I just have to say that the scene at the USJ with Mic and Aizawa always gets to me. Mic is clearly pissed. I’d even say he’s livid. Imagine the pain and the anger you would feel to see your best friend and possible partner, reduced to something like this? Sure, they’re pro heroes and this kind of stuff could easily happen and probably does happen but can you imagine the fucking sheer anger Mic must have upon seeing this? Teachers had no idea what kind of state 13 and Eraserhead would be in but when they arrive the first thing Mic gets to see is this. His best friend, on the brink of death. Completely destroyed after trying to protect his students on his own. 

Look at Mic, his little “tch” he does is an indication that he’s fuckin livid. 

Even throughout the manga (which I am currently caught up with) and the anime, you never see Mic this angry. No doubt he’s mad about the general attack on U.A but I think this anger more so stems from the fact that his best friend was almost killed. 

This was it. This was the scene that got me to ship them so hard. Before this scene I always kinda shipped them as like a joke. But this scene man. Oh man. It’s maybe what, 10 seconds of screen time but there is enough emotion put into it that it has completely convinced me on their relationship whether it be platonic or romantic. There’s clearly a bond between them and it shows.

ok but like people always draw pearl in frilly femme dresses and i get that thats how she mostly dressed for the show but i think she only dressed like that because it was what was expected of her as the fancy servant of the diamonds (and at that time she probably didn’t think much about herself either) and then she was focused more on Rose and the war but now that she has started to focus more on herself and what she wants to do as the new rebel Pearl, especially with the new outfit, pearl is clearly a bit more on the butch side like a butchy femme, futch if you will

like she picked these

I would literally sell the last bits of my pathetic and mangled soul for a fanfic about Remus and co. coming back to life just so I can watch the anxiety, the struggle of interacting with Teddy and the Potter kids, the despair and joy of James and Lily seeing Harry again even though he’d be like sixty while they’re still only 21, coming to terms with their own deaths and trying to reassess their lives like in that Australian Netlfix show “Glitch”, the absolute chaos, the angst, give it to me.

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♀ Alfonse

Okay, as of this posting I am no longer taking these (bc yes they have been coming into the inbox these past few days) so if you send any more they will be deleted! 

♀ - A heartbreaking text

Alfonse [1:42 PM] Oh god

Alfonse [1:43 PM] Why, why wasn’t it me? _____… my father he…

Alfonse [1:44 PM] It was supposed to be me! Why did he do that? Why…?

Alfonse [1:46 PM] I… please, if you see these, call me. I don’t know what to do, but I know that I need you with me now _____.


((My art program just quit on me. I can’t access any of my old files or make any new ones. I literally can’t make any more responses because of this, which bums me out cuz I was totally on a roll with making content! 

I tried contacting tech support, but I probably won’t hear from them until Monday, at the earliest. So. I guess this is an unexpected Hiatus?  :C 

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