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The Preath Head Tap™️️ 2013 vs 2016


A reserved boy who can do everything

He usually tends to keep a low profile when cameras are around, but that doesn’t mean he’s like that all the time. His own group members have described him as both quiet and a clown, which means that he can naturally show two sides of a coin and mesmerise everyone by pulling every kind of concept with his own trademark charm.
Happy birthday Wonwoo, may the real you always keep shining both on stage and out of it. We all hope you stay healthy and joyful so you can keep your members and us with a big smile in our faces #BeautifulWONWOOday #전원우_복덩어리_생일축하해 📖☄️


Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary: You were always late, but now you would never be late again

Word Count: 1117 

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(Pretend this gif takes place during the night time)

He hadn’t seen you in a year. That’s 12 months, 365 days, 8,760 hours, 525,600 minutes, 31,536,00 seconds. Four seasons without your touch. But you found yourself here: walking amongst the white sea of Bangtan Bombs raised above the heads of thousands of fans in the stadium. 

You always arrived late to the concerts. It had always been that way. Hoseok had an idol life, while you had work and studies to deal with. Because of all the things you had to do, you always came late. 

You gravitate towards the left side, a seat in the middle of the fifth row was always kept empty. At every concert, he kept that seat open for you. Whenever you had asked why a seat to side and not in the center, he had always claimed that Jimin liked to take center stage. He didn’t want you staring at Jimin the whole time, and that’s why Hoseok loved to move from side to side across the stage. He was always looking for you in the crowd. 

Tonight, Hoseok was glistening as he always did. He was Bangtan’s sunshine after all. He always had that bright smile beaming on his face, spreading his warmth to everyone around him. Only you knew his inner turmoils. He had always talked to you about things nobody knew about, not even his members. You were his safe haven, and he was yours. 

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Okay so because @i-mweakforchangkyun and @peachysugas tagged me to do this bias selfie tag, I took a bunch of stupid selfies and put them next to my beautiful love. Yes.
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• your first impression of him was that he was extremely talented, you didn’t even notice his size or his aegyo, it was his talent that made an impact on you.
• when he first met you, his mind was in a frenzy, he thought you looked nice and wanted to get to know you more bUT HE WAS NEVER WARNED BY HIS PARENTS THAT HE’D HAVE TO TALK TO GOOD LOOKING PEOPLE IN HIS LIFE???? HE WASNT PREPARED FOR ANY FLIRTING !!
• he spent all night trying to write a song that he would sing to you when it came to asking you out but nOTHING WAS COMING TO MIND BC EVERYTIME HE THOUGHT OF YOU HE GOT ALL FLUSTERED THAT HE COULDNT THINK STRAIGHT :((( ;))) and when the members came in and saw there was a sea of crumpled paper on the floor and there jihoon is in the middle of it all staring at the ceiling bc he gave up lol. he eventually got the song done at like 5 in the morning
• but when he got to you the next day, he got so thrown off guard that he forgot the lyrics for a few seconds and he kept fumbling with his guitar and his voice was all shaky and all the confidence he had before went straight out of the window
• however you were so woo'ed by the fact he spent all night writing a song for you that you said yes before he could even say anything after the song.
• “damn it, I knew you’d say no, I TOLD THEM YOUD SAY NO BUT NOOO THE HYUNGS SAID TO GIVE IT A GO AND- wait what’d you say?”
• and he was so happy that he actually yelled YES and did a little happy dougie before realising you were still there oops and immediately regained composure and tried to act cool but you saw it all.
• your first date with jihoon was in this small cafe, where you two talked about yourselves and got to know each other more. he kept asking you if you wanted anything else and kept making sure you weren’t hungry, weren’t thirsty, weren’t bored, and things like that. suddenly, someone recognised jihoon and urged him to get on this little stage the cafe had and sing. poor boy was too caught of guard and started to protest but eventually the whole cafe started chanting his name - including you. and he sighed and stood on the stage BECAUSE HE WANTED TO MAKE U HAPPY
• “um hi, my name’s lee jihoon, and I’ll be singing ‘when I grow up’. this song… is dedicated to a very special someone that’s with me today, hope you like it.”
• afterwards he got a standing ovation from the crowd and he blushed bc he completely forgot ppl were watching him and bowed then like practically ran back to you and sank down in his seat bc omg this is embarrassing
• then he insisted to walk you home bc he didn’t trust you walking home by yourself just in case something bad happened.
• jihoon doesn’t like calling you nicknames in public bc that’s too cringey to even think about !! but when it’s just the two of you he calls you all sorts of things, 'jagiya, babe, baby’ and cute stuff like that aw
• but sometimes you purposely don’t respond to him unless he calls you babe in public bc you like to see him flustered oops
• “yah, y/n come here.”
• “…”
• “y/n?”
• “…”
• “ugh, b-b-babe?”
• “huh? you were calling?”
• your first kiss with jihoon was at like 3am, you hadn’t seen him in AGES bc he always locked himself in his studio, refused to come out and stayed there for as long as he pleased. then at 3 in the freaking morning you get a call from him and his voice is like a zombie and he literally sounds ded and your like BEB ARE U OKAY and he’s all like MHM I JUST RLLY MISS U RN COME OVER zJdjismdkendkdm
• and when he saw you he got a huge as smile and just went right up to you, took your face in his hands and kissed you and you just froze bc is this the lee jihoon you knew? but it was really cute bc right after he did that he got all blushy bc hE JUST DID THAT
• public skinship? NONONONO CRINGE CRINGE CRINGE !!!!!
• like even if he hasn’t seen you in ages, he will literally wait for all the members to single file exit the room until he can hug you and kiss you all he wants. he thinks all the members don’t watch but they do in any way they can lol
• has a habit of cringing over the smallest things, like he can’t do that bc in the scenario he’s imagining in his head, it’ll look too cringey!! and he does that thing with his hands where they turn into claws and he’s just like aaksnsksmam, you know what I’m talking about ;))
• he LOVES reward kisses! jihoon wants a kiss after every performance, after every practice, after every finished song, after everyTHING BC HE DID A GOOD JOB STANDING THERE QUIETLY HE DESERVES A KISS OK
• when lee jihoon wants affection, affection is what he shall get. he’ll just casually go up to you, even in front of the members, and hug you from behind or just kiss your cheek as if this ish was normal and your all flustered bc !!
• is a sports addict like it’s not even funny, whenever he has a chance to watch or play sports he’ll get so competitive and want to win and get all pouty when the team he was rooting for or when he loses.
• “jihoon, it’s okay babe”
• probably would start shedding little tears
• he especially likes to play sport with you bc he sees you get all flustered when he tries to teach you how to kick a ball properly in soccer bc his face gets too close occasionally when he’s trying to point something out from where your standing and yOU ARENT EVEN LISTENING ANYMORE YOUR JUST A BIG MESS ON THE FLOOR UR NOT OK
• constantly asks to get a pet dog bc he loves them lots and literally stops and drops whatever he’s doing just to play with a dog that just so happened to trot passed. but no matter what he says you always like no jihoon I am not getting a dog with you bc you’ll be gone most of the time and I’d have to take care of it all the time :((
• but one time you finally gave in bc he gave you the saddest look ever and you just hAD TO.
• he then proceeded to the take your dog everywhere he went. practice room, studio, in bed with him. EVeryWHErE
• “yah, it’s seems like you love the dog more than me *pout pout*”
• “whAT NEVER~”
• jihoon can’t eat spicy food, it’s like an allergy to him oops, this one time you two were having a dinner date and he accidentally ordered something but had no idea if it was so spicy or not and he literally drank 30 glasses of water straight, 5 tubs of ice cream and 2 ice blocks - you paying, and even after that he was all whiny about it bc his tongue felt swollen and spicy and he couldn’t talk properly without a lisp for the rest of the night, poor bby
• secretly bases all of seventeen’s songs around you and whenever you or someone else asks what his inspiration for the songs are, he always says it just comes to his mind whenever bUT NOP ITS ALL FROM YOU BC WHEN HE SEES YOU HE WANTS TO SHOUT MANSAE AND HE WANTS U TO KNOW HE ADORES U EVEN WHEN HES 20 AND HE’LL ADORE U WHEN HE GROWS UP BC YOU ROCK HIS HEAD. (yalls see what I did there lol I’m pathetic)
• has an addiction to bringing his song writing notebook everywhere he goes bc you never know when inspiration hits you, it’s a good thing is ofc, but he usually gets inspiration in the worst times like he’ll say something hella nice, hella romantic, hella sweet and he’ll just stop kid sentence and be like tHATLL BE GOOD FOR A SONG LEMME WRITE THT DOWN and then the mood is killed lol
• can’t stand couple items nop nop nop
• “jihoon-ah, let’s just get socks!!”
• “goodbye.”
• will just straight up leave the shop without saying a word bc all these cringe worthy items makes him feel nauseous and dizzy
• do NOT mess with jealous jihoon, he’d straight fight anyone if he gets jealous. in fact, he would fight EVERYONE, even you. he won’t talk to you for hours bc you weren’t supposed to hang out with the hyungs, you were supposed to hang out with HIM
• bc of his jealous trait, he ain’t afraid to show public skinship to prove that yOU WERENT AVAILABLE, NOT UNLESS HIS ARMS AROUND YOUR WAIST AND KISSES MEANT YOU WERE SINGLE NOP
• will miss interpret everything and make any excuse to get jealous
• “why you staring at her like that!? huh?? c'mon let’s fight.”
• “babe it’s just a waiter”
• his phone background is a photo he took of you when you were listening to the draft of a song he was working on you looked so happy and cute he was so proud to produce a song that made you feel like that that he had to take a photo to remember that moment aw
• your phone background is of the two of you the one time you managed to convince him into couple clothing, just coz it was your birthday and you said he’d be a bad boyfriend if he didn’t do it for you. you smiled in the camera all cheesy but when the photo was taken, woozi was just staring at yOU with this lovesick look on his face !!
• dates in the middle of the night at the park, on the swings, eating ramen, talking about life and looking at the stars yes.
• once he showed you all the instruments he played and you were so fascinated, especially by the clarinet. but you thought it was embarrassing to marvel over it in front of him so when he left you took it in your hands and just looked at every key and every part of the clarinet.
• but you had no idea it could pull apart into separate pieces so when it did do that you thought you broke it and you nearly cried
• you shamefully handed him the “broken” clarinet and literally had tears in your eyes and jihoon was like girl y u crying and just puts it back together and ur like WHAT THE
• his role as seventeen’s vocal team leader really does make a huge impact on jihoon, he’s always constantly stressed and burdened over the fact that he’s in charge of writing and producing and if the song is a flop, it’s all his fault. you always have to tell him whatever he makes will be good enough because he puts all the hours of hard work and effort into it. you tell him he’s talented and absoLUTELY up for the job as vocal team leader.
• “thank you jagi… really. you have no idea how much those words mean to me…”
• your first fight with jihoon was about how he’s always over working him to the point that it’s hazardous to his health, he wouldn’t listen and he was just like WHY DOES IT MATTER TO YOU IF IM LIKE THIS and you just lost it and was like BC I CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH WAY MORE THAN I CARE ABOUT MINE
• but you just left after that to cool off bc this was scary for you and you couldn’t face him
• and he’d apologise by showing up at your doorstep all timid and he’d take a steal forward and just hug you bc although he doesn’t like to express his love for you a lot hE MISSED YOUR TOUCH AND YOUR KISS AND YOUR FACE
• “I… Am so sorry.”
• late night Skype and phone calls will jihoon bc he likes to be there even if he’s in the studio, asking you about your day and watch you fall asleep on the screen in front of him.
• is a completely different person in the morning, he wants nothing but hugs kisses and love bc it’s too early, he shouldn’t be awake, he’d still be asleep if you hadn’t woken him up so the least you could do was shower him with affection tyvm
• lee jihoon might not be the most perfect boy in the world, he might have his flaws. he might not be everyone’s cup of tea but he just so happened to be yours. you are so important to him and he wouldn’t hesitate to save you from any discomfort your experiencing. he may not show his affection often, but he really, truly cares and loves you. he shows it in his own special ways, that on,t the two of you notice and it’s absolutely magic whenever he says those three special words.
• “jagiya… akkinda” ~woozi~~

Preference #132: No hablan Inglés.

A/N: I had a request about them meeting your parents for the first time but your parents don’t speak English so it’s awkward. Instead of doing a 4/4 I just did Luke, I hope you don’t mind. I decided to use Spanish, I don’t know why I just did. Note I used a translator.

Luke was extremely nervous about meeting your parents for the first time. You’d told him they only spoke Spanish and Luke had been trying to learn, but most of it just wasn’t sinking in. He drove to your place and knocked on the door with sweaty palms. You opened the door and he greeted your parents “hola señor y señora” Luke said shaking your father’s hand and kissing your mother’s cheek “hola” they replied rather impressed that he had tried to learn. You moved out of the living room and into the dining room to sit down and talk before dinner “Cómo estás?” your mother asked, and Luke looked at you in complete confusion. You giggled “she said how are you?” you said “oh right I’ve been practicing this…” Luke said “Es…Estoy b…b…bien y te agrad ugh ezco” Luke said. “Good job” you smiled “Estoy bien gracias” your mother responded. Luke smiled feeling proud of himself. Then your mother began asking more things which he didn’t know what she was saying and when you translated he didn’t know what to say. The whole night consisted of your parents saying something in Spanish you translating it to English, then translating Luke’s English response into Spanish. The whole night was really awkward, “I’m sorry this is awkward, maybe I should just go” Luke said. “No it’s okay” you said. Luke loved you but he couldn’t wait to leave, because he just felt really awkward.