ugh but everything about her

…come back to us

Guess who discovered all 5 seasons of Haven were on Netflix and binged after the big test :) :) :)


I love you, Iris.


Tessa & Scott || gala shenanigans

  • enjoying each other’s company before taking the ice to preform Jack and Diane @ 2009 GPF [x]

happy 22nd birthday to the big voice big heart bang minah! we’re always in awe of how you never cease to give it your all no matter the circumstances. congrats to your solo debut and win! here’s to another amazing year full of success and happiness #vitaMINAHday

“She didnt even had to introduce herself when she got there - they both knew her already.

Mulder remembered the tall Hufflepuff girl that other people would also tease because she had strange ideas, and whom he would run to discuss the latest weird creature he would find out when Scully was too busy studying or being grumpy about his passionate speech about monsters and weird stuff.

Scully had memories of her for that too, but she remembered Monica Reyes  for totally different reasons - the kind hazel eyes and the friendly, but extremely bold ways were some of them, but more specifically she remembered the time they kissed, hidden under some staircase during the 5th year’s dance.

By the way she smiled at her when they shaked hands, she remembered Scully for that, too”

OPS my hand slipped once more and I painted Reyes and Scully is officially bi in the HP/Department of Mysteries!AU bye

Had to paint Reyes because REYEEEEEEES <3 

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Lets make a choice, would you rather that Yuya never suffered and spent his life in full luxury but he forgets about Yuzu and never sees, talks or remembers her for the rest of his lift. Or have Yuya suffer as much as in canon but he and Yuzu get married and have beautiful babies?

ughhhhhhhhhh fuck it he already suffered he deserves his cute af waifu & beautiful babies aaaaaaaawwwwwwww ahsjdkkd man why u gotta make me think bout thiiissssss


Sousa worried about Peggy (2x02)

shadowhunters 2x13 thoughts
  • ok but everything about her character is so ugh. she’s not perfect and honestly there are moments that I wanna scream at her but then there are moments that I wanna kiss her and that’s so perfect???? she’s such a well rounded character? everything about maia this ep was on point tho. she stood up for herself and her own rights!!! what a badass!! but she was still sympathetic and fun!!! what a babe!!!
  • also isabelle recovering from drug addiction!!!
  • alec supporting her through it!!! (because we all know her parents aren’t gonna do it)
  • I wish they addressed what happened to magnus more. I would have liked to see him at least seriously talk to alec. I know I told the fans to calm down because we have all the pieces, but I think magnus should be allowed to be upset or at least a bit more hurt. But I’m happy he at least seems wary and angry at the clave and all its followers, alec included, after what happened last ep. At least it shows he hasn’t completely forgotten what’s happened and still feels betrayed
  • glad the downworlders were all calling out the clave’s bullshit–even if they’re friends
  • actual, serious mentions of the holocaust and racism against black people from a jewish man and a black woman? yes?
  • on one hand, I was very sympathetic to jace trying to live up to finally having a family after having a rough few weeks. on the other hand, I’m glad that everyone ended up calling him out at some point, he devolved so quickly. I’m also glad he realized what he was doing wrong in the end
  • not a huge clary fan but she killed it today too
  • I can already taste the dot hate
  • she didn’t even do anything tho? she and magnus were mutually flirting and having a good time so she took it to the next level and tried to kiss him. he said no and she immediately backed off.
  • I don’t see anything wrong with that
  • plus it was a bit of fun which the two of them desperately needed more than anyone else
  • Yes to alec finally standing up for what he believes in!!!! I knew you could do it!!!
  • something better not happen to maxFUCKING CALLED IT
  • I get that the writers were trying to make the moment between alec and magnus sweet but I would have been ok with them cutting out the kiss and having alec apologize instead. Everything was set up for it and it would have been totally in character. I’m not exactly upset the writers went the romance rout, it’s just that it’d have been nice to have an apology after everything. I understand his lines were meant to imply it but still. Guess they figured they’d have jace have the apology scene this week since alec had it last week
  • why do all of jace’s apologies end in sex?
  • i hope that inquisitor is gone for good

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why do you like daisy so much?

omg but have you seen her??? like she is the cutest person i have ever seen in this whole entire galaxy. like

  • she is so humble like she’s all ‘i don’t think i’ll ever be an idol’ but gurl have you seen yourself.
  • star wars is the first movie that is not student lead that she’s been in and she rocked it?? like she can act so amazingly well
  • she’s a cute little peanut
  • HER SMILE THO. it’s so wide and perfect
  • her face wow just everything about her appearance tbh
  • she’s producing ‘eagle huntress’ movie bc she’s wonderful and cute and like she’s bringing attention to this great 13 year old mongolian girl who became the the first eagle hunter in a male dominated career
  • do you know how many little girls look up to her and how cute she is with them/???
  • she said “rey isn’t important because she’s a woman. she’s important AND a woman.”
  • she is such a fan of girl power and takes so much time to praise women !!! espec everyone else in the cast
  • she could totally deadlift me and that is wonderful. 
  • like have you seen her workout video????????? ugh i wanna know her workout routine and everything about her
  • this instagram post tho and this and this and this and basically her whole instagram
  • her impressions tho A+
  • her style is on point like her dresses are sooooo pretty
  • she just seems so real like?? 
  • she’s not afraid to poke fun of herself !!!
  • she is so down to earth and so kind
  • she’s taking courses in psychology ugh babe because she’s like i need a backup plan if things don’t go well. BC SHE’S JUST SO HUMBLE UGH and totally underestimates her appeal to everyone
  • SHE MADE AN INSTAGRAM HOLIDAY FOR HER DOG!! #muffinmondays bc she’s gorgeous and so is her dog
  • she’s obsessed with rupaul’s drag race and she is gr8
  • she’s a wonderful voice actress and she can pull of so many accents babe
  • also under daily habits she wrote ‘sit around watching netflix’ and she is basically me but 100% cooler
  • she loves felicity jones tho i love felicity jones
  • when she was asked what type of lightsaber she wanted she said she wanted a disco ball like HOW ADORABLE IS THAT
  • she once sat in harrison’s ford seat in the millennium falcon
  • shes loves bb8 as much as i do
  • Fans: enthusiastic about who Rory ends up with because we love the boyfriends and want them to have happy endings too. Even if it's not with Rory
  • ASP: Rory is so much more than her boyfriends! Ugh!!! Stop making everything about the romance!!
  • Fans: we know
  • ASP: *writes Rory cheating with Logan who is marrying someone else and Jess still being in love with her. As if their whole life revolves around Rory*
Karma's a bitch *Chapter 2*

Sam has been starring at me this whole time, and honestly I don’t think how much longer I can hold together. Those smirks. Those smirks will be the death of me. I just wanna rip his clothes off right here In front of everybody, but I know I can’t. They can’t find out about Sam and I sneaking around. “Madison just sent me a text she wants to hang,” Gilinsky said… “Who’s Madison?” Lanae asked. ” Madison Beer, haven’t you heard of her?” He replied. “Ew. Isn’t she a whore?” She asked completely horrified of what I heard about her. “Yeah she’s the whore that sucked off Gilinsky, made out with Hayes, kissed Cam, hand jobbed Nash…..and” I hesitated to say the last part. “And fucked Sammy,” I said with a cracky voice. I absolutely hate Madison, she’s practically a walking STD. She’s so stuck up and perky and UGH just everything about her makes me wanna go on a rampage. “Yeah that’s what I thought,” Lanae scoffed making me let out a light laugh from the brutal expression on her face. “So are we going to or not?” Gilinsky said sounding a little irritated. ” you guys can go I think Lanae and I will pass, wouldn’t wanna intrude on anything,” I replied, “Oh come on Taylor,” Sam said obviously catching on to my jealousy. I’ll admit I was very much so jealous, as much as I hate her, she is attractive. I’m not jealous of her, I’m jealous that Sammy wants to go hang out with her. “Why?So I can listen to you and her exchange moans?” I spat back. “I’ll hang out with you Taylor,” Johnson said with his adorable little voice. “I’ll take you up on that offer,” I said grabbing and slipping on my vans. I turned my attention to Sammy noticing the glare his face so smugly wore. I knew I was winning.

We walk into Madison’s house and I’m not surprised with the model. Granite countertops, wooden floors, flat screen tv’s , the installed bar in the very put together living room with only a few out of place pillows on the couch. Then, down came the one and only. Her high pitched voice nearly made my ears bleed. She was wearing a semi-see through white blouse exposing just the right amount of cleavage to draw the boys attention to her, high waisted denim washed booty shorts, and nude heals making her about 3 inches taller then me. “So you guys wanna go up to the studio?” She said gathering “yeah”s from the crowd. She led us up to a white walled room with a piano and a guitar along with a computer set and a recording mic. About 30 minutes into listening to her “sing” I needed fresh air. I got up and made my way downstairs and out to her backyard. I walked around the pool side and sat down after rolling up my jeans to dangle my feet in the water. I laid back, my feet still in the water and gazed the stars. Shortly I heard the sliding glass door being opened then returning closed. I didn’t make an effort to figure out who it was, I positive they would try and talk to me sooner or later. Like I knew, the voice spoke up, it wasn’t Sammy like I was expecting. The Fuckboy in flesh, Mr Jack Gilinsky laying next to me asking,” having fun out here?” In his usual sarcastic voice. “More fun then I was in there,” I spat back. “You need to chill, and I have just the thing,” and without me being able to reply he pulled out 2 already rolled joints. Without hesitation I ripped the lighter away from his hand and grabbed the joint and lit it. I’ve smoked before, quite a lot before, especially with Fuckboy over here. I was dumbfounded by my sudden outburst. “It’s not like I’ve never done this before,” I said to him. “Yeah, but you’ve never been more eager either,” he said making a point. “Well that’s what that whore will do to you,” I replied. I put the joint in between my lips inhaling the burnt weed, holding it in for as long as I could before doing a French inhale. “God that was sexy,” Jack said observing me. I turned my head to make eye contact with him, and without hesitation he locked lips with mine. Our lips moved in sync, before he moved his hand slightly moving it higher and higher on my thigh. I’m not sure if it was the weed or my jealousy because I flipped us over making me on top of him and straddled his waist. I slowly started to grind my hips into his earning a groan to escape his lips. Continuing the motion feeling his clothed growing member thrust up causing me to moan encouraging Jack even more. Sam and I weren’t in a relationship anyways, so I didn’t matter. “Let’s go back to the hotel,” he whispered sending chills to rise up my spin. I always found him attractive, I mean who wouldn’t? “Let’s go,” I said eager to feel his touch. We toke two cars here so if one of us wanted to leave we could.


p>We stumbled into Jacks room that he shared with JJ, making our way to the bed. I pushed him down on his back so his attention was towards me completely. I slipped my shirt over my head leaving me in shorts and my black lace bra. I crawled my way back on to Jack and toke his shirt off then reconnecting our lips. My mouth trailed down to his jawline then his neck. I kept sucking and occasionally biting, then smoothing it over with my tongue on his neck making sure to leave marks that would be more then visible in the morning for everyone to see. As I sucked on his sweet spot he fumbled with my bra. After he unclasped it he sat there in awe. What can I say? I have a nice rack. He flipped us over and immediately connected his mouth to my boob while massaging the other making me softly moan here and there. He unbuttoned my shorts and in one foul swoop pulled off my shorts and panties leaving me completely exposed. I once again reconnected our lips, then pulled away and flipped us over. I started to kiss down to his collarbone, then his abs, then his torso leading me to the grand finale. I slid off his basketball shorts and Calvin Klein boxers. I pumped his member a few times before swirling my tongue around his head, licking up and down his shaft until it was just enough to drive him crazy and want him even more. I full well not fully cause he’s to big but most of him in my mouth and pumped what I couldn’t fit. Shortly after I hallowed out my cheeks and bobbed my head faster then the pace beforehand, while I did this I looked up at Jack through my eyelashes being as innocent as possible making him moan my name out along with some swear words. I felt him twitch but before he could cum not me, but he pulled away. “I need you. Now!” He panted and with that I pulled myself back up and lined myself up with him. Slowly I slid down on his hard member filling me full. Once I adjusted to his size I started to bounce and occasionally grind. Soon afterwards he placed his hands on my hips trying to guide me but I toke his hands off and pinned them down above his head making me in complete control. The room was filled with moans, heavy breathing, and the sound of the bed frame hitting the wall. We were in a hotel and we were making so much noise, but the pleasure felt to good to go back now. “Fuck Taylor, I’m gonna cum,” he moaned. “M-me too. OH FUCK,” I came all over his dick, clenching around him surly sending him over the edge. I rid out our highs before sliding him out and getting off. We laid down starring at the ceiling trying to catch our breath. “That was…,” I started “absolutely amazing,” he finished. Shortly I fell asleep in Jacks arms. I didn’t know what to think, I like Jack, I’ve always kinda liked Jack, but I don’t want a relationship, I don’t do relationships, and I’m sure as hell Jack doesn’t either. This was just another casual hook up with just another guy, right?

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AWH BUT jealous!Jason being too nervous about upsetting Piper to ever say he's feeling a little replaced/unwanted/basically just jealous of some other boy or girl, so he tries not to let it bother him and tries to be strong about it

perks of dating children of aphrodite: they can tell when somethings up. piper would call him out on that shit so fast (but gently, she’s not one to aggravate a situation when someone is actually HURTING. yknow.) and we all know already that jason trusts piper with everything about himself so. he’d be honest with her, too? they’d sort that stuff out like they did in the books

they’re literally so emotionally supportive of each other ALL THE TIME i c r y


I think that maybe if he doesn’t want to talk to you about his work, it’s probably because he wants to keep you in the light.

the reason why benedict cumberbatch is my favourite actor is that in every role i have ever seen him do, i can’t see any of them in each other.

i think it’s a huge difference in him and many other great actors out there, because when i see another actor doing different roles, i can still think about that it’s them and that they have acted as other characters, but when i see benedict act, i don’t see benedict nor do i see sherlock or julian assange or stephen hawking when he’s not playing them. i see the role he’s doing in that moment and it’s amazing how he’s devoting himself to become a character and just let go of everyone else.

i don’t know a lot about acting in general, but i do know that benedict is one of the greatest actors in the world right now. he’s just.. fantastic.


People usually assume that I’m daddy’s helpless little girl, but I can handle myself. My dad made sure I would always be able to protect myself.”