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Heavenly Might

This is actually a birthday present for wordstrings! I love it when I get things done. Two months late, but I got it done before the end of the year, so it counts!

Fandom: SPN

Pairing: Destiel

Rating: G

Fluffy fluff fluff fluff!

Dean had come to feel safe in the bunker. Relaxed, with his guard down. That’s why when he walked into his room and promptly took what felt like a fluffy baseball bat to the face, he was pretty surprised. The world flashed white, and he was on his back.

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anonymous asked:

found this on a list of prompts and hope you can fill it. “I’m going to need you to put on some underwear before you say anything else."

I am so so so sorry this has taken me so long to write for you, Anon. I hope you enjoy it!

Dangling Modifier

“Castle, I swear; if you’re not ready in five minutes, I’m leaving without you.”

When she had first called her shadow metrosexual all those weeks ago, she hadn’t known how right she had been. The man takes forever to get ready in the morning.

The first time she had chalked it up to the early hour, cutting him slack for his lack of speed because he had come skidding into his kitchen to prepare her coffee the way she likes it. The second time, she had teased him a little bit, asking how long it usually took him when she wasn’t there to urge him along. She had received a muttered ‘har har’ in return.

This time, well, this time she’s not holding back. They were supposed to be at the crime scene ten minutes ago, and she can just hear the shit she is going to get from Espo and Ryan – not to mention Lanie, ugh – for showing up late with Castle in tow. The ‘playing house’ teases have already started; the last thing she needs is to give them more ammunition.

It’s bad enough that she doesn’t totally hate being here, in his home and with his family (with him), she doesn’t need the boys giving them hell for it, too.

Four minutes pass without a word of acknowledgement from him. Her foot taps the final minute before she pushes away from the counter and stomps into his office, ready to yank him out of the loft by his ear.

“Come on, Castle. Leave your hair alo –”

Oh, shit.

She really should have stayed in the other room.


Okay, he’s naked. Fine. She, Kate Beckett, has seen naked men before. Good-looking naked men. Naked men with six packs, naked men with trim waists, naked men with the beginnings of beer guts, even.

Never Richard Castle, though.

She has never seen Richard Castle’s naked ass, nor his naked, broad chest. And especially not his naked –

“Sorry, sorry. I smelled like onions for some reason, so I jumped in the show- Beckett?”

Tearing her eyes upward, she’s mortified to find him smirking at her, cock – fuck – cocky as hell. She looks away, choosing instead to focus on the vintage typewriter on one of his shelves.

“I'm…” she swallows hard before continuing, “okay; I’m going to need you to put on some underwear before you say anything else.”

Bastard that he is, Castle chuckles. Seconds later, she hears the slide of his drawer and the whisper of fabric moving over skin.

“Anything else,” he announces, lifting an eyebrow when she looks back at him. He’s still bare-chested, but at least his… at least he is somewhat decent.

“Funny,” Kate drawls, clearing her throat. “We have a case, so if you could just hurry up.”

Shit, bad choice of words.

She steps back, her eyes flicking to his crotch without her permission. Oh, even in his boxers, that is impressive.

“I’ll wait for you outside,” she says without giving him a chance to argue, turning on her heel and escaping the apartment.

Where it is cold.

Cold enough, anyway. The weather is finally starting to feel like spring, though, so it’s definitely not the arctic plunge she needs after this.

It’s public, if nothing else. Public, so she shouldn’t think about the lines of Castle’s naked body, or what his skin might feel like underneath her hands. His skin or his… other bits.

Which are definitely not bit-y.

Castle joins her exactly seven minutes later, passing her a newly filled coffee cup without a word. She can’t help but suck down the offering, prolonging the quiet for a few seconds more.

“Castle –”

“Beckett –”

Damn, they need to stop doing this. It’s only gotten worse since she started staying with him, their ability to fall in sync with one another.

“Go ahead,” she murmurs, glancing up at his face only to find her cheeks burning once more.

“Dinner tonight, you and me.”

“What?” she asks, meeting his eyes once more.

Okay, maybe they’re not reading each other’s minds just yet; she has no idea what he’s talking about this time.

“Let’s have dinner tonight.”

“We have dinner every night.”

He mock laughs, stepping closer as they pause at a crosswalk. “You know what I mean. A meal shared between two people who make pleasant conversation with one another by choice, not just by chance or due to convenience.”

“A date,” she supplies, sipping from her coffee cup. It helps her feign nonchalance.

The corner of his lip lifts. “I think we’re way past simple dates, don’t you, Detective? After all, I have seen yours, sort of, you’ve definitely seen mine, and we do live together. I think we’re getting pretty serious.”

Rolling her eyes, she steps off the curb as soon as the walk signal appears. The slap of his loafers on concrete tells her he’s following.

“That’s not a no, you know.”

Her lips twitch. He caught that, did he? “No, it’s not.”

“So it’s a yes?” he breathes, his eyes opening wider. Somehow, he actually pulls off innocent.

“It’s an 'if your dangling modifier didn’t make us so late we’re stuck at the precinct until midnight tonight, sure.’ How’s that?”

She is pretty proud of herself for that one, but never more so than when Castle practically chokes on his own saliva as he laughs in the middle of the street.

The Ring

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This little dialogue fic was inspired by another post @yet-i-remain-quiet tagged me in. Also, this is a birthday present to my very good friend Vania (see I can be nice sometimes). Happy Birthday!! @sammieathome

Summary: Felicity finds the ring in its not so secret hiding place and keeps sneaking back to try it on. Oliver comes home early one night while it’s on her finger and can’t take it off because it’s stuck, so she tries to hide it from Oliver.  Dialogue Fic.

The Ring


“Ahh! Oliver! You shouldn’t sneak up on people like that. We’ve talked about this before. Am I going to have to put a bell around your neck?”

“What are you hiding behind your back?”

“Um… Uh… nothing.”

“Show me.”


”Come on felicity, let me see.”

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anonymous asked:

(same anon from before) and she was all grouchy and she mouthed "what the fuck" to her friend when he didn't carwash her. she was PISSED. then after the show, we had already gotten our spots at stage door and we were just settling in and waiting when mia and her friends come out of the theatre, hug bobby, and go back. mia let everyone else in front of her and turned with her back to the stage door, i feel so like people could take pictures of her there or something? UGH..... (continued...)

(cont.)  then they all came out looking SO MAD and BITCHY literally like three minutes after. just a quick hi.


*FYI - I have confirmed who this anon is - it’s a friend of mine who I actually know so IMO, this story is the truth.  Their earlier story was:

“Mia was so mad when she didn’t get carwashed last night. Then after sugar daddy, she switched seats with her friend so she can go in the inside, like she was only on the aisle for sugar daddy. And she rolled her eyes at the Chris col-fur line. I was sitting diagonally from her”