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Continuation (ii)

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Note: Flashbacks are somewhat incorporated into the story. I hope it isn’t too confusing.

Pairing: Taeyong/ Y/N / Ten

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You woke up feeling as if someone had done you wrong.

For your entire morning routine, you had a frown on your face. Even your usually silent Dad told you to smile.

In response, you did your best imitation of the square-smile emoji. Which, of course, was immediately off your face.

Eonnie, you seem so tense.” Your younger sister said to you that morning as you took a bite of your toast.

“You also seem to be so nervous.” Your Mom joined in the conversation as she washed the dishes.

“Maybe it’s because of Taeyong-oppa?”

You choked on your orange juice and glared at your younger sister who just shrugged and put on an ‘angelic’ look.

Both of you knew she was not angelic.

“Hmm, it’s been years since you’ve seen him, too,” your Mom butted in again. “He’s become quite handsome. Do you like Taeyong, Y/N?”

“Mom!” You were annoyed as your Mom and younger sister laughed at your red face.

“Mom, remember when she was 13, she–”

“Stop it!” You almost threw your half-eaten bread at her. Your sister was only two years younger than you. Of course, she was going to remember what happened years ago. She was one of the spectators who laughed at your rejection.

Ah, just pure sisterly love.

“But the dinner went quite well.” Your sister’s sarcasm was unmistakable.

You almost wanted to bang your head on the table. Why can’t your sister just shut up and let you eat your toast in peace?

Your thoughts went to the dinner last night which was disastrous and that was putting it lightly. Or maybe, you were being overly dramatic again.

“I think dinner went well last night,” your Mom commented.

“Well, I don’t, Mom,” you said.

Your mind flashed another scene from last night.

“I think you three are getting along well,” your Mom said as she arranged the plates and utensils on the table with the help of your sister.

“Why, of course, yes,” you said sarcastically. You helped in laying out the dishes.

The Lees and Ten made themselves comfortable in the living room, entertained by your Dad.

You three were getting along just fine. Or not you three. Because Ten and Taeyong were having a heated staring contest from across each other. You weren’t too sure yourself why.

Soon, everything was ready. All that was left was to eat.

You were deciding where to sit when Ten helped you come to a decision.

“Y/N’s sitting with me,” Ten announced to everybody.

Right. As if anyone was going to care where you sit.

“Shouldn’t Y/N sit beside me so we can catch up?” Taeyong spoke that it surprised you.

You narrowed your eyes at him.

What does he mean by ‘catching up’? If he thinks that you could be friends after what had happened, well, he thought wrong.

“I think that’s a good–”

Your Mom stopped in the middle of her sentence as you marched right beside Ten and sat down.

You pretended not to notice the triumphant smirk that appeared on Ten’s face.

“Well, let’s eat?” Your Mom smiled at everybody, trying to overlook that awkward moment.

Everybody else found their seats and soon, dinner began.

“I don’t think we’ve met this lad right here,” Taeyong’s dad said, referring to Ten.

Ten paused from sipping his soup to introduce himself to the Lees.

“My name’s Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul, sir. But you can call me Ten.” He completed that introduction with his signature smile that you thought even Taeyong’s sister and mother were smitten.

“He’s cute.” Taeyong’s older sister wasn’t even being subtle.

“Thank you,” Ten said as he smiled at her.

“So, do you have a girlfriend?” she asked.

Ah, yes. The classic dinner topic.

“I don’t have one,” Ten replied with a smile again.

Taeyong cleared his throat and you saw the glare he was throwing at Ten’s direction although Ten didn’t see.

“How about you, Y/N? Have you got yourself a boyfriend?” Taeyong’s sister asked, causing you to choke on your soup.

Ten patted your back in an effort to ease your coughing.

“I don’t have one,” you replied, wiping the bit of soup around your mouth.

“Yet,” Ten added.

“Why? Are you two together?” Taeyong asked with an undertone.

Ten’s gaze at Taeyong darkened but he still had a smile as if he knew a secret Taeyong didn’t.

“What’s it to you?” Ten asked.

You swore Taeyong would’ve thrown his fork at Ten if it wasn’t a family dinner.

“Whoa, okay,” you spoke up to diffuse the tension between the two of them. You looked at Taeyong’s sister to answer her. “No one’s asked.”

“Because I haven’t yet.”

You looked at your bestfriend, raising at eyebrow. “What?”

Ten only smiled at you. True, you guys may have flirted but it was all for fun and games. Nothing serious. But looking at Ten now, you couldn’t decipher if he was still joking or not.

“Oookay, Ten,” was all you said before eating the rest of your meal.

You caught Taeyong glaring at you as well and you frowned at him. You hoped your expression said “What’s up with you?”

Taeyong only rolled his eyes at you before eating again.

'Oookay, Taeyong. Whatever.’

“Why don’t we all go on a trip?” It was Taeyong’s mom who spoke up after a moment of silence.

“Oooh, let’s go indeed!” your younger sister agreed. You almost forgot her existence for a moment because she got too quiet.

“Tomorrow?” your Mom asked.

“The sooner the better!” Taeyong’s Mom said. Excitement was clear on her face.

“We’ll all leave early tomorrow then,” your Mom said. She then addressed Ten. “Ask your family to go with us, too, Ten.”

“Sure,” Ten said politely. “I’ll tell Mom.”

Dinner went without those awkward 'dating’ questions thrown at you. Though Ten and Taeyong still seem to have these staring matches. Like seriously, those stares can melt someone.

'Soon, they’ll fall for each other,’ you thought and smiled. Inside your mind, you were laughing like a lunatic at the thought.

You idly listened to your Mom and younger sister chatting with Taeyong’s mom and sister, all the while the dads of both families ate their dinner quietly. Sometimes, they spoke to each other, no doubt about current issues.

You sighed.

“What’s wrong?” You heard Ten ask.

“Nothing,” you replied, glumly chewing on a piece of meat.

“I’m excited for tomorrow,” Ten said.

“So?” you asked with a bit of haughtiness.

Ten smiled. “I’m excited to see you in a bikini.”

Someone coughed loudly that it caught your attention. It was Taeyong.

He was again glaring at you two.

'What is his problem?’

You returned the intensity of his gaze until he was the first one to break contact.

You smirked. You won that round of staring game.

The end of dinner couldn’t come fast enough.

The Lee family bid your family goodbye and your family expressed how much they’ve missed them, etc.

You, of course, walked Ten out of the gate. It was a habit.

“See you tomorrow, Ten,” you said, bidding him goodbye.

Out of nowhere, Ten hugged you. Shock must have been the only thing on your face because it was the first time he’s hugged you goodbye.

“Goodbye, Y/N,” Ten said, breaking the hug but you couldn’t even reply out of shock.


You immediately snapped out of your shock a moment ago and rolled your eyes.

“What’s it now, Tae?” Your eyes widened. It’s been years since you’ve used that nickname.

It must have pleased Taeyong because of the huge smile on his face.

“Can I ask for your number?”

You sighed, thinking, 'What harm could come?’

You held out your palm and without wasting a moment, Taeyong handed you his phone.

“Don’t spam me with mass texts,” you said as your saved your number. “Here.” You handed him his phone back.

And to your surprise (again) that day, Taeyong hugged you.

“I missed you,” Taeyong whispered before breaking contact. “See you tomorrow, Y/N.”

He then turned and followed the rest of his family home.

Eonnie? Eonnie!” Your sister shook your shoulder.

Slowly, you turned towards her.

“Oh my God! You’re so red!”

“I am not! Shut up!”

“Mom! Y/N’s red!”

You chased your sister to the house.

“Y/N? Y/N!” It was your sister pulling you out of your thoughts.

You were back to the present, back at the dining table with the rest of your breakfast untouched.


“You’re so out of it,” your sister deadpanned.

“I was just thinking,” you said, rolling your eyes at her.

“Of Taeyong-oppa?” she teased.

You felt your face heat up.

“Oh my God, I knew it! Mom, she still likes Taeyong-oppa!” Your sister screamed as if she was the only living person in the house and as if the entire neighborhood couldn’t hear her so early in the morning.

Your eyebrows met. “What? N–”

Your Mom frowned. “But what about Ten?”

“What about hi–”

“Well, I vote for Taeyong-oppa,” your sister said as she took a bite out of her toast.

“I’m rooting for Ten,” your Mom said and you widened your eyes at her.

“What?” your Mom asked, a teasing smile on her face.

“Can we please just not talk about my love life?” you said, annoyed at their bets. You haven’t even thought about it yourself.

“Do you even have one?” Here comes your sarcastic sister and you almost wanted to throw your breakfast plate at her. She smiled sheepishly. “Just kidding.”

“We’re leaving later. Have you packed your things yet?” your Mom asked and you were grateful for the topic change.

You nodded.

A honking from the outside caught your entire family’s attention.

“Oh, it must be them.” Your Mom suddenly got excited. She was done with the dishes.

Instructions came flying out of her mouth. “Come on, girls. Clean up and get your bags. Honey, they’re already outside. So, if you could get our bags, please.”

Your Mom and Dad went out to greet the Lees while you and your sister cleaned the table.

After, you went to your room to retrieve your bag and then went out with your sister.

“Hello, Y/N,” Taeyong greeted you and you struggled to keep your jaw from dropping.

It was illegal to be that hot.

You hadn’t hit the beach yet, but he’s already perfectly tanned.

“Y/N!” It was Ten this time. You took one look at him and thought you were going to have a heart attack.

If Taeyong was hot, Ten was cool. He even had his sunglasses on.

Ten took a peek at you from under his sunglasses and winked at you.

“Hey.” You hoped your voice wasn’t squeaky.

“Ready for the beach?” Ten had his arm around your shoulder. “Can’t wait to see you–”

Someone took his arm off your shoulder and you looked to see that it was Taeyong.

Already, you can tell they were sizing up each other.

You sighed.

'Here we go again.’

You can tell this beach trip was going to be fun. Take note of sarcasm.

Note: Had to cut off the story right there. I wonder what’ll happen at the beach. 

This is how I imagined Taeyong would be.

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And Ten! I don’t think a video (or gif) exists where he has sunglasses on.

As always, thank you for reading. Hope you enjoy! Stay tune for the next part!

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