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  • Sherlock: *about to take the pill*
  • John: *shot the cabie*
  • Moriarty: *put John in a bomb suit*
  • John: *grabbed him and told Sherlock to run*
  • Sherlock: *was drugged by Irene*
  • John: *cancelled his date to stayed home taking care of Sherlock*
  • Sherlock: *about to shoot himself*
  • John: seen at 8:45✔️

No scene between two people in the history of television or cinema has or will ever be as pure, tender, organic and raw as the scenes shared by Colin Morgan and Bradley James in that last episode of BBC’s Merlin.

The Sound
The 1975
The Sound

PREMIER: The 1975 - The Sound

The 1975′s latest release, “The Sound”, off their new record I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It, due out February 26th, follows the previous two singles’ paths of heavy 80′s influence, plenty of pop, and a plethora of synth. It is more reminiscent of their debut eponymous record than the other releases, mainly in lyrics and style–and I love it. It is completely The 1975 in the way that it is utterly unexpected while still staying true to their unique sound. 


Poor reactions to Sherlock’s writings

And one more:


Morgana, 5.06 - The Dark Tower

“I know how lonely you must be, all by yourself in that room. At least you’re not shackled..and there’s daylight. You can move, you can see..”
“You expect me to be grateful?”
“I too have suffered, Gwen. I spent two years living in darkness. Spent two years chained to a wall at the bottom of a pit.”

for fucks sake why couldn’t they have ended it with the gang eating cake in 221b


He is half-way through the automatic gesture—taking the cup—when the phrasing dawns on both of them and John freezes, his fingertips touching Sherlock’s around the ceramic circumference that is suddenly, maddeningly, too small. John doesn’t ever think of this; the uncanny ability they usually have, despite years of occupying the same cramped spaces, to avoid touching. John doesn’t ever think of this; his own uncanny ability to remember, acutely and without trying, every single time that they actually have: The average human memory is only sixty-two percent accurate on recall are you alright punch me in the face we’re going to need to cooperate let me by he’s my friend.

There’s nothing for it; you’ll need to learn how to dance.

To the best of times, John.

from Within the Narrative by Dale Pike