ugh chanyeol


WTF someone needs to report the sasaengs who keep calling Taeyeon every few minutes she even commented on her sns multiple times and said shes going crazy omg and begging them to stop and the sasaengs are calling/messaging other idols and uploading proof and giving out actual phone numbers this is crazy chanyeol, baekhyun, tiffany, GD, joy etc they even have numbers for exo’s family members so many people on that list they freaking deserve some privacy why are people so disgusting 

They are literally bragging about and gaining profit from this. It doesn’t matter what fandom you’re in, practically every idol’s number is with them but please help reporting them or at least getting them banned from twitter/tumblr, for certain SM groups you can also follow steps shown here . For those of you who think this is a harmless joke, WRONG, they can be fined for this. For people who think that the idols can just put their phone or silent or change their numbers NO, they can’t because many of them need to be available for contact at all times and this can interfere with their schedules. This is harassment, a violation of privacy,  it’s real and it’s not funny this is completely crossing a line.