ugh best cast of all time

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I just got a load of feels because I was watching a Lilicole fan video and it had some videos of the cast I've skating and isn't it crazy that a single show could bring best friends together. Like Cami and Lili or Cole and KJ and especially Cole and Lili, they all always hang out. They were thrown together by fate but now they are all best friends and I find that beautiful.


They are just constantly hanging out, going on trips, being so cozy, laughing all the fucking time. Ugh love them so much. 


Wicked, 2nd National Tour, pt. 2 (pt. 1)

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this is going to be one of the BEST seasons ever!!!!!!!!!!!

i got ridiculously emotional watching that promo last night, Hilary. i mean this show always gets me and i cry basically every time i see the Snowing scene with the ring, but seeing that montage of all the things that have made this show special and beautiful and NOT LIKE ANYTHING THAT HAS EVER COME BEFORE IT…. ugh I just fell completely in love with this show and this cast and these writers all over again. Bless Adam and Eddy for their vision. 


and speaking of the promo, there were two things I noticed from it:

1. A&E absolutely are committed to bringing back the S1 feeling this year. And the Underworld as a destination is a perfect means to achieve it.  That montage featured so many throw back characters that will be playing a role in 5B  - Sidney, the blind witch, Cruella, Pan, Cora, Zelena… plus Mulan and Red. I know we’re getting Hades (yay) but instead of spending time on 3 new sidekick villains (and three new backstories) to go along with him they are bringing back all of our faves. This means they can focus on our MAIN cast!

2. 5B is going to be Captain Swan AF. I do think this season will feel more balanced to the fans than the last - but we’re still getting an epic story line for Hook and Emma. EPIC. I’ve already been convinced by all your posts on this matter dear- and that promo, and the way it highlighted CS, was total confirmation that you are right. Big things are coming. 

The promo began with Snowing TLK and ended with Captain Swan “I will always find you”. The first and last moments of the past 99 episodes of OUAT - framing the promo - and framing this STORY. 

They are hitting us over the head with what’s to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!