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Nine and Lisa arguing

A.K.A -When Nine and Lisa make Twelve look like the mature one of the trio.

The fact that Lauren Cohan said that Maggie and Carol get to interact this season, is literally one of the few things that gets me excited about 6B.


VanNess Wu/吳建豪 [Different Man]

Death Opened A Boutique

Sequel to Possessions 

“You’re so cute when you’re tired, you know.”

“Stop mocking me!”

“I told you that if you touched my laptop again there would be consequences.

“I thought you meant sexy ones!”

“Well now you know.”

“Uggh, baby it’s been three hours. When can we leave?”

“Fine we can go-. Excuse me, I love those shoes. Where did you get them?”

“Oh thanks! I got them at Aldo’s. There’s a sale. You better hurry.”

“Thanks. Come on Oliver.”



“I will never ever touch your laptop again.”

“I believe you, but your punishment still isn’t over.”

“Stupid shoe sale.”

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