ugh classic

how a music crush begins
  • me: *sees male musician*
  • me: meh I guess he's kinda cute
  • male musician: *plays for two seconds*

‘Your Gz sans is just useless’

 I’d like him that way, because I love him being useless and look pathetic at the same time.

That’s make him unique <3


So a friend talked with me about a Music Camp he was in, and I immediately thought of Camp Camp.

I don`t know why, but I`d like to think that Max is a child that would like playing the violin? But his parents had to high standards for him to reach, so his self-estem kinda went down the drain, even though he`s actually really good and enjoys playing!

jrisatoodwitt  asked:

What are your favorite Miku songs?

If we are talking JUST Miku and not any other Vocaloid, my favs look something like…

Dream of a Lucid Plan 
Two Faced Lovers
Anamanaguchi - Miku
A Song I’d Like To Sing
Hello, How Are you?
Leave in Summer Yet Your in my Fluffoughts
Viva Happy
Hold Release Rakshasa & Corpses
Kocchi Mute Baby 
Mutant in Love
Tale of Sorrow - ft KAITO 


“you are liars and witches!” said he, foaming with rage, “and creatures fitted from the beginning for eternal destruction. i’ll have your bones and your blood sacrificed on your cursed altars! O GIL-MARTIN! GIL-MARTIN! where art thou now? here, here is the proper food for blessed vengeance! hilloa!”

-                                                          but there was no friend, no GIL-MARTIN there to hear or assist him.

( independent & selective gil-martin. novel-based. penned by kyra. multiple aus and crossovers available, including lucifer, supernatural, hannibal, and dragon age. art credit. )


My quote flashcards for the first of the final two exams tomorrow… I was gonna watch a film afterwards to celebrate but due to my procrastination I wasted too much time so I’m not anymore, but I’m going to go to Beefeaters with mum though so that’s nice. I guess sacrifices always have to be made and stuff, I just can’t wait to be free… To all those who have this exam tomorrow, may xenia be with you and also good questions!!

styleofdress  asked:

When you go into a book sale, what's your plan? Do you have specific genres/ areas you migrate to? Do you have a list or just go with it? What kinds of books do you look for?

Haha, I love this question. I do have a plan. I try to get in line (yes, there are always lines) at least 10 minutes before the doors open. When I get in, I immediately head to the section for classics. If they don’t have a classics section (ugh!), I head to fiction and look for the classics that are mixed in. Since my site deals mainly with classics, I look for books I can use for future giveaways. Vintage editions of mass market sized books work best for me so I can keep shipping costs in check. (International shipping for my giveaways are always between $40 and $50.) As I’m looking for giveaways books, I’ll come across books I want to keep for myself as well. After I finish looking for classics, I look for contemporary fiction. 

OK so we had to do a writing task in a test today and one of my friends said that she wrote about music and one of the things she said was “Classical music is like when milk goes off” I ACTUALLY SLAPPED HER I WAS SO ANNOYED I’M NOT A VIOLENT PERSON BUT IF YOU BAD MOUTH CLASSICAL MUSIC WATCH OUT