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Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

As requested by anonymous:  Can you write a stevexreader where she broke her arm on the last mission so he helps her with everything and the other avengers tease them cuz steve has a massive crush on her❤

The mission was an absolute success…well…sorta. You disposed of the chemical weapon and you saved millions of lives! But you came out with a broken arm. You were going against a Hydra agent. When he got you on the ground, he stomped on your arm thus breaking it. Luckily for you, America’s Golden Boy, aka Steve, came and knocked the guy out.

He immediately picked you up bridal style and started heading for the roof where Tony and Clint were waiting for you and the rest of the team.

“My arm’s broken, not my legs, Steve.”

“It’s okay, I got ya.”

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I just got a load of feels because I was watching a Lilicole fan video and it had some videos of the cast I've skating and isn't it crazy that a single show could bring best friends together. Like Cami and Lili or Cole and KJ and especially Cole and Lili, they all always hang out. They were thrown together by fate but now they are all best friends and I find that beautiful.


They are just constantly hanging out, going on trips, being so cozy, laughing all the fucking time. Ugh love them so much. 

My Saviour: The Start (Rewritten)

First Chapter! Done!


“I’m gonna go home now, Goth. See you at home.” Xahji said as she packed her backpack, ready to head to her house. She slinged it on her back, smoothing down her pink dress for any wrinkles.

“Be careful on the way back, ok?” Goth, being the protective brother he is, informed her. “Also, don’t you usually go home with Raven or Sorell?”

She groaned, showing a bit of displeasure. “Goth, you worry too much. I’ll be perfectly fine on my own.” Stretching a bit, a few pleasant pops were made, making her relax a bit more.

“I just wanna keep you safe.” Xahji just rolled her eyes at that. Though, she is indeed thankful that he cares.

“Whatever.” She said with a smile.

“No kissy bye-byes for your bro?” Goth said, making Xahji giggle as she left the premises of the library to head home.


Xahji’s POV

My brother worries too much. I’m 16, y'know! Though, it’s still so nice that he worries for my safety…. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t be angry at him for babying me. Like seriously? Kiss bye-bye? He has his boyfriend for that.

I sighed as I walk down the hallway that is said to have ghosts haunting them, the stairs, which is most definitely not a stairway to heaven, like seriously who even said that?!?! And of course, the school’s gate entrance.

From here, I could see the sun cast a red hue over the school. It’s getting late. What time is it? I look at my watch. It’s 5:34 pm.

I have to hurry soon or I will be forced to travel in the dark. Ugh… This day had been terrible!! First, I woke up late so I had to rush to school, then when I arrived, there were like how many? 3 new projects? And more school work! And all of them are due next week! And of course….. Another day that HE tried to push me away from my best friends!


We entered the cafeteria where we met up with Cray and Cil on the way and ordered our food- or their food. I make my lunch with Dad’s help. After that, we saw Idle was beckoning at us at an empty table that all six of us could fit in.

Swifty sat to his right while I sat next to Swifty. Colonna sat opposite of my while Cray was situated between her and Cil. We ate happily while we chat about random things.

“I’m starting to hate all of you.” Colonna suddenly commented and it made us all look at her. She was l leaning on her one hand, the other tapping the table.

“Why are you starting to hate us?” Idle asked, worried.

“Except you, Idle. You cool.” She pointed at him. That was definitely a pun. I mean, I’m fine with it, considering that my family says puns and jokes all the time but maybe Idle isn’t.

Cil finger-gunned Collona since he is a pun expert as well. Cray was holding back his laughter while Swifty just didn’t show care. But he was smiling.

I heard Idle groan. “Colonna, just because my full name is Idle Snow doesn’t mean you can just make cold puns out of it.”

“This girl can’t be stopped.” She said, pointing at herself with her thumb.

Cray giggled and sighed. “Anyways, why do you hate most of us? Mainly me, Cray, Cil and Swifty?”

“It’s just unfair!” She suddenly stated in a loud voice, enough for those sitting nearby to hear and look at us. Well all shushed her at the same time.

“Lower down your voice. Now explain.” Cil told her. She crossed her hands, looking grumpy.

“It’s unfair how the four of you have brothers that you can rely on. Cray has Fresh who is the valedictorian, Cil has PJ, who is Fresh’s bf and the basketball team captain, Taylor here-”

“Don’t call me that.” she was cut by Swifty in the middle of her explaining but she still continued. That nickname is kinda funny.

“-who has Snazzy and Siren, the baseball team ace and the school’s prefect, and then there is Xahji who has Goth the librarian, Raven the teacher and Sorell. It’s so unfair!” She avoided out looks at her, looking all grumpy and stuff.

“That’s it? Just because we have brothers, you hate us?” I said, not really believing her.

“Easy for you to say considering that you have a hot brother.” She told me. Ugh.

“Speaking of brothers…” Swifty suddenly pulled me and Idle closer by the shoulders. “When will you two confess to mine?”

A series of giggles emmited from our table, Cray almost spilling out his drink. Cil looked away, holding his laughter while Colonna laughed. These 4 are just so… Ugh!

I just know that I look like a strawberry right now! That statement caught us so off-guard! I looked at Idle, his face pink of embarrassment at the mention of us confessing to Swifty’s bros.

And thank Idle for his fast thinking for a comeback! “Why, Swifty? Did you confess to G already that it gave you the right to say that?”

This made Cil finally laugh so hard with Colonna and Cray, and we even got a few stares from it! Swifty let go of our shoulders, using his hands to cover his blue face.

“You three need to finally confess.” Cray said after calming down. Cil took a moment to catch his breath and looked at Cray.

“Please stop being a hypocrite. You haven’t even confessed to Mr. CC yet.” Cil grinned.

Cray glared at Cil. “Says the one who confessed through a badly written letter.”

I giggled. It is true. Then I remembered Snazzy.

“Guys, please. Even if I do confess, Snazzy will deny me. I just know it. I mean, hates me.” I looked down at my lap. Our table became quiet as Swifty rubbed my back.

“Xahji, that’s not-”

“Swifty!” A stern familiar voice cut Swifty off as I hear footsteps approach us at our lunch table. I already know who it is.

“Snazzy! What are you doing here?” Swifty’s face of sympathy faded into a frown. Ugh. I knew it.

“Yeah, what are you doing here?” Colonna said with a scoff. It’s kinda hard to hide my blush since he’s right behind me. He is just so handsome and manly wvrn when I’m not looking ar him~ But he hates me.

“I’m just here to get my brother away from her.” I felt someone glaring daggers at the top of my skull.

I looked to the side, not wanting to look at my friends faces.

“Look Snazzy, for the last time, I am NOT interested in your brother!” How many times do I have to say it to him for him to understand?!

“I don’t believe you.” He’s just stubborn, isn’t he?

“Fine! I’m leaving!” I abruptedly stood up and left my friends with Snazzy there.

“Xahji wait!” I heard Swifty call to me before I can’t hear him anymore.


I really feel bad for leaving them there. They are my bestest friends yet I left them because of my anger. Maybe I should text one of them. Swifty sounds nice.

Xahji: *Hey Swifty.

Swifty: *Xahji! I’m glad you texted me. Colly and the others are worried!

Swifty: *Look, sorry about a while ago.

Swifty: *My brother can be quite the rude type.

Xahji: *Yeah. Obviously.

Swifty: *Sorry about my bro. Again.

Xahji: *its sokay. I’m used to it.

Swifty: *Colonna was killing Snazzy with her stare a while ago. It waskinda funny if they weren’t fighting because of you.

Xahji: *He deserves it. Sometimes I just wander why I even have a crush on him.

Swifty: *Don’t sweat it. How about nice cream tomorrow? My treat. I’ll invite the others too.

Xahji: *Sure. Thanks, Swifty.

I plopped my phone back at my pocket. I’m now near a shop. The shop where Fuku’s dad is managing. I might as well visit and have a burger or something. They have the best ones I have ever tasted!

I WAS gonna go in when a certain SOMEONE bumped into me. It almost made me lost my balance but gladly, it didn’t.

“Watch where you’re going!” I looked at him, facing a glare. I need to act like I’m mad. “Oh look. If it isn’t Magi.”

“I should be saying that. And it’s Xahji! Not Magi! Jerk!” I shouted at Snazzy. He is such a jerk! And a hot one too. Ughhhhh. What the eff is wrong with me?!

“Look, stay away from my brother. I don’t want you ruining his love life.” Again?! He’s still not over that?!

“Seriously?! You’ve been saying that from the first day we met!”

“Yeah? Well I don’t care! Just stay away from Swifty!”

“Ugh! You are such a jerk! I was just here, wanting to learn new things and meeting friends in the process! And I met Swifty as one of my best friends!” I shouted, not caring about the looks everyone gave us. Not the look of surprise Snazzy gave me.

“Look, I like someone else. Why can’t you understand that Swifty is just a friend to me?” I said as I lowered my voice sadly. I tried to walk past him until he grabbed my arm.

“Then who are you interested in?” Snazzy asked me. I was shocked at his question. He is asking me?! Seriously?! I can’t tell him!

I slowly looked at him, my blush starting to grow. I just know it. “Why are you asling? We aren’t close.” I pulled my arm from him and walked away, a little ashamed. He really wanted to know, wow. I just know that I was blushing hard now. *squeal* I can’t believe it! He touched me!

~Time Skip to after 20 minutes walking~

It’s already night time. I wonder if someone texted me. I slipped my hand into my pocket for my pink-cased phone. Omly yo find out it wasn’t there. Oh no. Oh no! Oh nonononononono! Where could it possibly be?!

I started to panic. Where is my phone?! I was sure that I had it in my pocket!

Ok. Okay. Ooohhkayyyy. Just calm down. Breathe in, breathe out. Inhale, exhale. I just need to calm down. Maybe I dropped it somewhere. But where? Hmm…. *gasp* I bumped into Snazzy a while ago! Maybe he saw it. I’ll just call Swifty and-

I am. Such an. IDIOT.

I just forgot that my phone is missing. *sigh* Welp. I’ll just go home and ask him on the landline.

I didn’t notice that someone was folloqing me until they talked, making me jump.

“Look what we have here.”


I decided to rewrite this since it holds something very special ro my heart. This is one of my first fanfics for undertale and it’s just so special.

So yeah. This will also serve as my LATE Birthday gift for you, Rezzy!


Mun: Daawww! This is an awesome rewrite! It’s cool that you added more characters into this. Aahh! I love your fics Kojo. Don’t forget that. And Thanks!

qqueenofhades  asked:


this is going to be one of the BEST seasons ever!!!!!!!!!!!

i got ridiculously emotional watching that promo last night, Hilary. i mean this show always gets me and i cry basically every time i see the Snowing scene with the ring, but seeing that montage of all the things that have made this show special and beautiful and NOT LIKE ANYTHING THAT HAS EVER COME BEFORE IT…. ugh I just fell completely in love with this show and this cast and these writers all over again. Bless Adam and Eddy for their vision. 


and speaking of the promo, there were two things I noticed from it:

1. A&E absolutely are committed to bringing back the S1 feeling this year. And the Underworld as a destination is a perfect means to achieve it.  That montage featured so many throw back characters that will be playing a role in 5B  - Sidney, the blind witch, Cruella, Pan, Cora, Zelena… plus Mulan and Red. I know we’re getting Hades (yay) but instead of spending time on 3 new sidekick villains (and three new backstories) to go along with him they are bringing back all of our faves. This means they can focus on our MAIN cast!

2. 5B is going to be Captain Swan AF. I do think this season will feel more balanced to the fans than the last - but we’re still getting an epic story line for Hook and Emma. EPIC. I’ve already been convinced by all your posts on this matter dear- and that promo, and the way it highlighted CS, was total confirmation that you are right. Big things are coming. 

The promo began with Snowing TLK and ended with Captain Swan “I will always find you”. The first and last moments of the past 99 episodes of OUAT - framing the promo - and framing this STORY. 

They are hitting us over the head with what’s to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like, I knew it was by the people who did LOST

and all I knew about THAT show was that they didn’t plan it out and it was apparently a huge clusterfuck, so I cannot say that I am surprised, but I am still angry.

Oh my God, for a brilliant concept allowing a massive multi-crossover Disney/Grimm crackfic with some awesome actors and some great ideas, Once Upon a Time is a show that seriously fucking needs to get its shit together.

Giant rant full of opinions, meta, and complaining under the cut.

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So Mojo final performance quick review

bulleted because i still can’t function.

  • Joy sat about five to six rows behind me….she was the first person I saw when I got to the theatre (and i was behind her in the line for the bar. we like shadowed each other the whole performance) and it was weird because I’ve seen her in so many photos and such with Brendan so she’s kinda like a celebrity in my mind….. and then there’s all that controversy or whatever you want to call it. She actually was lost during intermission and thought she was sitting in my row and I had to like “help her”. She was quite pleasant to me though :) 
  • I was in the sixth row tonight…. I sat closer every time I saw the play (second tier balcony, 20th row and then 6th) and I can tell you the play is at its best from the closer points of view. The actors emotions make the play so much more real.

  • During the second act Daniel spit his gum out and it caused Rupert and Daniel to break character and start laughing. Everyone loved it and clapped for them
  • Everyone automatically stood for an ovation at the end. It was beautiful. Great job audience :)
  • At the end Daniel was visibly crying, Rupert looked a bit shaken up, and you could tell the whole cast were really going to miss doing this.  I was focusing a lot on Brendan…. who gave Colin a playful clap on the head at the very end…then proceeded to completely eat up the audiences cheers with salutes, waves, and pretending his flowers were a telephone

  • EVERYONE STAGE DOORED. holy shit the stage door was crazy today. there were like probably close to three hundred people. I was in the second row.
  • Brendan wore those lovely glasses and was so sassy and lovely and. ugh. sorry I’m gushing. Just see my previous post for those pictures.
  • Some girl was kind enough to get my program autographed by Brendan, Daniel and Ben… My ticket was also signed by Daniel. I think Daniel, for the three times I stage doored was the best signer and the one who truly made sure everyone got what them wanted.