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Stargate SG-1: Bounty (requested by apicturewithasmile)


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  ↳Scott’s expression changing from serious to tender as he reunites with Tessa. 

Silence (part 3)

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Relationship: Batfam x Reader

Summary: You washed up on Gotham shore a year ago and the Batfam has taken care of you.

Key: Y/N= your name

Being pretty much silent for a year in Wayne Manor was a feat, but you didn’t have much of a choice. You were the silent observer. The watchful protector, without any actual ability to protect. That’s why you were meeting up with Dick. You were hoping he would teach you the Wayne ways.

You stalked down the steps to the cave, remembering how unsteady you were the first time you came face to face with these stairs. Now you could skip down them, one foot never lingering too long before you hopped to the next step. Alfred told you where you could find Dick when you asked while he was cleaning the foyer.

“De-eh,” you called into the cave. “De-eh!” You poked your head in the training room. You saw Dick flipping the trapeze. “De-eh,” you threw your hands up.

“Oh! Hey babybird, you need something?” Dick double flipped and stuck his landing, smiling when you clapped. You told him you needed to ask him something really important. “Yeah? Is something wrong?”

You took a deep breath. You asked Dick to teach you. You asked him to teach you how to be a vigilante. “Woah, Y/N, listen. I don’t know if I can. I mean, what would Bruce say? What would Alfred say,” Dick rambled nervously. You shook your head. You didn’t care what they would say, well you cared more about what Alfred thought but it still didn’t matter. You needed something more to do.

This family was amazing, fantastical. They went out into this messed up world and tried to provide some safety. They gave you safety. You had a desire to give back to them. You may never know who you were or what happened to you, but you found yourself a new family and you wanted to do something. Something that would matter to them. That is why you wanted to be a vigilante.

You got on your knees and began to beg Dick, pulling out your doe eyes. It may have been over exaggeration, but that is what you had pegged as begging. Dick chuckled, “Awe come on Y/N, you know I can’t resist the doe eyes! Ugh, alright! The basics, that’s it.” You sprung up and squeezed Dick’s waist in a tight hug.

Dick was shocked. From what he could remember, Alfred was the only one allowed to hug you. He felt your face snuggle into his chest and he lazily wrapped his arms around you. That’s when he realized how serious you were. Dick couldn’t possibly understand why in the world this meant so much to you, but he wouldn’t let you down.

“Okay kiddo, we’ll start tomorrow. Six sharp, no one will be down here then.”

The next morning, you jumped out of bed excitedly. You tossed on a tank top and shorts, ran to your shared bathroom and quietly did your business. You slipped down the steps, stopping by the kitchen to get protein bars and bottles of water.

You bolted to the training room to find Dick was already there. “You’re late.” You shrugged excitedly, explaining you wanted to grab some food for the two of you. “Thanks kid.” Dick rubbed your head and you swatted his hand.

After a quick breakfast, Dick slapped his hands together and rubbed them, “Let’s get started.”

Dick began with the basic defenses: blocks, the best way to slap someones ears, to distort them, and the beginnings of how to get out of someone’s grasp. You learned quicker than Dick expected, but you were used to actively moving.

“Well Y/N, good job. We’ll work more tomorrow morning,” he gave you a wink, “Don’t tell anyone.”

You rolled your eyes at him and helped pick up the room, make it look as though only Dick had been in there. Right as you put away the punching mitts, Jason meandered into the room. “Hey kid, what you doing up so early?” You quickly formed a excuse, saying you had heard Dick and woke up, you then followed him to the cave. “Yeah, Dick can sound like an elephant when he gets up,” Jason joked.

“Come on Jay!” You laughed and the boys laughed with you. You excused yourself, muttering “Ah-el”, and Jason waved bye. Dick waved as well, giving you a goofy grin.

You and Dick had worked together to further your combat skills. You had gone further and faster than Dick had originally planned or expected. You were just so eager to learn more and do more. Dick would smile as he saw the concentration form on your brow. Dick knew you wanted to get better, but he still didn’t fully understand why.

Why did you want to be a vigilante? Why were you so adamant about learning how to fight? He’d watch you practice on a dummy, lost in thought. Did she learn about her past? Why would she want to be a vigilante after an accident?

“Y/N, hold, hold up,” Dick grabbed your arms and stopped you from swinging, “I have one question for you. Why?” You cocked your head at him. “Sorry, let me explain. It’s just all of us have been in crap situations that forced us into this life, most all dealt with criminals. But why are you wanting to wiggle your way into the life? What makes you want to be involved in all,” he motioned to the setting around them, “this.”

You couldn’t begin to explain your reasons. It was just to complicated, so you tried something else. “Cah-cate-de,” you pushed out.

Dick’s face contracted in astonishment. “Y/N. Did-did you just say ‘complicated’?” You nodded, a blush spreading over your cheeks. “Oh my god.” He began to smile from ear to ear, “I gotta tell Alfred!”

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“It seems our stunt on Eriadu is the top story on Galactic News,” Kenobi said as he scrolled through his datapad. His feet were propped up on the console and he was leaning back in the copilot’s chair, looking more relaxed than he had in weeks. “In fact, it looks like it’s been a major topic of discussion on the holonet since the night it happened. Did you know someone got video footage of the explosion?”

“No surprise there,” Waxer said, checking over their ship’s set course for the fifth time in just as many minutes. “It’s not like you’ve ever been subtle, sir.”

Kenobi snorted. “You’d think they would’ve lost interest after a week,” he said instead of deigning to reply to Waxer’s jab. “So far, it seems that no one has been able to figure out who caused the explosion—at least, they haven’t publicly accused anyone. The conspiracy theorists are having a field week. You should see the things they’re coming up with on the forums.”

“Maybe the next facility will be just as easy as the last one then, if they don’t know we’re coming,” Waxer joked.

Uttering a bark of laughter, Kenobi said, “If only we could be so lucky. I’m sure they’ll have an entire droid army waiting for us at the next one.”

“Yeah, probably,” Waxer said. “Just gives them a bigger mess to clean up though.”

With a bemused expression, Kenobi glanced up from his datapad. “Indeed.”

There was a pause. Kenobi kept scrolling through whatever he was looking at on the datapad. “You frequent conspiracy theorist forums, sir?” Waxer asked. “Didn’t realize you partook in such a weird hobby.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Kenobi said, but his cheeks were red, and that was all Waxer needed to see to know he’d caught him. “I merely peruse on occasion. It helps to know what nonsense is getting spread around the galaxy. Rumors can sometimes lead to a truth one might not see otherwise.”

“Do you have any accounts?” Waxer asked, derailing Kenobi. “Please tell me you post your own theories to mess with everyone else on there.”

Kenobi coughed into his fist, his face even redder.

I woke up from 3 consecutively bizarre dreams last night including sixpenccce writing kirideku fanfiction and a bizarre drama scenario involving a girl at college harassing me in the girls toilets.

Anyways conclusion is don’t eat a party packet of maoams before bed

So I saw this today and it gave me an idea

Shhhhhhhh, he’s okay now…….