ugh always look so good why

If you wish it...there’s some chance that it will happen

170318 Exordium Malaysia

Those shirts remind me of the pastel video Dan and Phil did XD ahhhh I’m such trashhhhhhh

They were really goofy~

GIF VERSION. We have a Baekhyun strolling along like it’s nobody’s business but then…

BOOM COLLSISION THEN KICK. ahhhhhhhh, Chanyeol, we could take you away for abuse

Ehehe, I love it when they play fight~ I think it’s the cutest thing ^^ so happen

*cough* height difference. That’s one good thing about shipping some pair with height difference XD there’s always something to spazz about

Oh yeah look at that tongue *insert lenny face here* (I’m so sorry XD)

Mhmm mhmm I don’t blame you for staring Park Chanyeol, that’s quite a work of art in front of you XD (ugh I hate myself)


Aww they look so happy ;3 they glad to be back together after being apart so long ;u; (i missed them)

i kinda hope that one day when harley is visiting tony the topic of new york comes up and everything starts groaning because “ugh here goes tony and his ego classic stark” and think he’s just trying to ultra brag in front of the kid

but then harley is like omg tony you’re speaking about ny!!!! that’s heaps good well done and everyone is super confused about why this kid is effectively enabling tony

(maybe that’s when they find out about about tonys panic attacks and PTSD because harley is horrified that they’d brush him off so quickly and wants them to realise how callously they’re acting, but there’s always a chance that harley would take one look at their reactions and realise that if this is how they’ve been acting to tony then harley isnt gonna be the one to tell them the full truth, they’ve done nothing to prove themselves to him - or to tony and in harley’s opinion the sooner tony realises this the better)


The trailerrrrrrr is out baes! I’m just gonna talk about my favorite spots

Look, right on ChiHaya !! *SCREAMS* and MaeIso too! dammit boys why are you not in traditional whyyy so modern. i wanna see you in yukata. Beautiful girl right there, Rinka.

Fandom: Sensei OTP!!!
Staffs: Got you


shota Gakushuu HIHIHI

and of course….

KaruNagi standing beside each other. *SCREAMING MY HEAD OUT* Karma, why so good looking in black. NAGISAAAAAAAAAAAA bae as always~~ I’m not expecting for karmagisa in the trailer ‘cause idk. I’m not just expecting. and idk. I feel like S2 will not have karmagisa moments as much as in S1 (like they’d be focusing on NagiKae or something) I DONT KNOW. WHY AM I FEELING THIS KIND OF FOREBODING. UGH why do you always give me these tragic feels karmagisa no fair

and thankfully we’ll get to see the test of courage animated! and no human korosensei in the trailer :(


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hi kristin!!! how's your week been? i hope you're not putting too much pressure on yourself with college coming up <3 i went paintballing yesterday (which is why i didn't have time to send you an ask :/ )) and now im so sore i can barely type this haha. oh and can i just say that i love that new edit you made with all the songs from 1989? it looks amazing, your edits are all so gorgeous :) have a great day!!! 💕

it’s been good but stressful (i try not to worry about college but man do i worry!!!) and omg lemme just say i seriously miss nyc, i loved being there (esp because they had snow and cold weather which i LOVE and now it’s hot again ugh). oooh ive always wanted to go paintballing! and thank youuu idk why i wanted to make a random 1989 graphic but i did and yeah lol <3

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Me usually when I see cute banter between friends on my dash: do y'all know chat exists 😠. Me when I see you and Adam going back and forth on my dash: awwwww I love my sons, look how cute they are 👏👌😍👍💯

LOL! Yeah and we know chat exists, so we have no excuse. But for anyone whose like UGH WHEN WILL THEY STOP lol, that’s why I always tag him when we go off on banter tangents, so just blacklist #adam and you’re good to go. Now watch me pay for suggesting that in 5…..4…..3…..2….1….

Your Faves Are Problematic.

Here’s a callout post for @mothsbymoonlight​ and @dyemelikeasunset​ Honestly, it’s so despicable what they have done and what they CONTINUE. TO. DO. Honestly, I expected so much more from these two, and I am absolutely disgusted. Here are a few of my main points to bring up with their horrendous behavior and un-called for actions.

*Always taking cute selfies, alone but like also together? ugh don’t they realise they distract people with their amazingness??? I mean like, look at those calves those things have to illegal in at least three states and one territory wth

*Also, the butts? Why are they so perfect? What are you trying to cover up?


*And they just go to random Walmarts and other good, respectable stores??? And do cute things?? Like who even??

*Just all public places?? Like, is nothing sacred to you???

*And they just like?? Make faces?? And do weird things? Idk about you guys but this is going almost too far, tbh. They’re so gd cute it makes me mad. Who do they think they are? Who gave them the right?

Honestly, I could pull out the reciepts all day. These terrors to humanity. Someone stop these menaces to our whole wholesome society. /endrant.

Fenders doodle before work on some other stuff.

I believe they would always fight and fight. And they would never apologize to each other unless something happens.

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