ugh @ ur eyes


this must’ve been done to death but I just have a lot of feels about them experiencing weather for the first time okay ;n; especially rain, being English :P

i think sans has probably studied weather/knows all about how it works scientifically, so for him it’s a bit surreal to actually interact with it; while I think papyrus knows about weather from storybooks that sans reads him… so he’s seeing something he’s only really heard about in fairytales

ooh also please listen to this, this was what was in my head the whole time while drawing this

+ the thrilling conclusion/bit nobody asked for

2015: august [listen / dl] 31 songs that made up my august

01. alessia cara - outlaws | 02. solomon burke - cry to me | 03. melanie martinez - play date | 04. imogen heap - goodnight and go (instrumental) | 05. steven a. clark - can’t have | 06. fletcher - war paint (young bombs remix) | 07. borns - the emotion | 08. lapsley - hurt me | 09. the neighbourhood - r.i.p. 2 my youth  | 10. fka twigs - in time | 11. tala - alchemy | 12. lnkay - hurricane | 13. sinah - loveless | 14. sia - elastic heart (clams casino remix) | 15. odesza ft. little dragon - light | 16. dawn golden - discoloration | 17. tremble - want to want me | 18. memorecks ft. jenna pemkowski - trouble | 19. the weeknd - real life | 20. talos - bloom | 21. billie marten - heavy weather | 22. lana del rey - high by the beach | 23. halsey - colors pt. ii | 24. ta-ku ft. alina baraz - down for you | 25. a-l-x - tried love | 26. totem - unrequited | 27. sophia black - anchor | 28. kwamie liv ft. angel haze - pleasure this pain | 29. the weeknd ft. lana del rey - prisoner | 30. daniel pemberton - the unfinished kiss | 31. peppino gagliardi - che vuole questa musica stasera

I’m sorry but I just found a really fluffy jumper and I feel somewhat cute today bye ;w;


at first i just found another photo of chanbaek

but when i look at it closely








When I look into your eyes

It’s like watching the night sky

Or a beautiful sunrise

The way Chanyeol stares at Baekhyun… It’s true love.

Yes it is and your argument is invalid.

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pt18-"stop it" he blushes." "im serious just look at u, ur perfect, ur hair,ur eyes,ur dimples, ugh do not get me started on those dimples dean" u were saying these things to him and u noticed he was laying next to u burying his face into neck "keep going please babe please" he murmured. "ur smile, the way u squint ur eyes when ur trying to concentrate,your gorgeous muscular arm" as u say these things u rub his back and ruffle and pull on small pieces of his hair making him silently whimper.

pt. 20 - “You want me to keep going?” You ask.

He looked up at you and smiled. “Go on.”

You smiled back. “You just LOVE having your ego stroked, don’t you?”

He started laughing.

“Okay… I love it when you hide your little face from me whenever I do talk about you like this.”

He buried his face in your neck again.

“Yeah. I see how embarrassed you get. Its cute.”


“You know what I do love though?” He lifted his head back up.


“Your lips.” You leaned forward and gently pressed your lips to his. You heard him moan softly as you pulled away from him.

“They seem to like you too.”

“I can see that.” You said as you leaned forward for another kiss.