ugh always shipping what's not cannon

Teen Wolf new episode

So good things and things I was interested in… Stiles.

Well okay I liked the episode but it didn’t make me feel much emotion apart from when people where forgetting Stiles.

But there were a couple of things that irritated me.

One: Where is Parrish?

Two: So… They set Marrish up for nothing?

Three: So…they set Stalia up and got them to date for nothing?

Four: Stalia stops not existing? Like it never happened? Okay I admit I haven’t been go Stalia as of late because I was out of once I realised how the show treated them and didn’t care for them and also about the stiles mum echo house seen that was cut out because of them…

Five: Why on earth did Stalia happen if Stiles still had a crush on Lydia? What was the point of them saying and telling us that Stiles was moving on in season 3 and 4, when, well he wasn’t?

Six: So Stiles used Malia to try and get over his feelings for Lydia? Pretty out of character for him I’d say? His not that kind of person…

Seven: Actually have no complains over Scott this episode. Apart from not thinking of going up the stairs sooner once they’d split up. Though the plot couldn’t have moved on if he’d done that…Soo.

Eight: okay Stiles had feelings for Lydia, I get it but um why is no one taking into account Lydia’s feelings? She still has not shown any romantic feelings for him, like what? Still so one sided man.

Nine: And still could not care less about Liam or Hayden.

Ten: I like Mason and Corey though.

Eleven: So you probably guessed my most hated thing on that show was Stydia.

Twelve: If Stydia was not fan service then explain to me WHY have they not hinted at it through other seasons like through Lydia? Not JUST Stiles? And if he had a crush on her why did this crush seem to mysteriously disappear in season 4? Why on was that freaking kiss in season 3 never mentioned again? And why did Stiles decide to date Malia if he was still into Lydia? And why has Lydia never actually turned around and told Stiles, no?? Or even yes? She MUST have known about his crush, he wasn’t subtle.

Funny thing is the only way I’d actually be okay with Stydia is if Stiles was a ghost. I know, weird right? I just have this pic of Ghost stiles and her being all romantic and cute and I go awww. Anything else including what they’re doing in cannon makes me angry, confused and betrayed that they would paint Stiles in such an awful light to get that “ship” and to get views. And not even thinking, if he always thought this then why did he do this, unless…?

Ugh…teen wolf.