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I like you

John didn’t know how he got himself in this position, he remembered being firm and saying no a couple of times but then, she smiled at him. She freaking smiled like he had never done anything wrong in his life. Next thing he knew he was looking at her dead in the eye while she smirked and held the razor in her hands. 

Y/N sat on the bathroom’s counter so her hands could reach his face freely, and her eyes could actually supervise what she was doing. “I just wanna see how you look like without it,” she said for the third time since they first began discussing it. John raised an eyebrow and didn’t even bothered to reply. “It grows back” she argued.

 Y/N wanted to go old school with the straight razor and everything, but after contemplating that idea she realized it wouldn’t be a good option. 

Y/N leaned towards his tall figure taking him by surprised and without a hurry she pecked his lips. Once…Twice….Until she got a smile out of him. The corner of her lips switch up as she ended the kiss. 

He felt her tip her head once more to the side letting him know she wasn’t done and he couldn’t help but to respond by placing his right hand in the back of her neck bringing her to him once more. 

This time she cut it short by pulling his bottom lip in a teasing manner. “Shall we?” She asked, like nothing had passed. He sighed, placing his hands on her bare thighs. John looked at her in an almost mocking fashion. “How do you want me?” He asked. She smirked. “That’s a very dangerous question to ask, Mr. Wick" 

“Just leaned your head back” Her right hand moved slowly, as she was afraid to hurt him. That thought alone sounded silly since he had endured so much pain over the years, a small cut wouldn’t begin to faze him. 

Half way through they had turn on the radio and now low music was heard in the background. Y/N had only swore once so far, when she almost cut him but thankfully she had managed to avoid it. It was coming on nicely and she was surprised that John hadn’t complained so far. In fact, he seemed relaxed.

Seeing him like that made her genuinely happy. His hands kept going from her thighs to her waist which didn’t exactly help her concentration, but if it helped him stay on the relaxation train then she would find a way to deal with it. 

When half was done, she joked that her hand was getting tired and that maybe she would finish the following day. Y/N thought his reaction was priceless and when he threw her a don’t you dare look, she could only reply in laughter.

 "…and done!“ Y/N said excitedly as she, with a towel, cleaned him up. 

"You know I could’ve done that part” he replied. “Nope. I offer full service” She examined him, adding finishing touches like he was her canvas and he was her most important project so far. 


"What?” He immediately replied. It was stupid, he wasn’t nervous but when she stared at him like that, he felt like he couldn’t hide anything from her. Uneasy, that’s the word he was looking for. He didn’t enjoyed feeling exposed. 

“You look,” she began to say slowly as if she was trying to build suspense. “Different. Not a bad different” she added quickly, “Just that. Different” She thought he looked younger in a way, but she guessed all men do when they shaved their beards.

As her arms went around his neck as she took him in, another thought came to Y/N’s mind, one that had been crawling its way through her for awhile now but she didn’t dared to voiced it. Not yet. Not until she was sure John was ready to confess as well what she already knew. So she simply smiled and said. “I like it. I like you" 

His fingers brushed her hair out of her face, his hand then cupped her cheek as John took a small breath before replying. He heard those words knowing they disguised deeper feelings. Something he never thought he would experience again with someone new. "I like you too" 

Lol what if after finding bucky, steve’s like, “but you’re keeping the arm, right?”

and they share a knowing look before bucky goes, “you know what, it’s kind of growing on me”

(and that’s when i’d basically die)