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Yuri Plisetsky WeekDay Four: Animals/Pets
↳ Yuri & his adorable ball of fluff #kittensquad [x]

how a music crush begins
  • me: *sees male musician*
  • me: meh I guess he's kinda cute
  • male musician: *plays for two seconds*

three types of people at a wedding proposal 


So a friend talked with me about a Music Camp he was in, and I immediately thought of Camp Camp.

I don`t know why, but I`d like to think that Max is a child that would like playing the violin? But his parents had to high standards for him to reach, so his self-estem kinda went down the drain, even though he`s actually really good and enjoys playing!

Music Headcanons

(Because I need a break from nanowrimo, and also because I started thinking about this a few days ago.)


  • likes listening to: musicals, he freaking adores musicals, he will sing along to all of them and be embarrassing, do the dances, make funny voices, reenact the entire thing; matt had to put up with so much back at the garrison, that man has Suffered
  • fun fact: knows all the words to Hamilton and was so appalled that keith hadn’t heard of it that he proceeded to sit the punk down and did the entire musical from top to bottom (keith was impressed, intimidated, and really had to pee by the end of that lengthy performance)
  • embarrassing fact: was the one who introduced keith to MCR; he refuses to let lance know because he’ll never hear the end of it, and almost dies of embarrassment when allura finds out (”calm down, allura doesn’t even know what MCR is –” “it’s the principle”)


  • likes listening to: whatever fits his current mood; he’s not very picky about genre but he has to be feelin’ it, so if he’s sad it’s gotta be sad music, if he’s feeling like punching shit it’s gotta be loud, if he’s pining he’s going to listen to so many cheesy lovesongs (shiro stages an intervention because he can only listen to this shit for so long through the castle walls, dammit keith)
  • fun fact: his first time in a mosh pit he got elbowed in the face hard enough to get a black eye and he thought it was awesome
  • embarrassing fact: was trying to be romantic by playing a love song… and unintentionally rickrolled lance (”i can’t believe the person i like?? doesn’t know what rickrolling is????” “wait you like me?!” “UH”)


  • likes listening to: music that has a lot of layers to it, since she enjoys picking through all the sounds and separating them in her head; she actually enjoys ‘classical music’ (”ugh why did that term even stick around, the classical period wasn’t that long” “pidge don’t be pedantic”) a lot, and she has a soft spot for bach’s preludes and fugues 
  • fun fact: knows how to play the piano and was quite good at it, but she had more fun with science so she pursued that instead of music
  • embarrassing fact: started listening to classical music so young that she couldn’t pronounce the composer names, e.g. beethoven rhymed with ‘teeth oven’, chopin was ‘choppin’, mozart sounded like the beginning of ‘mozzarella’


  • likes listening to: literally anything that sounds vaguely catchy, though he tends to enjoy songs with interesting riffs or hooks or rhythms; when he has to focus or sleep, he’ll listen to instrumentals so he doesn’t get distracted thinking about all the words
  • fun fact: has a surprisingly nice singing voice but he’s shy about it, so he always sings in really exaggerated impressions to avoid having people poke fun at his actual voice
  • embarrassing fact: he can’t remember the words to songs for shit, so he just starts yelling what he thinks the words are, and a lot of the time he’s wrong (”you turn the liGHTS off then you – tuuurn them BACK OOooon – shining like it’s a liiIIGHT” “oh my god lance stop” [x])


  • likes listening to: relaxing music that he can just leave as background noise while working, or anything quiet and mellow since it helps to calm his anxiety; listens to slightly more upbeat stuff while cooking or working out because it gets him hyped
  • fun fact: remembers lyrics really well, which is a blessing since it makes him a favourite with lance’s younger siblings because he can sing every disney song to them (he had to ban ‘let it go’ though)
  • embarrassing fact:  remembers lyrics really well, which is a curse because lance plays his music really loudly and hunk knows all of the songs from high school musical, lance why did you do this to me 


  • likes listening to: appreciates all kinds of music because alteans are extremely openminded with the arts, what with all the travelling and diplomacy with different alien societies, and she’s a princess to boot so she’s been exposed to all kinds of cultures; she has a soft spot for dances, since it reminds her of dancing with her father in ballrooms
  • fun fact: on one of the crew’s diplomatic missions, she saved shiro from being stabbed by whacking his would-be-attacker across the room with a ‘space trombone’; the sight was so epic that it apparently inspired somebody present to compose a romantic opera in her honour
  • embarrassing fact: allura is horribly tonedeaf and can’t carry a tune for her life; she tried learning how to play some traditional altean instruments when she was a child and it was a disaster


  • likes listening to: has a really broad music taste because he’s used to hearing all sorts of stuff as an altean royal advisor; really enjoys listening to folk music or music that is very culturally significant to its people, since he likes to learn about different aliens’ histories and cultures
  • fun fact: he once stopped an assassination attempt on an ambassador at a banquet by starting a ‘space rap battle’ to defend a diplomat’s honour and somehow it became a binding peace treaty between two warring planets, nobody is really sure how that happened
  • embarrassing fact: lance keeps tricking coran into thinking ridiculous songs are of great cultural significance to humans (”lance stop pranking him” “look it’s not my fault he now thinks the he-man song is an inspiring story about the human struggle? i can’t ruin his dreams now?”)

bonus headcanon: the space mice secretly start their own tiny band because they know a lot of altean music after being mind-linked with allura; they hold a concert for the whole crew on an important altean holiday, it makes allura and coran super happy