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Hi! How do you think Eren, Armin, Levi, Erwin, Jean, Mike and Marco would react to their s/o dying on a mission to protect them? Thank youu!

[Warning! Mentions of feeling suicidal; spoilers from the manga. I hope these aren’t too depressing - I tried to make ‘em end on a good note but, that’s quite hard. Sorry XD. Also, there’s probably tons of grammar errors and misspelling. I have a migraine right now T_T ugh - mod max ]



 Eren hated it when people die - especially if they die for him. And the fact that this person is someone so dear to him just makes him more miserable. 

If people think that he was a suicidal maniac before, well, they better brace themselves now. Eren thinks that there’s literally nothing to lose - he is but a weapon. It just pains him knowing that his s/o won’t get to enjoy the future he’s fighting for. 

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Still kinda shock-but-not-really-but-yes THAT CLOCK will get so bloody there. Ah…

My prediction 1:26 - 1:28 is true T___T

GRRRRR!!! ヽ(`Д´#)ノ

A friend of mine told me what the tweet Yana deleted was about (seems to have been a really important tweet about how she has always wanted to draw that particular scene in this chapter since ****’s first appearance), but I wanted to read it on my own! But I can’t, because it’s gone. It’s deleted. Ugh (T_T)


Once a week, every Monday, for 21 weeks… I will post a different “shade” of Castiel. ^_^ 

7/21 : Meta Misha Cas
“R O T F L M A O.”

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~~~This is special because this is from my favorite episode of all time AND it’s my birthday today… so I decided to do this one for this special day! And Happy Holidays to all!~~~

How to tell DAY6 apart in fancams of their live performances:
  • Jae: the one who sticks his head up as if he's drowning but he's really just feeling the song
  • Sungjin: the one who looks the saddest/angriest
  • Junhyeok: the really cheesy one who clasps his hands in Habits
  • Young K: the turnt up one
  • Wonpil: the one smiling the widest while making hearts with his fingers
  • Dowoon: the one you can barely see bc he's always blocked by either Brian, Sungjin, Jae or their instruments.