ugh everyone on this show is uber pretty and i just love it okay

What an episode!

What a fantastic episode. I know people always have their reservations (myself included) but this episode was actually great. I was thoroughly entertained and the answers and story progression just kept coming! Imagine every PLL episode was like this one? :O

First of all the fact that Melissa AND Lucas were back in this episode? Pretty much guaranteed that it would be better than the last two! AND THEN they bring back Melissa’s storyline with “that night” and Bethany’s death?! Ugh, I’m so excited again!

The fact that Lucas was so quick to help Hanna doesn’t surprise me, although I found him a little suspicious and I can’t exactly place why…maybe I’m conditioned to think so. 

Honestly Ezra, just tell us what you saw and if you actually went home. Although I’m thinking Ezra is kind of like the new Jason. So it’s possible he saw something but isn’t sure what the heck he actually saw. Which would be very similar to Jason saying he saw Cece and Melissa talking and then Cece saying it wasn’t her. I’m sure he doesn’t really know what the heck happened that night. But if he says that it would make him look more guilty. 

Emily and her eggs! Great story and someone here theorized that - so shout out to you! (Don’t remember what blog I originally saw this idea on!)

I am thoroughly pleased with the flashback for Sarah. Was it this huge deal? Not really. BUT I’m actually glad they decided to show us what happened. They usually don’t. So I’m okay with their reveal and the fact that they explained it in the show. I kind of wish Janel didn’t tell everyone she got electrocuted because we could have found out on our own…since it’s something we complain about often. :/

Spaleb - at times…I can’t lie, I cringed a little. Mostly because seeing it is different than imagining it and it’s not something we’re used to. BUT I am not opposed. They are both pretty amazing together. And I’m excited to see how the dynamic works out now that Hanna has given her blessing!!

NOW for my absolute favorite part?!!!! A IS BACK BITCHES! Literally A is always the most interesting character - the mystery that surrounds them, their way of thinking! I love that A finally sent a text and that they got fed up. Don’t think I didn’t notice Ali has been MIA!!! Even Hanna said Ali hasn’t called since the dinner…um friends? HELLS NO. Ali was never their friend. It is now obvious that A and Charlotte’s killer are very different people. And I’m thinking Charlotte’s killer will be someone we actually care about. But I was excited to see that A kept all of Charlotte’s old stuff. Either they love her or they’re finishing what she started. I love that the black jackets are back. I love that A is looking for helpers - hence the uniforms. 

FINALLY when the girls received the A text, Hanna was with Lucas so they neither are Uber A. Aria was alone and she received the text. It’s not her. Spaleb was getting it on. Not them either. Emily was was also alone and received the text. So we have ruled out the four girls plus Lucas and Caleb. Which means we can still consider Ezra, Alison, Melissa, Mona, Jason, Sarah, Dr. Rollins, (and of course, parents). My money’s on Melissa, Alison, or Jason!

What did y’all think?!