ugh best movie

i’m sorry if this is like really late to the bandwagon but

i’ll never ever ever ever ever ever EVER get over the fact that the only reason atem came back was because yugi needed help

because yugi, after two exhausting duels and a third one that left him with only 200 LP out of 8000, couldn’t physically keep standing and needed help to win the duel

and i’ll never get over the fact that, for one last time, they saved the world together


i fucking love Good Cop and Bad Cop.. and it’s been a very long while since I’ve drawn them ;-; (i also seem to be in the mood to just drawing black and whites ´w`;;)

So I drew them again! and I’ll probably resume drawing them in the future because I absolutely adore badass Good Cop and super chill Bad Cop like that’s my crack and I cannot get over it.. 

-sigh- I’ve also changed how I draw them so that’s a plus too >o>;;

GCBC©Lego Movie/WB
art and stuff©moi :U


“Get To Know Me” Meme

Favorite Movie [2/5] - A Walk To Remember

“Jamie has faith in me. She makes me want to be different, better”


en smiling in episode 7


Ik tere baaju duja
Mera koyi mol na

Bolna maahi bolna


Julia Voth, 30 (born May 16, 1985), is a Canadian born American actress and model.  She served as the character model for Jill Valentine of the 2002 Resident Evil video game. Her likeness was also used in several other video games in the Resident Evil franchise.

I sit on a throne of gold and bones. My father’s bones. My uncle’s bones. My grandfather’s bones and his fathers before him. My brother’s bones. Beneath me, they crumble into dust. I am king of the ashes. KING UNDER THE MOUNTAIN.

(for ellie)