We’ve just finished an arena fight and are drinking in a bar with drinks paid for by the king.
Me: So, who’s ready to get drunk and hit on NPCs?
Dm: Oh god not again…
Me: I walk up to the bartender, wink, and start flirting.
Rogue: What do you say?
Me: What’s your AC? Cause I want to hit that. *rolls* 19.
Dm: *rolls* …9…
Rogue: Roll athletics!
Me: *rolls* 18. See you guys tomorrow!
Rogue: Have fun!

I was telling my mom a story that included someone asking me if I was a Slytherin. She interrupted me saying, “You should have replied, ‘No, but I want to be!’” Then she laughed.

….. Mother, I’ve taken seven tests, a thorough personality examination, and dutifully studies house qualities. I know my house. Have you seen my blog?