• Me: I think I'm gonna work on being a better person by letting go of my anger
  • Some asshole: *does unnecessary stupid shit for no goddamn reason*
  • Me: It's time 2 murder

listen, slurs are bad, but can we not??? gatekeep with our language???

like the q slur and the t slur are shitty, and the t slur makes me really uncomfortable myself, but for a lot of lgbt folks thats just. the language that was used in the community, when they were growing up, coming out, etc, and they all have their own relationships with those words???

like even now, when i go out into the world to support groups, parades, bingo nights, etc, and meet with other lgbt people in my city, just. everyone uses the q slur all the time, in these places that mean a lot to me, where i grew up in, where its safe and im around other lgbt people.

so for me, the q slur has this really personal, really positive connotation??? and i see you guys, all the time, talking about how “cringey” people who use the q slur are??? and that makes me feel like shit???

yall are reblogging stuff like lgbt people who lived through the aids crisis talking about our history using “q***r” and “d*ke” etc and tagging “yikes” like do you even. understand

people form communities around these words, and that deserves your respect?? a lot of lgbt people find power and history in these words?? and if someone who’s been advocating for their rights for their whole lives wants to use the same word theyve been using for thirty years jesus christ just let them???

and then yall will turn around and do stuff like talk about how you “support all lgbt people” like you dont exclusively doxx lgbt people who arent with your exact rhetoric, or who have a culture of lgbt people with their own ideas and experiences outside of flower crowns and fan culture

like hating older lgbt people isnt edgy or deep can yall please stop

(if youre cishet don’t touch this post)


man spiders are cool and all but when they’re in my bedroom crawlin on my walls I just 100% panic and I have to get rid of it. 

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Imagine if Ochako gave Izuku a surprise kiss but got flustered and accidentally used her power on him and made him float off.

Ohhh I like that dude!

I can just imagine it… Izuku sitting down on the couch in the common room of the dorms, then Uraraka walks in, debating whether or not to surprise him with a quick kiss but she finally decides on an answer. So while Izuku is busy muttering to himself about who knows what, Uraraka bends over, grabs his face and plants a nice soft kiss on his lips. Maybe after about five seconds or so, Uraraka pulls away leaving them both flustered, Izuku us totally flabbergasted and doesn’t know what to say,


Uraraka flays her hands all over the place, spewing out nonsensical words and blushing like mad. Izuku tries to calm her down, but it’s too late, her back was already against the ceiling and her palms have barricaded her face. Izuku looks at her, still feeling extremely embarrassed and awkward, but he wants her to come down and kiss him again. 

He takes a deep breath and says “Uraraka-san…. i-it’s okay…”

Uraraka moves one of her fingers away from her face when she hears izuku’s voice. “huh…??” 

“I’I said i-it’s okay… you can come down now…” Izuku said awkwardly stretching his arms up.

“Deku-kun…”  Uraraka slowly puts her fingers together, allowing herself to fall and land in Izuku’s arms. Izuku of course, wasn’t prepared for that, so he starts to blush and mutter uncontrollably. Uraraka, feeling even more flustered quickly scampers out of Izuku’s arms.

“Ahhhh!! D-Deku-kun!!! I’m s-s-sorry! I didn’t mean to! I just acted without thinking… a-are y-you mad…?”

“what no… Ummmm… it’s okay…” Izuku said while using his arms to barricade his face.


“I mean… I-I liked it…. can you… can we…? It’s just been something I’ve been wanting to d-do w-with y-y-you for a long time…. I um…” 

“Deku-kun….” Uraraka tugs on Izuku’s shirt pulling him closer, Izuku blushed again at the sudden closeness between them.

“You like me…?” she asks softly.

“Ahhh! y-yes… I um…. yeah… I do… I like you a lot…”  Izuku swallowed hard, this wasn’t exactly how he thought he’d confess to his first crush, or more like he didn’t think this day would come so soon, well now the cat was finally out of the bag so there was no turning back now. 

The word ‘like’ was actually an understatement for Izuku, what he felt for Uraraka was more than a mere crush, he didn’t exactly want to call it love, but he knew that was what practically what he felt for her just by making eye contact on a regular basis.

“t-then will you…kiss me this time…?

“eh? I mean… o-okay…” Izuku was super reluctant at first, but hey what harm would a quick kiss do?

His heart raced as he leaned in closer, and he was super sure his face was as red as Kirishima’s hair too, and the fact that Uraraka was waiting for him didn’t exactly make things easier.

He mentally face palmed. ‘what am I doing? I’m the one who suggested this… why a  I hesitating?’

“Deku…?” Uraraka called out softly.

“ummm… sorry… let me try that again” Izuku said, he took a deep breath as he mustered up the courage and covered her lips with his.

Izuku quickly discovered that he loved the feeling of Uraraka’s lips against his, tilting his head, he deepened the kiss. Uraraka on the other hand was pretty shocked at how good Izuku was, and a small part of her wondered if he’d ever practiced with someone before… She wrapped his arms around her neck as they slowly parted away to breathe.


Izuku dived right back in before he she had a chance to finish saying his name. Her lips, were so soft, so warm, so addictive… he wondered of she would mind if he gave them a small bite or something… kind of like what they did in movies or the kind of stuff that Mineta talks about. Izuku decided to rely on his instincts instead, he wrapped his arms around her waist and she grabbed a fist full of his hair. Sliding her tongue against his lips, Izuku knew he had to give her more. He slowly opened his mouth, but made sure to do it at the same time as Uraraka and slipped his tongue in her mouth before she had a chance. Izuku mentally snickered when he realized he caught her off guard, happy that he was making her feel good when she heard her giggle.

Izuku could swear that that was the most beautiful sound he’d ever heard in his whole life. As the two continued their kiss the both realized that they were a little better at it then they thought they were. Uraraka accidentally stumbled back and fell on the couch that Izuku was sitting on before she snuck in up on him and pulled him down with her in the process.

Their lips disconnected and they found themselves laughing it off. 

“haha! I’m such a clutz! I’m sorry Deku-kun” Uraraka said, her face still red.

Izuku shook his head. “i-it’s not a problem…”

“Deku…” Uraraka mumbled pulling him closer, sealing their lips again. It was a little awkward this time because half of Izuku’s body was on the floor and Uraraka sitting on the couch, hugging him closer, and he could feel his body dangerously close to hers, he realized that he wanted this just as much as him.

The way she kissed him sent so many shivers down his spine…. it felt so good, too good.  But at the same time, this wasn’t exactly what he had in mind, because they were in the middle of the common room and anyone could walk in and see them, Izuku wondered what All Might would say if he were the one to walk in and see them, or worse, Aizawa. But all those thoughts were drowned out as soon as he heard Uraraka mumble his name and run her fingers through his hair. They parted again to breathe, and Izuku proceeded to kiss the crook of Uraraka’s neck… or at least that was his initial plan until he heard…

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” aloud voice yelled causing the two to pull away from each other. 

Bakugou stood next to Kirishima, both of them in shock and speechless, well mostly Kirishima, Bakugou was a mixture of irritation and shock.



For a long time… there was an awkward, painful, uncomfortable silence, until Kirishima mustered up the courage to speak.

“So ummm… do you want us to pretend we never saw that?” he asked.

Ummmm… I’m sorry this turned into a mini fic…. my writing is terrible omg ^^

This is the kind of stuff that goes on in my head on a daily basis… so please don’t mind me….


You. Guys. This is amazing.