t even watch those two anymore because of personal issues but
their murders were not treated as any less legitimate and never were they treated as anything less for trying to live the lives that made them happy
there was an episode dealing with a case in the 1920s
interracial couple who were both women one of which didn’t fit into gender norms at all like come on
and even when one of the women was interviewed in the present day it wasn’t treated as a passing fling in her youth

basically while there were still hella problems from time to time (see: nick vera ugh hate that dbag)
cold case is so fantastic and everyone should watch it please and thank


This show changes how you feel , how you see every single thing. 

And I feel everyone should watch this little interview. is so good!!!