ugh allen what are you doing to me

  • Tim: Bart, you need to stop stealing my clothes.
  • Bart: Says the guy wearing Superboy's shirt!
  • Tim: Everything you're wearing is mine!
  • Bart: Hypocrite!
  • Tim: He gave this to me!
  • Bart: How do I know you're not lying?!
  • Kon: *passing through* I gave it to him.
  • Tim: *gestures pointedly*
  • Bart: >:|
  • Tim: >:U
  • Bart: *motions to what he's wearing* I'm not giving these back.
  • Tim: uGH!
What I find so funny is that if Joe or Henry tell Barry something, Barry defends himselfs and tell them he can make his own decisions or that they’re wrong and etc. But when Iris says literally the exact thing, Barry is all for it. Like “YES. YOU ARE SO RIGHT BABE. Ugh don’t know what I’d do without you. THANKS” Westallen fucks me up OMG 😭
—  Anonymous