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author’s note: hiya! here is a jughead and archie imagine i came up with out of the blue. enjoy! 

pairing: reader x jughead x archie (platonic)

     YOU SAT ALONE IN THE RED LEATHER BOOTH, scooping the whip cream from your second chocolate milkshake with the tip of your finger. Groups of teenagers entered the diner one after another, laughter escaping their mouths as they all crammed into the empty booths surrounding the one you occupied. You sighed softly to yourself, becoming jealous of how happy the group of friends looked, and wishing yours could act the same. 

     For a split second your memory brought back to the night before, placing you in front of Archie again and forcing you to relive everything that happened in that moment. A wave of emotions quickly crashed down on you, thrusting you out of your thoughts and back into reality. 

     “Hey-” Pop called out to you as he continued to clean the glass in his hands, “You look a bit distracted tonight. Everything okay?” 

     You looked up to see the diner’s owner staring at you with a concerned expression overcoming his face. Pop had become the father-figure to the many teens who visited the Chock’lit Shoppe, always taking the time out of his day to ask each and every visitor how their day is going, and in this circumstance checking up on those who seemed to be having a rough night.

     A small smile crept up on your face, “I’m good, thank you. Just… exhausted I guess you could say.” You leaned forward to take a sip of your milkshake, watching as Pop set the now-cleaned glass on the counter. 

     “With Jason’s death and all I can see why. You going to the game tonight?” Suddenly the thought of Jughead popped in your mind, and how you’d completely forgotten the plans you had to meet up with him at the game. You agreed earlier in the week to help him out with his investigation into Dilton for the school newspaper, as Jughead strongly believed he was lying about what he was doing at SweetWater River the night Jason was killed. While excited to help him, you also dreaded the idea of having to go to the game. 

     “Actually yeah, I am.” Your smile had faded as the thought of having to see Archie at the football game also entered your mind. You sat back in the booth, your eyes falling low while the argument from last night replayed like a movie in your memory, forcing you to revisit all the hurt you’d felt in that very exact moment. 

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Send “💐” for a florist AU
  • “Someone opened another florist down the road and I’m losing customers so I’m checking out the competition undercover” AU
  • “You came in once and asked for some flowers for your girlfriend/wife/partner/etc and I made an inappropriate joke about how your relationship must be in trouble then you informed me they were for their grave and now I feel stupid, I’m so so sorry and now you come in each year and ask for the same flowers for them and I feel worse each time I see you” AU
  • “Aren’t you that hot florist I see down the road sometimes? Why are you in my florist shop?” AU
  • “You’d really suit a flower crown, please let me make you one” AU
  • “Which flowers best convey the message ‘I think I should cook dinner tonight because, no offense, but your cooking sucks and makes me sick’?” AU
  • “So you’re the one who decided opening a tattoo parlour beside a florist was a good idea?” AU
  • “Why do you buy lilies every Wednesday morning at 10am?” AU
  • “When you first came in I made a joke about guys buying flowers but I know that was a stupid joke to make really, why on earth did I say it? You’re actually very pretty” AU
  • “Did you know you just bought a gay/bi/pan/trans/etc flag in roses?” AU
  • “You want me to make a flower display for your shop but I’ve been watching you across the street since you opened up the shop and I think I have a crush” AU
Why every woman needs a fat friend
There is a truth universally acknowledged that any woman will look a hundred times more beautiful when standing next to a fat friend.

If you want to read and absolutely disgusting fat-shaming and fat discrimination article, read this. It is absolutely appalling. 

“ I admit that in my younger, slimmer days I have been guilty of exploiting fat friends for my own ends, but in my defence I don’t think I was alone.”


Because your fat friend is no competition, you can take her out manhunting, safe in the knowledge that all eyes will be on you, and there will always be someone around to watch your drink and guard your handbag.


I am never happier than when I’m with my even fatter friend - she just makes me feel so good about myself.

This writer should be fucking ashamed of herself

Fortunately it’s like 10 years old, but… UGH stuff like this needs to be purged from the internet.