ugh 4am

Me @Future goal : Screw this bachelor degree , I want to be a mermaid 😻
Also me : Idk how to swim :(
ME as well : where do I get my money from , after I become a mermaid ? # real life questions 😮

Mulan AU

Remember in Mulan, how Shang thought for a long while that she was a he, and you could see him getting flustered and confused like ‘why is this cute boy so cute’ and none of the other guys did this, just him, and nobody, neither he nor Mulan said nada about it after she was revealed? Ok so

I thought of an au where Mikasa would basically take someone’s (probably Eren’s) place in the draft and disguise herself as a boy (eren) to save him from certain death fighting the Titans in the war because NO oNe is as powerful as Mikasa, the mysterious and angsty adopted slave from a foreign land.

Mikasa finds herself flying easily through ranks and eventually working personally under Commander Levi, who is the first she’s met to best her power as a soldier. This admiration and his very reluctant attraction (if I’m goin off of Shang here) makes for a hilarious and touching fic, in my mind

How to tell DAY6 apart in fancams of their live performances:
  • Jae: the one who sticks his head up as if he's drowning but he's really just feeling the song
  • Sungjin: the one who looks the saddest/angriest
  • Junhyeok: the really cheesy one who clasps his hands in Habits
  • Young K: the turnt up one
  • Wonpil: the one smiling the widest while making hearts with his fingers
  • Dowoon: the one you can barely see bc he's always blocked by either Brian, Sungjin, Jae or their instruments.

— Day 6 - Let Her Go

Staring at the bottom of your glass
Hoping one day you’ll make a dream last
But dreams come slow, and they go so fast

“Jack Frost, I presume?”

“How do you know who I am?”

“I’m Rapunzel’s dear mother. Surely she must have told you about me.”

It’s 4am and I can’t sleep and I’m bored because Evan’s working night shift so I can’t even force him to play video games with me. I ended up on that place on the internet where things are weird and scary and DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE IS A CRYSTAL PYRAMID ON THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE? WHAT DOES THIS MEEEEEAN?

Date a boy who has a fine taste in art and nice eyes. Date a boy who can find his way around. Date a boy who like birds and sleeps all day. A boy that calls you “A fine piece” Date a boy who gets you expensive jewelery for free because he steals it. A boy who dresses in leather and climbs rooftops to escape the authority; a boy he is as sarcastic as you. A boy who can shoot arrows. A boy that will sneak into your home and knock you out.This boy is a man who will steal your heart and probably anything of value in your home. So your coming with him too. Date Garrett