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“Hana, when you go to the store you get the same exact chocolate but you like all kinds of chocolate, do you not?”
I nodded, oh wait she couldn’t see me. “Yeah, okay.. so what?”
“So you agree? You can have any chocolate in the store?”
“Yeah, I can but-”
“But you choose the same exact candy bar every single time without a thought. Why?”
“I don’t know, I’m so predictable Nia. I don’t take risks and I’m used to it.”
“Okay, fine you’re conditioned to grab it by now but why did you start?”
“I-I just wanted it. I tried it and it’s my favorite and I-I don’t know?! Nia, I just do okay. It’s my favorite and the one I want.”
“There you have your answer now let me sleep.”
“You’re-I’m not a candy bar!”
She scooped me up so quickly my words got caught in my chest along with my breath.

She gently carried me over her and set me down on her left side.
“Please, go to bed. I have class in the morning.”
“I have work too, but-”
“Don’t go to work then.”
“Easy for you to say-”
“Not easy, I-”
I started fake snoring and heard her chuckle.
“Well, at least you’re going to sleep now.”
I laughed. “Not yet.”
“You’re my biggest annoyance, you know that?”
“You’re mine every single day.” My words collided with my breath as I fell into a long yawn.
“You’re on your side now, I knew that would do it.”
“How…how…did…how did you know-” I yawned again and pulled her arm in tighter around me. I felt her holding me from behind and felt my world go dark.


Ants are not meant to serve grasshoppers. I’ve seen these ants do great things, and year after year, they somehow manage to pick enough food for themselves and you. So-so who’s the weaker species…?


So I finished listening to Dear Evan Hansen yesterday and AHHHHHHHHHHH IT’S SO GOOD I LOVE IT

So yeah, I made these. 

I have no idea what it is about this song that reminds me of Lance or why I did this to him or what is even happening here, so…just take this  XD

On Prompto’s fear of bugs.

The idiocy of Dr. Besithia and the Little Albert Experiment

According to Episode Prompto, Starscourge is a plasmodium. One (of the unbelievably many) questions this raises is “how the fuck did Besithia whatever his name is become a scientist because FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAN PLASMODIA NEED TWO HOSTS”

Read More for length. I’m back with more science meta!

I don’t think Besithia’s a biologist. It seems more likely that he’s an engineer that mass produces the MT robot suits, considering the projects we see he has a hand in is actually mechanical in nature. The main worm-machine thing at the end of episode prompto is not a biological feat. It’s an engineering one.

Seriously. This man is seemingly uneducated about his life’s work. For starters, Plasmodium is a genus, not an species. Genera are the step above the classification of species in the taxonomic rank. All plasmodia are parasitic, and therefore has to have a host in order to survive. Besithia’s biggest and most obvious downfall is the lack of a the definitive host for the plasmodium.

In layman’s terms, Starscouge needs two type of hosts to survive. One, a vertebrate which is seen in the MT hosts (think Prompto) or the mammal creatures that roam around Eos. The second is an insect, usually a mosquito.  This insect host is called the definitive host because this is where the sexual reproduction takes place. The short version: Starscourge parasites mate in the mosquito, mosquito gives parasite to human, parasite splits into many baby parasites in the human’s body, mosquito takes up the parasite and begins again.

No insect? No complete life cycle on the parasite. A major oversight in the development.

So lets assume there are mosquitos off screen somewhere. Maybe some smart little scientist lady comes in and tells Besithia he’s an idiot and sends him capturing mosquitoes with a bug net. Idk. Either way. Lets imagine there are bugs in the lab where the incubating clones are being kept. Do you see where I’m going with this? The clones are hearing these bugs buzz and hum as they are being transformed into daemons. (another question. Why use incubation tubes? Why not biobags? It’s actually science…Judging you Besithia)

Even if you want to argue that these clones are more akin to fetuses rather than fully grown humans, fetuses are thought to be able to hear at 24 weeks gestation. A paper from cognitive neuroscientist Eino Partanen of the University of Helsinki reports that newborns react to words and sounds that had been heard inside the womb. Made Up words, rhythms and pitches are identifiable, to that point that some researches find that babies recognize, and cry in, their parent’s most spoken language. ACcording to the journal  Current Biology,  French newborns in the study ended their cries with a lilt at the end typically heard in French. German babies, however, started their cries intensely and dropped off at the end – much like the emphasis their German parents put in a sentence. So either way, these clones heard the mosquitoes kept in the laboratory.

Humans – even spliced weird pig-virus ones like Prompto – are nothing if not adaptive. Is how a bunch of apes with sticks managed to become the dominate mammals despite our low birth rate and general squish. Enter the famous Little Albert experiment. Scientists Watson and Rayner set out to condition a phobia in a health nine month old infant child, known as Albert. Going into the experiment, Albert showed no fear towards a variety of stimuli. Rats, rabbits, dogs, monkeys, and various findings like newspapers.

During the actual experiment, they let the baby play with and touch the rat. After the baby and the rat became acquainted, one of the men stood behind the baby and hit a steel rod with a hammer. The baby began to cry. This happened enough soon Little Albert related the loud sound with the white rat.

Like all old psychology, the experiment wasn’t complete until someone was traumatized. Little Albert was crying and crawling away from the rat. This happened for three months, until the baby was roughly a year old. The problem was… they never “fixed” the baby. There was no desensitization done, and the baby left the experiment with a generalized fear of all white fuzzy things. He showed fear towards the rat, a rabbit, a furry dog, and even a fuzzy Santa Beard.

Is Dr. Besithia, who 1) sucks at his job, and 2) considers MTs to be worthless foot soldiers, actually going to take the time to de-sensitize an infant from the sound of mosquitos? Of course not. He probably doesn’t even know that’s a thing that can happen.

Fast forward 20 years later and you have Prompto tramping through the wetlands with the chosen king. “

“Oh right. You hate bugs.”

“Ugh yeah. Can’t stand them”

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C-could you draw Jellal and Lucy being star buddies? You don't have to! Just, if you're bored one day or something... (noses looking fab btw)

well that’s a rare brotp ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

lmao this is the oldest ask in my inbox and it’s been months since I got it


Do you ever get reminded of a song, but like you cant remember the name of it or even who sings it and all the lyrics you do remember are too ambiguous to even google so your just end up driving yourself crazy trying to figure out what the song is called

Love Bug

Based on the art by @eyugho​. I sat down and wrote the entire thing immediately after seeing the piece, so forgive me for any errors (or give me constructive criticism, if you like. This is a one shot piece, and largely unedited, but I just really wanted to write it before the inspiration left my body)

Summary: Keith gets bit by a love bug and falls acts lovey-dovey around the first person he sees, who just so happens to be Lance.


It had started out simply enough. They’d landed on what Lance would have called “home,” if the thought of that weren’t too painful. Allura and Coran were on a diplomatic mission which didn’t require all the paladins, so she had cleared them to wander around the planet as long as they didn’t stray too far.

The planet really was like Earth, the best parts. They had landed right next to a body of water so giant he would have been tempted to call it an ocean, but the smell was less salt more earth, and the rhythm of the waves a gentle call rather than a commanding presence. Where there wasn’t water there were trees, and these were the things that reminded him that this wasn’t his home. They swayed gently in the wind and if you looked too closely they’d seem to shimmer like heat waves rising off hot pavement.

Still, the place was friendly enough, and so the paladins, at Lance’s urging, had decided to take a break and go swimming.

Most of the paladins, anyway. “Keith!” Lance floated on his back and kicked towards the shore. “Get in!”

“I’m not in the mood to get wet.”

“Why? Afraid you’ll ruin your hair?”

“Keith, I swear to you,” Pidge said, emerging from underwater, “I will get out of this alien sea and build a water canon just for you.”

Keith evidently didn’t think Pidge was messing around, because he took off his shirt and tossed it to the ground. To the casual observer he might have seemed reluctant, but Lance was pretty sure Keith was looking forward to swimming. After all, he’d wanted to at least once during their space trip and, to the best of his knowledge, had never gotten to.

“Woo hOO!” Lance shouted, plunging underwater and jumping back out again in triumph.

Keith gave him a weird side glance while making his way to the edge of the water. He dipped his toe in suspiciously, then back out again. “It’s cold.”

“Alright, I’ve had enough.”

Keith looked over in surprise at none other than Hunk, who was coming out of the water towards him.

“Hunk, are you doing what I think you’re doing? Hunk? Hunk!”

Hunk had not been dissuaded by Keith’s pleas and had grabbed him in a bear hug from behind while Keith kicked helplessly into air. Pidge and Lance were giggling from the water.

“That’s what you get!” said Pidge.

“Let me down,” said Keith, still flailing.

“Your call.”

There was a splash as Hunk dropped Keith, who fell into the water still squirming. He emerged to more splash attacks, but even though there was probably water in his eyes, ears, and mouth, he was grinning unmistakably.

The paladins fooled around in the water for a while, but eventually the fun had to end when Allura and Coran’s visit was over. Universe to save, and all that. They all trudged out of the water and dried off, savoring their last moments on this planet so much like Earth outside the castle.

Lance focused on the sea. He missed the ocean, his ocean, and this wasn’t quite the same, but god, it was so familiar nonetheless. There was the sense of eyes on the back of his neck, and he turned around to see Keith staring unabashedly at him. Their eyes met and Keith gave him a small smile that crinkled his eyes, and Lance turned his head away rather quickly, thinking to himself that the reason was he wanted to savor the sea and not that he was trying to hide a blush.

“Paladins,” Allura called, inevitably ending the brief vacation. Reluctantly, they picked up their shirts from the ground that they had dropped before swimming.

That’s when things became less simple, because Keith, apparently, had other ideas.

“Keith, buddy,” Lance said, walking up behind him. “I’m pretty sure you have the wrong shirt.”

“Do I?” There was something foreign about that tone of voice, like everything that had been rough around the edges was smoothed out in those two words.

“Yeah, last time I checked.”

Keith didn’t turn around, just finished pulling the shirt over his head and strolled towards the castle.

“Fine!” Lance said. “Then I guess I’ll have to wear your shirt.” He hurried after him clumsily, shirt over his eyes. Keith briefly turned around to give Lance an infuriating smirk but never broke his stride.

Lance took a few longer steps and put his hand on Keith’s shoulder, this time causing him to stop in his tracks so quickly that Lance almost knocked them both to the ground.

“Look,” said Keith, not even turning around. “If you want the shirt so badly you should take it from me.”

Keith put his hand on Lance’s and slowly moved it to his hip while reaching behind to grab Lance’s other hand to do the same. He curled his fingers around Lance’s and brought them under one corner of the shirt, casually lifting it, letting Lance’s fingers graze his skin.

From behind them came a muffled giggle, like a slap in the face throwing Lance back into reality. He snatched his hands back and held them near his chest, wringing them.

Keith finally turned around to face him, staring Lance dead in the eyes with a puppy dog look. Lance couldn’t get his voice to work, hell, couldn’t get his brain to work, as it was too busy rebooting. Did Keith know? Did someone tell him that if he flirted he would definitely break Lance? Was this all a big joke?

His own tongue feeling too foreign in his mouth to manage distinguishable sounds.“Ahh.. uhh-what?” he finally managed.

Keith gave him one last playful smile before turning away, leaving Lance struggling to regain control of his mind in a place that made him feel so happy, but was just a little off in apparently every way.


“What?!” Lance exclaimed. “You can’t be serious!”

“Chill,” said Pidge, sparing him a glance away from her intense examination of the creature. “The love bug bite will wear off in a few days.”

“It’s quite harmless,” Allura quipped, looking to Lance as though she was internally fending off a fit of laughter.

Lance walked towards them, which was rather difficult considering he had Keith clinging to his back like a lifeline. “Easy for you to say. You don’t have this leach stuck to your back.”

“Be nice,” Allura chided, before turning away to join Pidge in her curious study of the love bug.

“Ugh!” Lance said, staggering past them to get anywhere but here.

“Did I ever tell you what a pretty name Lance was?” Keith said snuggling his chin into the crook of Lance’s shoulder, and Lance’s cheeks turned more red than he thought was humanly possible. He walked faster, until the laughter Pidge and Allura hadn’t bothered to conceal this time was nothing but an echo.

When he was safely out of earshot Lance craned his neck around to look at Keith. “Do you mind?”

Keith blinked up at him innocently. “Mind what?”

Lance sighed. He was exhausted and, if he was being honest, what he really needed right now was to be alone his room, in the dark, so that he could cry in peace. Even so, he couldn’t bring himself to yell at Keith.

“It’s kind of hard to walk with you on my back like that,” he opted for instead. “Would it work for you if we held hands?”

Keith happily untangled himself from Lance’s back and grabbed his hand instead. “Sure!”

The two of them walked through the castle in relative silence, their footsteps echoing in the emptiness. Keith seemed fine with all of this; he actually seemed to be enjoying Lance’s company and was happy with nothing more, as long as he could rest his head on Lance’s arm, of course. In the back of his mind, Lance wondered where the ultra flirty beach Keith had gone and if he would be making a surprise return, but he was too preoccupied with the fact that he was holding hands with Keith-fucking-Kogane to dwell on it. His hands were gentler than he’d expected. Calloused but warm and comforting; not too tight a grip unless he felt Lance slipping and subtly squeezed him a little more.

Lance wasn’t really sure of where he was going until they ended up on the training deck. This could actually work out perfectly, if he played it right.

“Keith, buddy? Do you think you could let go of my hand and we could train together?”

“Sure!” Wow, this was easier than Lance thought it would be. Keith seemed content to do whatever Lance asked, as long as they were together.

Lance started the simulation and they fell back into silence, although this time it felt more comfortable. They stayed back to back the entire time and progressed smoothly, better than even with the rest of the team. He felt like he was in a trance; logically, he knew that this wasn’t organic, but even so, it felt so smooth, so right. He and Keith moved like a well oiled machine who had been teaming up for years. He briefly wondered if they would keep doing this after the love bug bite wore off, but again quickly dismissed the thought. Lance and Keith were friends, sure, and they’d gotten closer, but that didn’t mean they’d be anything more. In fact, after this, Lance wasn’t sure either of them would want to look each other in the eyes again.

“I think we should stop,” said Lance, panting a little. He walked over to the wall and leaned against it, tilting his head back and closing his eyes.

“Alright,” Keith said, turning off the simulation before it started another level of training. “What do you want to do now?”

“I think I’m going to take a break and relax.”

“Relaxing sounds nice,” said Keith, his breath tickling Lance’s ear.

Lance’s opened his eyes, startled, and jolted his head so suddenly that he narrowly avoided smashing Keith’s skull against his. Keith was inches from him. Keith had him pinned to the wall. Oh my god, Keith had him pinned to the wall.

“You have such pretty eyes,” Keith breathed.

He put his right hand gently on top of Lance’s and rubbed it with his thumb. Lance could feel a bead of sweat dripping down his forehead. Keith must think he was so gross right now. No! Was he crazy, that’s what he was worried about? Keith didn’t care in the slightest; he was leaning into Lance, eyes never leaving his own, closing, slowly, their noses were touching -


Lance regained control of his body again, and not a second too late. Keith would have kissed him and in a few days he would have come back to real life and never forgiven him, and Lance didn’t want to lose him. He’d rather keep Keith as just a friend than face a world where he genuinely hated him and couldn’t trust him. Keith wasn’t himself, and Lance would never take advantage of that.

“What? Was I doing something wrong?” Keith bit his bottom lip, and Lance lost it.

He pushed passed him roughly. “Don’t talk to me.”

“Lance,” Keith cooed. “Don’t be that way! We can take it slow. Come cuddle with me.”

“Cuddle?! Are you serious? You don’t even like me!”

“Lance, why would you say that?”

“Because you don’t! And I like you, okay? And I know that you don’t like me back, and that you don’t mean all this lovey-dovey stuff you’ve been saying! I know! And I also know that it’s not your fault you got bitten by a fucking hormone bug or some shit, but god, do you think that makes it hurt less?”

Keith was in a state of shock, tears running down his face and making no attempt to conceal it. “If you like me, then why would you say that?”

Keith’s face became blurred and hard to see, or maybe that was just Lance’s eyes tearing up. “Because only one of us is thinking straight, and it hurts too much to preserve your feelings by indulging them. Goodbye, Keith.”

Lance ran down the hall. He heard footsteps following him and knew that Keith physically couldn’t resist chasing him, so he hit a button to shut a door in his way, kept running, and didn’t look back.


There was a knock on the door and Lance reluctantly dragged himself out of bed to answer it, eyes half closed and trained towards the floor. He stumbled over piles of dirty clothes that had been lying there for three days now since he’d locked himself in his room. “Hey, Hunk, you’re early.”


Lance froze but forced himself to look at Keith. He kept his gaze trained on his forehead, pretending he could see straight through him. “Is it actually you?”

“It’s me.”

Lance knew he was telling the truth, something about his voice and how it was rougher than it was before, and somehow that was so much more painful. He felt his head start to pound as his throat closed up and he moved to close the door. “I think you should go.”

Keith caught his arm and Lance froze. Why did he always freeze up? He used to be fine around Keith, it’s not like this crush was anything new, so why did what was basically a brainwashing incident matter?

“Can we talk?”

“Not much to say,” Lance mumbled.

“Lance, it’s fuzzy, but I remember what happened.”

Lance’s stomach was struggling to escape via his throat. “You remember?”

“Like I said, it’s a little blurry, but I remember you told me how you felt.”

Keith’s hand had somehow moved down Lance’s arm and into his palm. Still calloused yet tender. Why was he so good at hand holding, even now? How was that fair?

“Lance.” Keith’s breath was on his chin. He smelled like metal and mint leaves. “I-I feel the same way. The love bug, it didn’t get it all right, but it brought out feelings that were already there. I just didn’t want to say it.”

“And you’re sure this is you talking?”

Keith squeezed his hand and held it tightly. “Lance, can I kiss you?”

There were so many thoughts floating around in Lance’s head, and so many things he wanted Keith to know, but they didn’t really matter to this moment in time. Ultimately, they all added up to the same feeling, and at this very moment all Lance wanted to do was let Keith feel it too.

Lance squeezed his hand back. “Yes.”

Tumblr has a real problem with understanding and implementing very basic ideas, and the most recent (linked) examples are, “You can be friends with people that you disagree with” and “Guilt by association is wrong.”

Those two statements are very true. I’m someone that’s on the political Left. I’m also staunchly pro-choice. But I have friends that are on the political Right. I even have friends that are staunchly pro-life. 

The thing is, I can be friends with those people because, even though we disagree, none of us are hateful to each other. None of us are so angrily stuck in our positions that we demonise and write abuse about the other side.

For example: I couldn’t be friends with someone that said, “I’m your friend, but I hate all Leftists. You’re all extreme, you’re all lazy, you all want to steal my money and the only reason that you’re Leftists is because you’re both stupid and ignorant. But for some random reason, I’ve decided that you’re different. You’re still a bad person for being a Leftist, but I’m going to only ignore it when it comes to you because you don’t tell me that I’m wrong for demonising you and others for that label. You’re cool, all the others aren’t.”

I also couldn’t be friends with someone pro-life that said, “I’m your friend, but I hate all pro-choicers. You’re all desperate to murder children and have no morals. You’re sick and twisted and monstrous. But for some random reason, I’ve decided that you’re different. You’re still a bad person for being pro-choice, but I’m going to only ignore it when it comes to you because you don’t tell me that I’m wrong for demonising you and others for that label. You’re cool, all the others aren’t.”

It wouldn’t work the other way around, either, if I treated my Right-leaning friends or my pro-life friends like everyone else apart from them with that label are all evil, disgusting people. 

And this is where the message gets lost, because there is a huge difference between being friends with someone with a different point of view and then being friends with someone who is openly out-and-out bigoted.

You see, although I disagree with political beliefs and policies of the Right, and although I disagree with pro-life arguments, I tolerate and accept that they’re valid positions to hold. They’re not hateful and not “bad” beliefs. They’re beliefs that I personally disagree with. They’re beliefs that I don’t hold myself. But I understand why my friends have them, and I know that they’re good people. They’re not extremists, they’re not awful, they’re just good people with different thoughts and perspectives. There’s no “guilt by association” because there’s nothing to be guilty of from either point of view. 

As an aside, I’ve also said that I’ll accept followers and messages from absolutely anyone, even if they’re of the extreme Right or the extreme Left because I’m glad that they are at least willing to hear a more nuanced and non-extreme view. 

But actual friendship is entirely different from that common, polite courtesy to a stranger. If you’re actually friends with someone that is openly, genuinely and extremely bigoted, then you’re treating them like I treat my pro-life friends. You’re saying that, sure, you disagree with them, but their point of view is valid. You’re saying that it’s fine to agree to disagree on genuine bigotry. And that’s where the guilt by association does come in. Because, whether it’s true or not, if you’re seen to happily and constantly associate with people that are openly, genuinely and extremely bigoted, then others see you as condoning that bigotry, that you don’t think that the bigotry shown is a big deal. That you’re fine to see and hear it because you can easily dismiss and ignore it. And if you say that you’re against that bigotry, then you’ll be seen as nothing but a hypocrite, because if you condemn others but give your friends a free pass, then your stance ends up being seen as utterly laughable.

And this is the bottom line. Agreeing to disagree over topics is absolutely anyone’s choice. Accepting differences of opinion, especially when it comes to things like basic politics, is absolutely a good thing that should be encouraged. But if you decide that you’re content to lie with genuine bigots, then others are going to presume that you share their fleas. And you can’t then sit back up and look confused when others see you associating with the worst of people happily and then refuse to accept your acceptance of them.

It’s a choice you make. And I think that it’s disingenuous for parts of Tumblr to claim that a moderate being friends with a Nazi or a far-Leftist is comparable to a general Left-winger being friends with a general Right-winger, because it’s absolutely not the same at all.

when i talk about daddy long legs btw i dont mean cellar spiders or crane flies or anything else colloquially known as “daddy long legs” i mean these guys

September Schedule

All right, so I’m back to daily posting thanks to classes not exhausting me like work did. The only day I will not be posting is on Tuesdays because I have over 5.5 hours of class. I have compiled a schedule to outline what prompt will be posted on what day.

Older prompts are given more priority, so you’ll find the ones scheduled for September came from a few months ago. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. This takes out about half of my current requests!

I reserve the right to change the dates for any of these should classwork interfere with my schedule. Any postponed writings due to such circumstances will be posted on the specified date at the end of the month.

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Can I just say that this "three days ago" is BUGGING ME? ugh, what? What three days ago? And also, the latest Jikook videos are so couple-y... Am the only one thinking that?? Idk, it has a different vibe to it..

Jimin’s playing with us with all these videos hes been posting I swear. Like ok the video was taken 3 days ago but honestly who cares? Its not like it meant anything to us… (weither he took it 3 days 20 years ago it doesnt change anything to us) does it mean something to them though? What kinda instagram couples shit is this caption

“Ed will introduce Ed’s full name: Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV. … Ed made up that name for Ed. Isn’t it cool?”

3/5 Non-Binary Favorite Characters: Radical Edward