ugh all of the daddy!dean feelings

Daddy Please Forgive me

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1154

Warnings: Dom!Dean, Sub!Reader, bondage, roleplaying, daddy/daughter roleplaying, slapping, hair pulling, fingering, oral sex (female receiving) 

Summary: You are at Daddy Dean’s mercy and you love it. 

A/N: Please mind the tags, if any of the above make you uncomfortable please don’t read. I just wanted to write something kinky, I absolutely do not advocate father/daughter sexual relationships IRL. Depending on the feedback on this one I might actually make this a series, so let me know if you like it, since I am kind of nervous about posting something this kinky. 

Your eyes were open but the only thing you could see was darkness. The blindfold Dean had slipped over your head was so thick that it blotted out everything else in the room. Your chest was still as you held your breath in anticipation of what he was going to do next and you couldn’t help as the time ticked by whining a question at him as you waited.

“What are you going to do to me?”

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If Cas became human and Dean left hunting, or at least pulled more out of that life, could you see either of them ever thinking about adopting kids? I mean, do you think either of them desire this, even if they don't think its remotely in the cards for them?

IMO both of them love kids and would love to have their own. Dean was forced to be a parent to Sam and has some negative feelings about that but he still automatically gravitates to caring for others and if he could let go of feeling like he HAS to and CHOOSES to, for me it’s really something I see in his endgame given his nurturing, caring nature. He really loved Ben and did a great job at being a father figure until hunting got in the way and he had to revert back to being so John like it was so awful argh. Without that though, Dean was caring and firm but loving and Ben looked up to him and loved him so much ugh tears of pain thinking about how Dean lost him… then there’s all the other consistent kids he ‘adopts’ over the years while Sam is more of a teacher / confidant to those he interacts with Dean is always portrayed more as an adoptive father figure.

Cas is… well Cas LOVES kids and is often associated with them (the also fulfil the whole in love with and wants to experience for himself Humanity thing)

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So yeah, this is why I have a Hunter!daddies tag… because I would love this for them, I really do feel like it’s something that is consistently written in both their make up.

Though for production / story reasons of course only literally right at the end, like, the before last episode a hunter mom dies tragically and someone else offers to take care of the baby but Dean and Cas choose to adopt them…

I know it’s not everyone’s but yeah that’s my jam :D

Quick, he’s gone

“Quick, he’s gone!”, Dean shouts out, the minute his father has left the house.

Sam dashes out from behind the bathroom door where he was squirming impatiently, waiting for his brother to give him the signal. He’s butt naked except for his tight black boxer briefs. Dean is standing in the hallway, shirtless and hurriedly unbuttoning his jeans.

Despite having seen his brother naked nearly every day for a week now, Sam still stops in his tracks and stares. His eyes hungrily track Dean’s hands as he strips off his boxers and reveals his already hard and leaking erection.
The minute his underwear hits the carpeted floor, Sam is on him. Dean gasps as his younger brother’s mouth latches onto his fiercely and starts sucking on his lips like they’re juicy melons.

Huh, seems little Sammy needs to be reminded who’s in charge here. He grips both of Sam’s slender wrists in one hand and slams him against the opposite wall.

“I know you’re impatient baby, but you gotta let me enjoy this. I could barely sleep last night, thinking about your tiny pink hole and that sweet red cock of yours lying right beside me. God, if dad wasn’t home yesterday, I’d have sucked on those little treats all night long till you were screaming my name and begging me to sink my huge dick in your boy-pussy.”

Holy mother of God, Dean’s dirty talk was going to end him. Sam moaned wantonly and rubbed his tongue against the roof of Dean’s mouth. As revenge, Dean took his unoccupied hand and rolled his little brother’s nipple between his fingers.

“Please, Dean, please. More…, ” Sam gasped out, rutting shamelessly against Dean.

“Tch tch tch , baby. What are you supposed to call me when dad’s not home?”

“Daddy, daddyyy, please,” Sam begged. He loved calling Dean daddy. In reality, his father could never be as much of a parent figure to him as his older brother. Dean was the one who took care of Sam day in and day out. He was the only one who deserved being called by that name.

Dean loved it too, when his little quiet, nerd of a brother turned into this gasping, begging mess all for his older brother. He loved Sammy more than anything and he always gave him what he asked for.

He effortlessly picked up Sam and carried him to their bedroom, all while sucking relentlessly on his lower lip till it was red and swollen. He couldn’t help himself while his brother was grinding against his naked erection like it was his sole goal in life.

Opening the door with his foot, he dumped Sam on the bed and immediately sucked in a breath. God, his little brother, looked like sex itself. He was rutting against the sheets, desperate for some friction against his little erection. His mouth and nipples, red and abused.

All of Dean’s plans for taking his time, flew out the window and he lunged on top of Sam.

“Sammy, baby, you look so hot like this. Can’t wait to fuck you.”

“Yes, yes, daddy please. Want your cock so bad. Dreamt about it all night long,” Sammy gritted out while quickly removing his boxers. As soon as that last barrier was removed, Dean lunged.

He took on hard little nub in his mouth and sucked as hard as he could. Sam let out a high pitched whine and gripped Dean’s hair tight in both hands, as if to keep him stuck to his chest. Dean tugged on the nipple with his teeth before moving on to the next one and giving it the same attention.

He didn’t have any patience now and he licked his way downward till he reached Sammy’s swollen and leaking 5 inch erection. There was already some precome beading at the slit and Dean was desperate for a taste.

He dipped his tongue in the little opening and licked up his little treat. Sam let out another whine and forced his head downwards.

Dean slurped up his brother’s juices and took his entire cock in one go. Sam bucked up wildly and began babbling incoherently, “Ahh, aaah, daddyyy. Love your mouth, so wet and good on my little dick. Want more daddy, aaah”

Sammy made the most desperate little sounds and Dean could no longer ignore his throbbing erection. Without stopping his mouth, from where he was lightly sucking on the head, he fisted his cock and pulled upward. The relief had him moaning and sent little vibrations up Sammy’s little cock.

Dean sucked down the shaft slowly till he reached Sam’s cute little sacs. He took both the balls in his mouth together and sucked at the loose little scent. Sam cried out and pulled Dean’s hair harder.  

Sam smelled all innocent, even down there. His musky little patch of hair tickled Dean’s nose as he placed on more kiss to the tip before he abruptly pulled up Sam’s slender legs onto his shoulders and sucked on his furled pink pucker.

“Gonna eat this sweet ass, and you’re not gonna come until I tell you, can you do that for me, sweetheart?,” Dean asked sweetly while still madly tugging on his own dick.

“Yesss, daddy, please eat out my pussy. Love your mouth on my hole.”

Dean groaned loudly as he did every time his polite little brother started speaking like a whore. He took a minute to gaze at the tiny fluttering hole in awe before he ran his tongue in a broad swipe across the rim. Sam arched his back and let out a howl but Dean didn’t stop he sucked and licked till his spit was running down Sam’s hairless crack.

Gathering all those juices with an expert swipe he finally poked his tongue inside the tight ring of muscle and almost came right there.

God, he would never get used to how tight his little brother was. Despite getting fucked almost daily, his hole clung tightly to Dean’s tongue and his inner walls seemed ever smoother and hotter than Dean remembered.

“Jesus fuck. Daddy. Oh my god, do something. Please. Your tongue- oh fuck- it’s so good.”

Dean chuckled darkly before quickly sucking on his own fingers and inserting two at once with a primal grunt. Sam shrieked so loud, Dean was sure the neighbours could hear it. God, he couldn’t help but imagine how this slick heat would soon be wrapped around his erection.

A steady stream of precome erupted from his cock and he removed his fingers, ignoring Sam’s little whine of disapproval so he could scoop up his juices and taste them. Hmmm, he loved that salty, bitter taste.

He quickly re inserted his fingers and scissored them, wanting to be inside that little hole right the fuck now.

“So tight for me, baby. No matter how hard I fuck you, little slutty hole, always so desperate for my dick. Want you so bad,” Dean gasped out.

“Want you too, daddy. I’m ready, fuck me already,” Sam begged. And who was Dean to deny his little brother.

He removed his fingers, only to run them down his dick, mixing Sam’s juices with this precome to slick up his dick. He bent down to attack Sam’s mouth, moaning into it hungrily while he guided his dick to Sammy’ entrance.

As soon as his head breached the tight opening, both brothers let out a whine and Dean just couldn’t wait now. With a grunt he sunk in to the base, his heavy balls sitting snugly against Sam’s ass.

Sam whined impatiently and squirmed against his dick. “Do you feel me baby? Every inch of daddy? I’m gonna make you feel so good, Sammy. Fill you up with my seed, so everyone knows you’re all mine.”

Then, Dean started to move slowly in and out. Sam started meeting his brother’s shallow thrusts and then let out a high-pitched mewl when Dean bottomed out, hitting his prostate dead on.

“Yes! Daddy, oh! Yes- right there! Please! Ugh d-don’t stop!”

Oh, Dean had no intention of stopping. He slammed in again and again and the mouth watering sounds of skin on skin filled the room. Sam clenched his muscles and Dean cursed loudly before slamming in extra hard, driving Sam’s thin body further up the mattress.  Sam was snapping his hips violently back against Dean’s cock and begging on the top of his voice.

“F-faster daddy! Want you to come in my little hole till it’s dripping out. Please, aaaaah”

“You’ll come just on my cock, Sammy, gonna make you come just like this”, Dean replied as he angled his hips and slammed into the little bundle of nerves inside Sammy.

Sam let out a howl and painted his chest with thick ropes of come. The muscles of Sam’s ass contracted around his Dean’s cock, pushing him over the edge too. He let out a blissful groan as he felt his brother pump cum deep inside his body.

As much as Dean wanted to taste his cum, leaking out of Sammy’s hole, he was just too tired to move and he knew his Dad would be home from the garage soon for his lunch break.

Ahh, something for next time.

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Ugh all the Daddy!Dean feels in that one!! He’s too precious!! Loved the way Sam found out and how supportive he is about everything. He knows they need to be with each other right now. LOVED the baby’s first kicks!! That moment was so sweet!!!! Awesome chapter, Jill!!

Thank you sweetie, I love these two so much.

Neighborhood Connections Part 2

A/N: The first part got a really good response so here’s the second part. I’m having so much fun writing this you guys. I’m glad people are liking it. Constructive criticism, feedback, comments, questions, and concerns are all welcome. Once again thank you to my lovely, amazing beta @chaos-and-the-calm67 .

Pairing: Dean x Cas

Warnings: Fluff, Pie, Dean’s feelings, feelings, all of them, Small child, she cute though

Word Count: 1317 (hmm, that’s odd)(ha I make jokes)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

“Come on, Daddy, let’s go,” Millie demanded.

“Gimme a sec, Sweetheart,” Dean requested.

“Ugh, fine,” she groaned. She stopped tugging on his shirt and made her way downstairs, “Don’t take forever.”

“I won’t,” he chuckled. Dean had his doubts if she was actually his when Millie was younger and he was getting used to being a father, but it was times like these that shoved all those doubts from his mind. She was definitely his daughter.

He looked back to his mirror, checking his appearance for the ninth time. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous to see Cas again, the kid dubbed “The Dweeb” just because of who his family and how smart he was. The kid who became his best friend at the end of their freshman year because of how smart he was. The boy who made Dean feel different. He had thought some guys were attractive which confused him, but Cas was different. When he was around Cas something stuffed deep inside him awakened. Whenever he looked into his ocean blue eyes, saw his crooked smile, or heard the deep rumble of his voice his heart would beat faster and his stomach would start doing backflips.

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ok but having jeffrey dean morgan play negan is gonna be soooo problematic bc his voice makes me feel things and I know on the show he’s gonna say some pretty crazy line about like his harem of wives or beating someone to death with lucille bc he’s negan and I’m just gonna be like “yes dADDY PLS TELL ME MORE” bc it’s jeffrey and his voice does things to me ugh ok I need a cold shower goodbYE that is all