ugh but i love this verse

Concept: a list with every item checked off. Everything is finished. I fall asleep with a quiet mind and sleep through the night.

Concept: an empty beach at sunrise. You and I, exhausted from talking through the night, the water lapping at our feet as the tide comes in. I rest my head on your shoulder and it’s not asking too much.

Concept: me, making a plan and sticking to it. I know who I want to be and I succeed in becoming her. Nobody gets hurt.

Concept: a house full of people, talking and laughing in candlelight. It is late and people drift to sleep where they’re sitting. In the morning, everybody is still here. Everybody belongs; nobody doubts it.

Concept: a room full of flowers, dusty sunlight falling on the petals. A wicker table with tea for two, and both of us together, face to face, neither watching the clock. Neither of us has to leave; neither of us wants to. This peace lasts forever.

—  A wishlist.  //  J.S.
toppdogg as conversations i've overheard at my performance&arts school
  • p-goon: "let's join the baseball club; that's a great way to get active" "are you fucking with me?" "it's a baseball club who doesn't love baseball" "ugh you're such a dad"
  • jenissi: "i remember when mr. bingham had the student coffee machine, then wilson fucking broke it" "that was one time" "you still broke it"
  • seogoong: "who would get food at the school store when there's free food right here" "that's for theatre kids only" "so? free food"
  • gohn: "but you know when she sings the song and goes 'eeee' on the second verse yeah i want to go 'eeee' on the first verse too" "you want to hit a high note?" "oh yeah a high note"
  • hojoon: "i wore no makeup today so i can cry with ease" "kimmi that's so deep" "i know"
  • kidoh: "i want to dj for lunch this friday" "why? no one likes your music" "i think they will i have really great stuff they can listen to, man" "if you play your fucking summer mixtape-" "i will" "i'm going to report you to ms. norman"
  • sangdo: *someone playing amazing grace on the saxophone in the hallway* "do you hear that?" "wow i've been cleansed of all stress" "it's only second period" "i've been cleansed john"
  • nakta: "but no you don't get it, like this art piece explores the joy we get from skateboarding but like it's eerie because we're skateboarding on a baby which is new life and we're destroying that new life with our joy" "you just want to paint a fucking baby" "yeah and i want to paint a baby"
  • hansol: "ugh the straights are taking over the school; i can't believe they made a baseball club. who fucking plays baseball" "i played baseball-" "ugh was i asking you"
  • b-joo: "my mom says that if i just keep drinking protein shakes i don't have to exercise" "your mom's a liar" "mY MOM WOULD NEVER LIE TO ME"
  • xero: "dude i'm so ready to fail this" "what why do you want to fail" "it's called reverse psychology; you gotta psyche yourself out to win" "you just didn't study" "i didn't study"
  • a-tom: "sometimes you just want to make art about tits, everyone loves tits, tits are so cool" "but what's your real concept?" "let me draw the titty, dude"
  • yano: *loud af curses coming from one end of the hallway during break* "HOLY FUCK DUDE" "noooo" "what's that about" "either there's a fight or someone just destroyed something" "hey did you see that some freshman knocked over adom's sculpture"

Sophie Roux and Antonine Dalle, recovered Red Templars. 

so @littlexabyss and I have the RP set in the Redthorne Dragon Age AU and Sophie and Antonine are two of our Red Templar OCs who’ve gone through a bloodmagic ritual to get rid of the red lyrium. they’re so cute and I love them and need to write a side-story. ugh. 

I love the song “Nobody Needs to Know” from the Last Five Years. 

It’s so fucking self-destructive. In my mind he’s telling us “look, I’m doing a shitty thing, but look how terrible my relationship is! There are reasons!” and he’s trying SO HARD to justify it, but in the end he’s just trying to escape the mess he and Kathy have made of their relationship, and escape the whole world and ugh it just hurts so good.

Plus there is a verse that is punctuated by these strong piano chords and they are like physical blows that I can practically feel.

wellreadfan  asked:

-coughs- So, ugh, did interlocking fingers ever happen in Spoils verse? Because I kind of Need That Everywhere.

Because @tooeasilyconsidered has ruined all of our lives: YES there is interlocking.

His first time with Ben is definitely soft and reassuring, but the hand holding lasts long after easing Ben into their new sex life. It’s always this constant reassurance that George is here for Ben. That the initial intimacy never fades. They could be deep into a scene, years from now, and George will lock his fingers with Ben’s, and ground him. He’s there. He loves him.

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vinyl and paintbrushes! :D

Thank you, Amy!!!!!! <3333333 !!!!

Vinyl: What is some of your favorite music?

I love so many different types of music… Basically anything that has a beat, that’s catchy, that I can sing along to… Because I’m emerging from my soft punk stage /ready to go back into it with the Punk Revival: Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco. But I also love Walk the Moon and songs from musicals (!!!!! ugh I love musicals) like Les Mis and Hairspray and Chicago and Rent and Grease ((especially as I’m in Grease!!)

and Disney, ofc 

And more Classics (my kind, not official ones. Songs I love and ones I listen to with my friends), like Mr. Brightside and Take on Me and Hey Ya and Beyonce anything, the Nicki Minaj “Monster” verse… Stargirl…..

Wow. And whatever my friends listen to! I really like their taste in music :)) (@dvthproof and @i-talktothetrees)

Paintbrushes: Do you have a creative past-time?

I wish! I love writing and art, but I don’t do them enough. And I rarely initiate doing it? Unless I force myself. But hopefully my art class this semester will help with that. And writing for the newspaper. :) I also want to get back into piano! And learn coding/graphic design !! Or at least how to make a moodboard like my god-

lovely asks!!

How to Love (Part 3)

Title: How to Love (Part 3)

Characters: Dean x Reader, Cas

Summary: Set in the 2014end!verse after 2009!Dean is taken captive by his older self, he starts to realize just how broken the reader had become and who was to blame for her complete change in character. 

Word Count: 1,909

Warnings: profanity 

POV: Readers, 2nd person

A/N: so this part is shorter than what i usually write, but I got more angst coming and I didn’t want to completely drown everyone in this section haha. based on what I have in mind, there should be one more part! If it’s not out on Tuesday, then it will be on Wednesday! 

read part one and part two first!

A cold blanket of silence swept over the room that chilled you to the core. Dean hadn’t spoken a word since you snapped at him, and still his warm green eyes studied you carefully with a kindness you could hardly reciprocate. He was just trying to understand, to figure you out. He never had much trouble until now.

You were careful to keep your gaze away from him, unable to see the sincerity with which he watched you without crumbling completely undone. You had prayed to whatever God was still out there to bring the Dean you knew back, but this was something else entirely. This was a cruel unforgivable joke. A gift that would only last seconds before it was ripped away from you. You were sure losing him again would kill you, so you tried to push him away before he could have too much of an effect on you.

Weakness, you reminded yourself. He was your weakness.

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Yes dear anons, yes you can have some fluffy Iwaoi <3 
I hope you enjoy, I had a blast drawing these two cuties together once more *cries about otp in the corner* I love them so much ♡(╥ᆺ╥;)
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More of the Haikyuu!! Dog AU
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I’m one of those people that firmly believes that God can and will point you in certain directions and show you things He knows you need to see. I just pulled up a random screenshot in my phone of a verse and it is personally everything I needed to see tonight.
Joshua 1:9 says “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”
God promises to Joshua in the same chapter that He will not leave him nor forsake him. God promises that exact thing to us too. We’re all on journeys, heading toward the life God wants for us and it’s scary sometimes to not know what’s ahead. You don’t want to step out of your comfort zone, you don’t want to disappoint anyone, and you don’t want things to go wrong. But God commands us to be strong and courageous. We can’t be scared of failure or new situations. God is within us and by our sides all the time. He’ll never leave us. With Him we cannot fail.