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Thug Trio and Hitchhiker Eren Road Trip AU Pt. 2

[Part 1]

I thought I’d fast forward to the end of the road trip ;D

“Fuck!” Levi growled, pacing the funeral home. “Fuck, I can’t—“

“Levi—“ Eren called, running behind him.

Why was he still here? They told Eren they’d take him as far as Nevada and yet, he was still following them around town.

“I can’t—I can’t do this—“ he gasped.

“Levi…” Farlan said calmly, Isabel looking nervously around him.

“No fuck you! You’re the one who forced me to come on this stupid trip. Fuck closure! And fuck you.”

“Hey!” Isabel spat, but Farlan held her back.

“Let him go,” he said quietly.

“I can’t go in there and listen to any more of his war buddies talk about what a fucking hero he was. But the Kenny that I knew? He was a chain smoking asshole who used to fill up my pockets with crap to sneak past the security guard at the WalMart. I got suspended in elementary school because he gave me a switchblade for show and tell. A knife! He gave an eight year old a knife! I hated him! But…he was all I had, you know?”

Eren’s eyes were filled with tears but he nodded throat tight.

“I know,” he said, reaching out a hand to hold him but it fell just short of his shoulder.

“How could you possibly know?” Levi said out of frustration. “You’re just a sixteen year old runaway. Why are you going to California, Eren? Do you even know what you’re looking for? What do you think taking a stupid photo is going to accomplish?”

“I don’t know!” Eren shouted, tears on his cheeks. “I don’t know okay! I know you think it’s stupid but it’s something I have to do!”

Levi stared at him. Then he looked around back at Farlan.

“How far to San Francisco?” he asked the taller man.

Farlan thought for a moment, “Like..three, four hours, depending on traffic, but it’s late we should check in to our hotel and—”

“I’m driving,” Levi said turning on the spot. “C’mon brat, grab your stuff.”

Eren’s sniffling stopped and he looked unsure.

“C’mon!” Levi insisted.

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