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I think I liked you better when you didn’t have a knife in your hand, Peaches... Chapter 63 - Gotcha

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When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit…


Chapter 63 - Gotcha

[No synopsis for this chapter. The theme is in the name… but WARNINGS for dirty talk/negan’s bad mouth…etc…]

Negan looked shell-shocked at the words that spilled from Blake’s mouth, his bearded jaw clenched together tensely and his already brown eyes becoming black.

“What?” Negan managed to breathe out in a low, deadly, growl of a voice.

This couldn’t be fucking happening.

Every fucking moment they had spent together….her coming her to the Sanctuary….their time spent taunting each other…flirting…having fun…sharing showers…having dinner….

….even last just a few hours ago when they had been back on that bed together….

…all of that couldn’t be gone. It just fucking couldn’t.

This kind of thing didn’t happen in real life. This was he kind of shit- trope you usually came across on crappy daytime tv. But this wasn’t something that happened here….

The dark-haired Saviour stared down at Blake now, his orbs locking onto those familiar green eyes of hers.

Those eyes he knew so well.

This couldn’t be happening. It really fucking couldn’t.

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Prom w/ Jisung
  • hey, uh, sorry if this sucks???
  • i’m not in the mood for.. existing rn basically
  • but i wanted to distract me with something so yeah, let’s begin
  • also,,,,
  • can y’all imagine 18 year old jisung in his graduation night? ;-;
  • but anyways, lmao
  • so~~
  • first of all, y’all are friends here, not really that close to each other but y’all had friends in common so you talked a few times before
  • in this case, both of you small babies were highly excited about prom!!
  • and especially you!! jisung was more chill tbh, lmao
  • bc,, I think that choosing a dress & makeup & hairstyle sound more fun that just choosing a suit idk
  • oh, and talking about that, you already had everything planned!!
  • your dress that was sUper beautiful but still millions of ideas of how your hairstyle and makeup was going to be so quite indecisive for that 
  • but it’s fine, there’s still some time before the big day
  • damn, choosing all of that stuff is probably really fun ;-;
  • I'm feeling quite jealous bc there’s no thing such as prom in Argentina lmao
  • the only thing “missing” would be that any of you had a date for prom ???? but does that really matter ??
  • y’all look good anyways, what more do you need
  • but even if y’all didn’t gave a fuck about having someone for that day, you two were teased a lot bc of it
  • and y’all were like the only two losers without a date for prom so obviously the assholes y’all had as friends tried to pair you two
  • so much that eventually jisung kinda got tired of it???
  • like, he’s not the kind of guy that takes spontaneous decisions but,,, this bitches made him almost scream at you when he asked you out
  • and he didn’t do it in a romantic way??? just say it really loud in lunch time, in front of all your friends and letting you shocked
  • the whole moment happened so fast that you couldn’t even react, you only stayed there, processing the information and looking at him
  • and once jisung’s back to his senses he simply apologized and basically hided for the rest of the day bc of how embarrassed he was
  • but idk, the fact that he just invited you,,, even if was almost as a “obligation” really surprised you and let you thinking a lot
  • you weren’t expecting it you know and,, why not? your friends and his are close anyways, you can go to prom w him and then leave him a side lmao
  • so the pretty next day you decided to surprise him when he was in the library
  • “sure, I’d love to go to prom with you”
  • “uhm?”
  • “i prefer gentle and more polite guys to be sincere, but I’ll give you a chance. you’re welcome”
  • and then you just left him there, all alone and sO confused
  • but your strong personality attracted him a lot and you were really curious about him bc he was always so shy and silent, you were dying to know him better
  • so eventually you started to think more about each other and even having “friendly dates” under the excuse of the damn prom
  • but every time they started to be more frequent and more romantic
  • skinship was starting to be a thing between you too and every touch of love made you two shake in happiness bc of how much you liked each other
  • and guess when jisung decided to confess to you :-)
  • let me tell you that this angel felt nervous the whole time
  • from the moment your mom opened the door for him till when his jaw dropped when he saw you in your dress
  • he was completely speechless and so were you because jiSung pWARk iN A sUIT plZ wHAT A BLESSING
  • y’all looked so cute and flustered :’) your mom couldn’t stop taking pictures of the two of you lmao
  • he only calmed a little when you distracted yourselves with your friends once y’all were there
  • but talking about the night in general, everything was perfect
  • jisung stayed by your side the whole time but still giving you time with your friends and letting you space
  • and took care of you all the time
  • but he didn’t confessed to you until the very end of the night, when he was walking you back home <3
  • when y’all were just some steps away from your house he started, making it natural and improvised
  • “y/n? can I tell you a little secret?”
  • “of course you can”
  • “you were the prettiest one tonight, I couldn’t stop looking at you the whole time”
  • “I mean, that’s something normal to happen and not only to me but everyone. you’re crazy beautiful and intelligent and.. I like you a lot”
  • uGH, why is he so cute
  • and,, ugh, everything he said was so adorable and perfect and you weren’t sure of how to confess back so you just freestyled too
  • “can I tell you a little secret too?”
  • “uh? yeah, sure”
  • “close your eyes”
  • what a perfect way of ending the night <3
  • anyways, the end omg
  • I got rlly soft for jisung here omg
  • I guess I can’t hide my feeling for the maknae anymore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • lmao, bye <2

Whoooaaa people are really… Ugh.

I clearly remember the first scandal Pewds got in: jokes, that had he made about the Amnesia monster being “rapist”. He was sorry, explained not realizing how serious the issue was and that it could hurt his viewers, and guess what? Never made them again. It’s been 5 years since. He’s not a perfect human, but he tries to better himself.

Doing numerous charities, helping other youtubers, always keeping in contact with fans, being down to earth and genuine apparently doesn’t matter at all. These comments celebrating how this DMCA thing can lead to a shut down of his channel… I don’t even know anymore. There are some famous people I dislike, but wishing them ill, despite knowing how many good things they did, is beyond my understanding. I feel genuinely disgusted.

Drunken Kisses & Stolen Memories

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Requested by anonymous:

“A Jackson imagine for Teen Wolf please where you and he hook up drunk at a party and neither of you can really remember very much the next day, including who it was with but you can remember a little and it bothers you 2 as you 2 fall in love with the pieces of the person you can see in your memories while you unknowingly spend time with each other in real life (not friends but partners in a project) Jackson breaks up with Lydia and you two somehow remember who you were with and end up together.”

Warnings: Swearing, fluff, underage drinking??

“I’m so glad you came to the party tonight.” You slurred as you leaned against him. “You know when I first saw you tonight I thought ‘ugh great Jackass’ but you’re actually not too bad.” 

“Gee thanks.” He huffed causing you to giggle and lean into him. “I know that everything thinks I’m a douche b-but I’m not! I’m actually not a bad guy.” He pouts and your brows furrow. “I don’t think you’re a bad guy, well not anymore.” You comforted, placing a hand on his shoulder. 

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Descriptions of the Shadowhunters Characters
  • Clary Fray: A smol child. Lost her mother b/c her dad was lonely and decided to steal her. Her hair is fiery like her little heart bless her and is goals af. Very talented she can make 3D objects 2D much wow. May or may not be in love with her brother????? Is a sweet summer fairy. Her dad is v evil and totally insane but her mom's best friend and practical hubby is a cop and is cool af so he's her dad okay. Best friend is in love with her but she's like lol what. Protect her please. Pure of heart and intention. The whitest girl to ever white.
  • Jace Wayland: (or whatever tf his last name is if you read the books): V blonde and v sassy. But also a puppy that needs to be cuddled?????? Has a v dark past and his siblings are badass just like him. Is v conflicted. Thinks he's evil when he is not. Very nice to look at very cute very handsome. May or may not be in love with his sister???? Has daddy issues. Parabatai is in love with him but he's like lol what. May be afraid of ducks. Is so pretty. Please don't be evil. Be good so you can come back home to your friends and family. Cares about the people he loves. Is a beautiful baby boy. My heart and soul.
  • Simon Lewis: Too precious for this world. Too pure. Did not deserve any of this. Jewish Vampire. Could kill you but would rather kill you with hugs and kisses instead of sucking ur blood. Has a rly hot vampire boyfriend who pretends he doesn't care but rly does. Is in a band. Likes Star Wars. Loves The Graduate and is first mate to the Malec ship. Is shippable with just about every character. IS TO DIE FOR LIKE I WOULD TAKE A BULLET FOR SIMON MY SON.
  • Alec Lightwood: A precious cinnamon roll who has the face and body of a Greek god. Daddy AF. Voice so deep I feel it in my freakin' soul. Is literally gorgeous and sassy and me on a daily basis. Is tall af and is literally sex on legs. Hair porn. Is also gay af and is finally becoming comfortable about his sexuality around other people bless my child. Currently checking out the booty of a bisexual warlock. Kissed said warlock at his own wedding oopsie. Pretends not to care but does. Smile is rare but could stop wars. Loves his siblings. Would die for his friends. Mother is a bitch. 1/2 of the Malec ship. Eye roll is on point. Wears leather jackets a lot aka my weakness. Shoots arrows. Probably is Cupid because I've been struck by an arrow of love. God bless Alec Lightwood.
  • Isabelle Ligthwood: Is a queen. Is sexy and beautiful and confident. I would date her. Literally the person everyone wants to be. Is also a cutie. Outfits are on point every single episode. Body is to die for. Loves her siblings. Is outspoken and won't let anybody tame her my beautiful daughter. Stands for equality. Is supportive of her brother aka the reason for my tears. Has a whip which makes sense because I'm whipped for her. Slays demons while in freaking heels. AU version is also cute af. Captain of the Malec Ship. Is my mom and my daughter and my girlfriend and my bride I cannot decide. May or may not date a certain vampire?????? Basically the loml. Best friend and sister goals. Face goals. Body goals. Hair goals. Everything goals. Slay.
  • Magnus Bane: Glittery af. 400 years old. A freewheeling bisexual. Is fabulous and wears make up and stylish outfits. Literally slays everytime he walks into a room. Is sassy af and has beautiful hands. Has magic and does a floruish when he conjures spells Is beautiuful. Can be intimidating but also soft and sweet ugh. Has had many relationships and got his heart broken by a bitchy vamprie my bby. Met Alec and was like imma climb that like a tree. The other half of the Malec ship. #FallinginlovewithAlec b/c they are perfect together. Is shunned for being a warlock my poor bby he doesn't deserve this. Is so lonely. But not so much anymore my heart. Drinks lots of alcohol. Owns a club. I want to kiss him or cuddle him I cannot decide. A kind soul. Wonderful to look at and fall in love with. Has many different colorful streaks in his hair aka my sexuality. Understands and listens to others. Has two cats in the AU. I'm so proud of my son. Walk walk fashion baby.

There’s just something about the first snowfall of the year that makes Harry weirdly giddy, unable to control the way he actually runs through the front door at full speed and into the yard, sliding across the ice like a puppy or baby deer. As a Connecticut native, he should be used to the seasonal changes, should expect that first really cloudy day in November or December will bring frigid temperatures and a Jeep coated in a layer of snowflakes. He’s 25; he needs to be able to control himself and not jump for joy whenever the weather man announces flurries in the foreseeable future. And yet, every gloomy day from Thanksgiving onward, he stands his post by the window and squints, lips pursed, as if he has mind control to make the sky open, demanding the snow to hurry up.

The air has a certain scent before it snows - it smells fresh, almost, like one can touch the crispness in the atmosphere - which no one seems to agree with, strangely. He does his best to explain the feeling he gets before he knows it’s going to snow, and in return, usually receives looks of confusion, or pity. He’s been having this conversation with his best friend - recently turned boyfriend - Louis for probably ten years, to which Louis always replies with, “We should have you studied.”

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Harry Imagine - He neglects you (Part 3)

I meet Andrew at the check in desk, but we still have an hour left before we need to check in so we decide to head to the food court to fill up our tummies before the long flight.

“So? Did you see your boyfriend at the hotel?” Andrew asks since I told him everything earlier at lunch.

“Nope. But he did buy me a new dress, with a note saying he wants to take me to dinner but it didn’t even sound sincere so I texted him that I can’t make it.” I explain and he nods.

“Has he replied yet?” he asks and I shake my head while chewing a fry.

“Nope. I think he’s busy with a show or something.” I say, feeling a bit sad that he didn’t reply.

“A show? Is he a musician or something?” Andrew curiously asks.

“Yep. He’s in a band.”

“is he in a famous band?” he presses and I nod.

“He’s in One Direction.”

“Oh god! I think I’m going to faint! They’re all just so delicious looking! Which one’s yours?” he asks, eyes shining with excitement.

“Harry Styles.” I say and the name alone makes my heart ache.

“You lucky little girl. I will literally sell my left arm to dat him! What’s he like? Is he good kisser?” Andrew asks. I chuckle at him then nod.

“Yeah.” Suddenly my eye catches a familiar face hiding behind sunglasses and a beanie.

I can’t tell if he saw me or not but I decide to ignore him and focus on poor fangirling Andrew.

“Oh god. I’m so jealous right now! I wish you didn’t break up so I can meet him!” he says and I smile, but I notice Harry walking towards me and standing a few feet behind Andrew as he watches me.

“Girl, he is totally gorgeous! But such a loser for letting a doll like you get away!” Andrew goes on and Harry decides to make his presence known.

“I agree.” His husky voice says and Andrew turns around.

“Uh- Who are you and why are you interrupting my fangirling?” Andrew sasses him and I had to let out a giggle.

Poor Andrew.

“I was just eavesdropping on your conversation. I’m quite the fan of One Direction as well.” Harry says, masking his voice a little.

I know I’m still mad at Harry but this is simply hilarious.

“Oh, well join the club then. my lovely friend here dated Harry the douche but he got full of shit and told here he didn’t want her.” Andrew continues as Harry takes the between me and Andrew at the square table.

“Maybe he just got so excited about spending time with her and wanting everything to be perfect he forgot where his true priorities lie.” Harry says, looking at me.

This entire fight was actually really unnecessary and I’m about to say something to Harry when Andrew beats me to it.

“Maybe. I wish he would come to the airport and get you back like in the movies. Ugh. If you don’t want him anymore, can I have him?” Andrew says and finally I burst out laughing.

Harry let’s out a chuckle to and Andrew stares at me like I’m crazy.

“Andrew, meet Harry, the douche.” I say, looking at Andrew but then I shift my gaze to Harry.

“Haz, this is Andrew. I met him at the museum this morning. He’s studying art in London too.” Harry nods then turns to Andrew.

“Can you maybe give us a second, mate?” He politely asks the speechless Andrew.

As soon as we’re alone Harry looks at me.

“I’m sorry. I just wanted us to spend as much time together as we could and I already had the entire week planned out but I forgot about the museum and then everything just got out of hand. Please don’t go back to London yet?” he asks and I nod, having already forgiven him for everything.

“Ok. But next time I visit, let’s plan together?” I ask and he nods before pressing his lips to mine.

We pull back at precisely the right moment to hear Andrew squeal behind us.

“I ship you two so hard!”

*** ***

I hope you liked it?!

The Alpha On Screen

For: merakilyy for the USUK Summer Festival Exchange 2016

Prompt: Omegaverse soulmate celebrity au

Summary: Arthur Kirkland, a famous celebrity, gets a call on his day off that will change his career. 

Arthur watched with disinterest at the television in front of him as it showed him a new and upcoming Alpha star. He was on some late night talk show chattering away about his new single or whatever it was he did. Arthur couldn’t care less. All he knew was that this Alpha was going to be like all the rest. Insensitive, greedy, and idiotic. He sighed and grabbed the remote to switch it to a more entertaining channel. It was his first real day off in a long time so Arthur was determined to be as lazy as possible and enjoy himself. So far it was more difficult than it should have been.

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Can we just take a moment please to appreciate the perfection that is Francis Valois right now.

I mean seriously. After everything Mary has put him through, he would still happily surrender his throne and give up his life if he thought Conde could protect her. He would sacrifice his own life for her’s in a heartbeat. Ugh this whole pregnancy thing better be a trick because otherwise i am so done - he does not deserve all this shit. I just want to give him a hug because i feel he really needs some love right now. Mary when are you going to open your eyes and start appreciating everything he’s doing for you? If you’re not going to i will!

Where can i find myself a Francis?