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growing up, some kids did drugs. other’s smoked. some drank too much. i did fandoms and i swear i was higher than any of them could ever be.


So a friend talked with me about a Music Camp he was in, and I immediately thought of Camp Camp.

I don`t know why, but I`d like to think that Max is a child that would like playing the violin? But his parents had to high standards for him to reach, so his self-estem kinda went down the drain, even though he`s actually really good and enjoys playing!


Yuri Plisetsky WeekDay Four: Animals/Pets
↳ Yuri & his adorable ball of fluff #kittensquad [x]

how a music crush begins
  • me: *sees male musician*
  • me: meh I guess he's kinda cute
  • male musician: *plays for two seconds*

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Something cute I noticed. So in the newest episode Theo couldn't take Mason's pain cuz he didn't care enough right? (Get rekt Theo) and through the series we've seen that it takes a little bit of effort even when you care (as seen with Derek and Isaac for example) however in season three, when Stiles tells Scott he can't get warm and stuff, literally all that Scott needs to do to feel and take away his pain is touch him slightly. I dunno if it was intentional but it was adorable either way

i hate that i always start off these answers the same way but i can i just tell you how much i have thought of this and how important it is? we also saw that it takes more than a little effort but also plenty of intention, as with liam trying to heal hayden, or malia trying to take scott’s pain this season- the pain drawing is an exercise of the  mind as well as the heart. so when scott touches his hand and unexpectedly feels stiles’ pain shoot through his own body you can clearly see how shocked he is by that.

he doesn’t even accept stiles’ answer he just keeps going….

but stiles tells him it aches all over, and scott can feel that ache inside of him he didn’t even need to take stiles’ pain to know, but it’s different to assume than it is to actually feel it himself in that instant.

‘tell me the truth’ he says, because he knows stiles doesn’t want him to worry, that his best friend is used to keeping things inside if it means it’ll keep his loved ones safe from his pain. but scott doesn’t want to accept it, even though he does eventually, and the only thing he’s concerned about is making sure stiles knows he’s not alone. that he knows scott is here and all he wants to do is make it better.

if kira hadn’t called do you think he would have insisted on healing stiles? would scott have sat with him and made sure the pain was gone? if there’s anyone in the world (other than his mom) that scott would take unbearable pain for it’s stiles. not that he wouldn’t do it for anyone, because he would, but i woulda liked to have seen him insist a little bit. make stiles take off that jacket and cover him in a blanket instead. make him lie back down on the couch and join him there, stretching out next to him and rubbing his arms until he started to feel warm again. running his healing fingers all over his back and through his hair and over his face and basically every spot he can reach to make sure there;s nothing left of that horrible cold ache. stiles falls asleep like that, to scott’s soothing rhythmic touches, and when scott finally feels the last of that pain trickle up his arms and he knows his friend is asleep and dreamless, he can close his eyes in relief. they wake up together a few hours later, and stiles thanks him with a gentle kiss on his cheek.



“Outside, the atoms are rushing towards each other. Fusing, coagulating, until minute little collections of matter are created. And so the process goes on, and on, until dust is formed. Dust then becomes solid entity. A new birth, of a sun and its planets.”

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